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Iced (Fever, #6)
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Stephanie (Bookfever.♥) (bookfever) | 17677 comments Mod
“You’re not responsible for the world just because you’re more capable.”

“Course I am. That’s what more capable folks do.”

“You could ask me to teach you.”

“Huh?” This night is getting weird in a hurry. “Teach me like you’re teaching a class or something? What are you going to call it: You-too-can-be-a sociopath-101?”

“It would be more like a graduate level class.”

I start to snicker. His sense of humor sneaks up on you. Then I remember who’s talking and bite it off.

“You want to be faster, stronger, smarter. Ask me to teach you.”

“I ain’t asking you for nothing. And you might be faster and stronger. For now. No way you’re smarter.”

“Your choice. But turn around because you’re not leaving. It’s night, and you know what that means.”

“Like, it’s dark?”

“You’re with me until dawn.”

“Why dawn? You a vamp or a zombie or something that can’t stand the light?”

He freeze-frames away, moves in on the scene. “I like sex for breakfast, kid. I eat early and often.”

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Jill | 23 comments Oh, well now, that's interesting, I really can't wait for this book. These teasers are killing me.

Stephanie (Bookfever.♥) (bookfever) | 17677 comments Mod
Very interesting... I want the book now! *sigh*

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