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Jacob Hott (JacobHottLoverandfanofTheWanted) | 584 comments Mod
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Jacob Hott (JacobHottLoverandfanofTheWanted) | 584 comments Mod
"Well Keegan Rosemont how about you come in for a bit?" ithan says so charming ly and slighlty seducing..


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Keagan looked up at the house, not sure whether to trust this handsome stranger. But...he wanted to know him more, and this was the first step, right? "Sure. Sounds good."

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Jacob Hott (JacobHottLoverandfanofTheWanted) | 584 comments Mod
Ithan opens the door and holds it for him before he goes in himself.

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Keagan walked in, looking around inside. All he could think was "Woah..." His family had never been well off, without a father around to pitch in money. Spare change was a rarity and hardly ever existed. He all of a sudden felt like a beggar, a bum...standing ragged in some big modern, mansion. His clothes felt too tight, then his clothes felt too big. His skin felt too dry, then it felt like it was dripping sweat. Wait! Can't sweat! he reminded himself. "Uh...nice place..."

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Jacob Hott (JacobHottLoverandfanofTheWanted) | 584 comments Mod
"Yeah I get around easily in it..but it really isn't much for me...I kinda emptied my fathers account and left." Ithan smirks.

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Keagan smiled. It sounded like something he'd do, if he had a dad. He looked up to the ceilings, smiling. "That's so cool. You could walk on the roof if gravity wasn't such a bitch..." He looked back to Ithan, feeling a little anxious. "So..."

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Jacob Hott (JacobHottLoverandfanofTheWanted) | 584 comments Mod
"You can sit down you know? Make yourself at home." Ithan smiles sitting on the couch.

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Keagan felt stupid, not worthy to even be here. He took a seat as far away from Ithan as possible. What if he's just like Cole..Just like everyone i've ever known except Ember? What if he's the biggest homophobe ever, and i'm only setting myself up for heartbreak again? What if... He thought of countless other things, as he rung his hands together

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Jacob Hott (JacobHottLoverandfanofTheWanted) | 584 comments Mod
Ithan smiles charmingly. "Is something wrong?" He asks as he sits closer to Keegan.

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Keagan smacked his palms together, and shook his head, trying to smile. "Nope, im fine. Dont be too concerned bout me!"

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Jacob Hott (JacobHottLoverandfanofTheWanted) | 584 comments Mod
"Well you are a guest and I can't have some vampire dying in my house or convolsing fro lack of blood." Ithan smiles seemingly leaning more into him.

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"I...I fed...A while ago..." Even though he didn't want to deny Ithan, the lack of distance between them was frightening. "You're...You're so sexy..." He said, quickly. He facepalmed and pinched himself for acting so stupid. "S-sorry..."

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Jacob Hott (JacobHottLoverandfanofTheWanted) | 584 comments Mod
Ithan smirks.."Uh, thanks but don't be, you are not the first to blurt things out at me."

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Keagan took that as He already has a boyfriend! Or girlfriend! Or he's not gay at all! He's not even interested! He thinks i'm weird! Ah! He wanted to die, but...sort of realized he already was. "Oh...Oh really?"

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"Yeah I can't go any where shirtless without some random person shouting something like that out at me. But hey clearly you can't blame them." Ithan smirks

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He laughed and looked to his chest on instinct. He wanted to touch. "Can...Can I...?" He asked timidly, hand wavering close to him.

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Jacob Hott (JacobHottLoverandfanofTheWanted) | 584 comments Mod
Ithan stands smiling "sure why not."

Ithan smiles so kindly and so charmingly...sure he was probally a half vamp but come on.

((gtg in a bit))

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Keagan looked at his chest, then down below to his stomach. Where to go first? He decided, and ran his fingertips, cold, along the lines of muscle on his stomach, following every curve and bump gently and seriously. He said nothing, only took long breaths, as he did so

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Jacob Hott (JacobHottLoverandfanofTheWanted) | 584 comments Mod
Ithan smirks but flinches as his skin was not as cold as a regualr vamps.

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Keagan looked so concentrated and driven as his hand slowly crept up. He stood from his chair as he did this, following the invisible line of his core up to his chest. They were face to face, but Keagan wasn't looking at him at the current moment. They could've would be that simple...but Keagan had no intention of doing that now. He jist wanted to examine this GOD'S body.

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Jacob Hott (JacobHottLoverandfanofTheWanted) | 584 comments Mod
Ithan smirsk charmingly down at keagans face lookaing at his hand

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It traveled to his nipple, tracing a line around it gently. He smiled and grinned like an idiot, Ithan finally intoxicating him. How lucky, he thought, that I get this gorgeous boy who appears to be into me. After a little more touching, Keagan pulled away.

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Jacob Hott (JacobHottLoverandfanofTheWanted) | 584 comments Mod
Ithan smiles..."Is it my turn now?" He takes a step closer without a word from keagan and rubs dow n his chest slowly then the back of his fingers on his right hand rubs softly aganst his cheek. then the other hand until he is cupping Keagans face in both hand rubbing affectionately with his thumbs.

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Keagan closed his eyes and smiled, glad that Ithan wanted to do the same to him. He didn't have nearly as much muscle as Ithan, the moment, he didn't care.

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Jacob Hott (JacobHottLoverandfanofTheWanted) | 584 comments Mod
Ithan pulls Keagan to him and kisses hard just out of curiosity. "I have always wanted to try something new for least one time." Ithan says kissing harder then he pulls up on eagans shirt.

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That had been the first time Keagan had ever been kissed, and he had to say, it felt nice. He helped lift his shirt up for Ithan to examine

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Jacob Hott (JacobHottLoverandfanofTheWanted) | 584 comments Mod
Ithna begins to kiss down his body. Ithan had never been with a guy befor ebut he had to admit sometihng new felt fun. he kisses slowly and then comes back up pulling off his own shirt and then kissing Keegan again and agian before pressing softly against him and undoing his pants.

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Keagan looked a little overwhelmed, and swatted his hand away. "No. Kisses only for right now..."

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Jacob Hott (JacobHottLoverandfanofTheWanted) | 584 comments Mod
Ithan smirks and pushes him down on the couch."Then very hot kisses." zhe sits over him on his lap one leg on either saide and his nice warm abbs press against him as he holds keagans face kissing harder and deeper.

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Keagan matched his kisses competetively, trying to put as much effort and meaning as he truly felt into each kiss. He ran his fingers sensually along Ithan's jawline.

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Jacob Hott (JacobHottLoverandfanofTheWanted) | 584 comments Mod
Ithan smirks pressed ontop of Keagan he kisses more violently pulling at his bottom lip with his fangs.

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Jacob Hott (JacobHottLoverandfanofTheWanted) | 584 comments Mod
((okay so i go to new york today and wont be back for three days just saying))

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((Perfectly fine. Have fun!))

Keagan screamed out in agony, but the kind that sounds like passion, and kissed all along him on any available skin

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Jacob Hott (JacobHottLoverandfanofTheWanted) | 584 comments Mod
((thnx had a great time))

Ithan smirks and lets him kissing at keagans neck as he does so.

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Keagan melted into him. He had never had any sort of chemistry with a boy or girl. This was a dream, to be with Ithan. "I'd say I love you..." he mumbled against his skin. "But, I hardly know you..."

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Jacob Hott (JacobHottLoverandfanofTheWanted) | 584 comments Mod
Ithan smirks. He pulls back.."Well maybe we should get to kow each other like to...well do you go to school?"

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He nodded slowly, thinking of Ember. "Yeah...You?" I don't want to be lonely anymore...

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Jacob Hott (JacobHottLoverandfanofTheWanted) | 584 comments Mod
Ithan smirks..."Yeah I actually think i remember you from two or three of my classes..would you like me to drive you to school...and we can hang afterward?" Ithan wonders with a charming smile

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"That sounds...lovely." He said, smiling. He cpuldnt fathom the idea of him being in more than one class with this GOD of a boy. "Thank you, Ithan."

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"No problem but we better head out soon school starts in an hour." Ithan smirks pulling his shorts off and moving to the shower..."you are welcome to change here i am sure i cna find something nice that will fit you."

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He looked down to his clothes and winced. Not cute. "Thanks..."

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Jacob Hott (JacobHottLoverandfanofTheWanted) | 584 comments Mod
"No problem."

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Keagan smiled softly and let him go, sitting in a chair.

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Ithan moves to his shower and washes off and cleans himself and changes into calvin kline boxer briefs solid white with black trim. He moves back to the living room and hands Keagan smoe very stlish clothes. "You can go take a shower now." He smirks.

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Keagan took him, but his eyes were averted elsewhere. "Woah......" He couldnt ever fathom how underwear could make people sexy, did just that for Ithan. "Woah...can you like, kiss me from now on while you're wearing those?"

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Ithan smirks. He leans in cupping the side of Keagans face lightly and kisses him playing with his tongue and pulling away at his bottom lip smirking.

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Keagan just looked like he was in total bliss. "Uhmm...Ithan? We're gonna be late. I dont have to shower, ill just dress." He walked off to go get dressed in a seperate room. He came back in a few minutes, looking adorable in Ithans clothes. He was so much muscular than Keagan, so the clothes were a little big. "Shall we go, then?"

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Ithan smirks. "Yeah we shall." He smirks ow dressed himself. He opens Keagans door for him smiling.

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Keagan thanked him and got in...and they drove to school! The end.

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