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Maria Jo C. S. Lewis begins 'The Great Divorce' with a Preface describing why he decided to write this book. He comments that Heaven and Hell cannot unite (marry) until the mistake (the separation) has been corrected.

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Grace Brazell (TheMadElvishPoet) I liked this book, especially the part with the lizard "Do you want me to kill it?"

Maria Jo In the first chapter, C. S. Lewis prepares a scene for his readers. The 'I' is waiting in line for a bus, and the wait causes more people to leave the line in front of him. When the bus finally arrives, there is plenty of room for all. A young man attaches himself to the 'I,' saying he had stayed too long. The chapter end with the 'I' noticing the bus has left the ground.

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Grace Brazell (TheMadElvishPoet) the "I"? It's him! LOL! He's dreaming!

Maria Jo You never know! I don't think he ever actually said, did he?

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Grace Brazell (TheMadElvishPoet) yes, yes he does,

Maria Jo Oh, I didn't realize that. Whoops. I apologize to everybody.

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Grace Brazell (TheMadElvishPoet) *grins*

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