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The Giver vs. The Hunger Games

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Bryn Dunham I just finished the Hunger Games series and I enjoyed them. I also read The Giver some time ago and wanted to know if it's worth reading the other two books in the series. Anybody read both series and have some input?

Rose Hi Bryn, I read both series within the last couple of months. I loved the Hunger Games - I couldn't stop myself from reading. The Giver was a good book but I would only advise reading further if you are bored. The next two aren't as good as the first and almost feel like the author forgot what the first book was about when she wrote them. If you are looking for another series, I would suggest Divergent by Veronica Roth or Gone by Michael Grant

SpreadYourWings I disagree

SpreadYourWings IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WORTH READING THE OTHER 2 BOOKS OF THE GIVER!!!!!! the storyies r different... They ARE AMAZING and i suggest u read them

SpreadYourWings they may seem different but on the last book it ties all of them togeher its REALLY COOL

SpreadYourWings i VERY HIGHLY suggest u read them

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I would NOT read the other books int the GIVER! no no no no! they were so bad, it was almost funny. Gathering blue had no plot and i swear they are robots! (haha jk they weren't robots but it still sucked) I have to do this entire project on Gathering blue and it is soooooooooooooooo freaking boring!!!!

YESYESYEYSYEYSYEYSYEYSYEYSYEYS for THE HUNGER GAMES! They are amazing and very detailed in a good way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zoë Jasmine Whittle You should read the other 2 Giver books.The last one is kind of weird,but the second is amazing.The last Hunger Games is terrible.

Bryn Dunham thanks! i was suspicious that they weren't really true sequals. Ill get rid of the other two and be happy with the giver. no point is spoiling a good book like the giver with two sub-par books

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Bryn Dunham i liked the last hunger games book zoe.....wasn't great, but it concluded the series decently.

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Bryn wrote: "thanks! i was suspicious that they weren't really true sequals. Ill get rid of the other two and be happy with the giver. no point is spoiling a good book like the giver with two sub-par books"


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Both are amazing and have a different story to tell. The Hunger Games has a lot more action while The Giver is more about the story than action. Both are worth reading.

Whitney :) Hunger Games all the way. Not 2 fond of the Giver. Hunger Games is my favorite book of all time!

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Jack The Giver was an okay book. Honestly, from what I had heard, it was supposed to be a great book, but it wasn't really to my tastes. Unfortunately, the next two aren't all that great either.

Meagan Comparing the first books of each series, they are the same in a sense. Finding a sense of survival, and getting out of what is a strange controlling society. The rulers control every action or the result is death. They are both worth the read. How good it is, depends on your preference of books, and how you like things presented to you.

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Yona I say finish the story in both cases. I don't think the 2nd and 3rd books or either series are quite as good as the first, but they also bring up good, interesting points and I think they're worth exploring.

Patty I have read all three of The Hunger Games books, but only the first two books in The Giver trilogy. I'm currently on a waiting list for Messenger (the third book) from the library. I actually liked Gathering Blue more than The Giver. I think it appealed to me more because it dealt with artistic talents and am an artistic person. One thing you need to know about The Giver trilogy is that these books aren't sequels like the Hunger Games where you have many of the same character in all three books. Each book in The Giver Trilogy stands on it's own with it's own set of characters. I follow Lois Lowry's blog and she has finished a new book called Son that will be released Fall of 2012. The new book expands The Giver Trilogy to a quartet.

Chin123 I love the Giver and the first book of the hunger games. I just think the that catching fire and mocking jay are kind of boring. But I have to say I love the giver more so inspiring.

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Okay... To be honest... I really don't like the fact that these two have been put against each other and compared, but it was bound to happen... I personally liked Hunger Games better. But that may have been because I read it first. I don't know, but I like both of them. :)

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