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John Green Fish??
Sara Sara Mar 19, 2012 08:39PM
I picked up the book at target yesterday and got a signed copy. How come green signs his books with that fish? :)

So extremely jealous of anyone who has a hanklerfish copy. So extremely jealous.

That's so cool I sadly did not get a signed copy no Hanklerfish but that's really cool

What I would do for a book with a hanklerfish...

I HATE YOU. I've been looking everywhere for a Hanklerfish.
No, you found a Hanklerfish, a rarity in which John's brother, Hank, draws a anglerfish in your book. COVETED BY NERDFIGHTERS EVERYWHERE.
So, yeah, you're quite the lucky newcomer :D
Enjoy the book.

It's not just any fish, it's a Hanklerfish the most wonderful and adorable sea creature ever. I'm so jealous. I'm just going to say that if you don't know what it is just click to go to Vlogbrothers Youtube Channel

Bought my signed copy at Sam's Club. I felt really special since I had no idea it was signed until I got it home and no idea how anybody gets a signed book from Sam's Club. After reading this and watching the video, however, I definitely feel cheated - no hanklerfish.

Damn, you're lucky.

I got my Hanklerfish copy from SAMs Club!! Pretty awesome, I didn't even know what I had till I got home and googled it.

She got a Hanklerfish copy and didn't know what a Hanklerfish was. She is going to be soooo stunned out when she realizes how lucky she is :) So jealous.... :D

So lucky! Although mine is signed, I would loovvee to have had the Hanklerfish in my copy!

Colby And. She. Didn't. Even. Know.

I've been Hanklerfishing unsuccessfully since January.

Mar 20, 2012 05:25PM

The book I purchased also signed and has a green hanklerfish drawn in, always wanted to know what that's about!

deleted member May 22, 2012 02:06PM   0 votes
check all vlog brothers vids on youtube to find out what it means

Would you consider selling the copy. I would give you mine (unsigned) and give you some money. I'm a gigantic fan of John Green and I really want a signed copy (a hanklerfish copy to be correct)

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