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The Great Divorce
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Maria Jo | 13 comments Mod
C. S. Lewis begins 'The Great Divorce' with a Preface describing why he decided to write this book. He comments that Heaven and Hell cannot unite (marry) until the mistake (the separation) has been corrected.

The Mad Elvish Poet (TheMadElvishPoet) | 11 comments I liked this book, especially the part with the lizard "Do you want me to kill it?"

Maria Jo | 13 comments Mod
In the first chapter, C. S. Lewis prepares a scene for his readers. The 'I' is waiting in line for a bus, and the wait causes more people to leave the line in front of him. When the bus finally arrives, there is plenty of room for all. A young man attaches himself to the 'I,' saying he had stayed too long. The chapter end with the 'I' noticing the bus has left the ground.

message 4: by The Mad Elvish Poet (last edited Mar 23, 2012 05:54PM) (new)

The Mad Elvish Poet (TheMadElvishPoet) | 11 comments the "I"? It's him! LOL! He's dreaming!

Maria Jo | 13 comments Mod
You never know! I don't think he ever actually said, did he?

The Mad Elvish Poet (TheMadElvishPoet) | 11 comments yes, yes he does,

Maria Jo | 13 comments Mod
Oh, I didn't realize that. Whoops. I apologize to everybody.

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