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((thanks... dear mod, i hope this is okay! sorry!))

ᴋᴜsᴇʏᴏ (kukyo) ((you need help making places?))

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((sure! oh and i was thinking we should ask the mod if we can make instructors... i thought it would be cool...))

ᴋᴜsᴇʏᴏ (kukyo) ((k))

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(( :) ))

ᴋᴜsᴇʏᴏ (kukyo) ((XP))

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Randy walked in and set her stuff and Dover on the bed by the window.

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Rebecca (SouthernSweetiePie) {Hey guys, can I join in?}

Abigail the Fangirl (AbigailGrace15) Adeline sat her stuff on her bed. She quietly looked around the room at everyone. "Hi." she whispered to the all the girls.

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Rebecca (SouthernSweetiePie) As Sahnell heard Adeline's quiet whisper from her bed, she gestured for her to come and talk to her, since Sahnell was looking for more friends.

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Vi sat down on her bed and looked around at the other girls.

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Copper  Black | 7 comments lucy sat on her bed shooing sirius out,who left with a snort and out into the hall,blue sat on the rug next to her bed

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Rebecca (SouthernSweetiePie) Sahnell yelled "Hello, I am from Egypt!" As she winked at Rylee, who was just passing in the hallway. "Who is that?!" she asked out loud. Re-dreaming the whole boy scene over and over in her head as she slowly layed back in her bed and giggled.

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Copper  Black | 7 comments lucy glanced at her"why you so happy?"she asked,blue leaping in her lap

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Rebecca (SouthernSweetiePie) Sahnell turned toward her and whispered "I like him..", and "What's your name?", she asked desperately.

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Juliette arrived in the dorm and saw all the girls.
"Hi, everyone. I'm Juliette!" she announced.

Abigail the Fangirl (AbigailGrace15) "Hi Juliette, In Adeline." Adeline said giving a shy smile. "I like your outfit."

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"Oh! Thanks. Nice to meet you." Juliette smiled.
((I can't see the picture. What does the dorm look like? double bunks??))

Abigail the Fangirl (AbigailGrace15) ((No, they are single, but they are sort of close together.))

"Nice to meet you too! Is this your first year or have you been here before?" Adeline asked.

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"I've actually been here before, but we get new students every year." Juliette said. She set her stuff down on the bed beside Adeline's.
((any1 else want to introduce themselves to Juliette?))

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Copper  Black | 7 comments "hi!"lucy called and blue dashed over to juliette and jumped on her,till lucy called her down and she sat down"sorry bout blue.....and im lucy"she said

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Becky Iolite, her head buried in her favourite book walked into the Dorm room, well technically she walked into the door.
"Ow!" She finally looked up and rubbed her head.

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Juliette laughed.
"Hi, Lucy. Nice to meet you! I'm Juliette, as you know. It's fine! She's so adorable. Actually, she's the second dog who ran up to me today." Juliette explained. "So, where are all of you from?"

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Rebecca (SouthernSweetiePie) "Hi, Lucy! Im Sahnell! And I'm from Egypt. Where are you from?", said Sahnell friendly-like. "I'm new here. So,what are the classes like here?", she asked as she put a thought in her mind of how she thought the classes were like.

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Rebecca (SouthernSweetiePie) "Hey Juliette, I like your shirt", commented Sahnell. "It's really cute. Where'd you get it?"

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Becky Iolite lowered her book enough to pick an empty bed and flop down onto it. She muttered a quiet "Hello" to the girls around her before disappearing again.

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"Oh, this? Thanks! I got it from Dash in LA. It's in the US. What's your name?" Juliette asked.

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Rebecca (SouthernSweetiePie) "My name is Sahnell, and this is my first time in America, and I'm originally from Egypt. And I know so much English because of my English instructor. I'm kinda nervous. Would you like to help me adjust?"

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Copper  Black | 7 comments "im from Louisiana...."she said

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Randy yawned, waking up from her nap, she had been more tired then she thought...

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Catherine scuffled in, trying to attract as little attention as possible. Just before she made it to the empty bed, Catherine tripped over her own two feet and fell face-first on the bed. Her face was beet-red when she got up.

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Becky Iolite heard a thunk and looked up from her book again. She saw a girl with a burning face and instantly felt sympathetic. "Hi. Don't worry, I walked into the door when I came in." She smiled and put her book down for a moment.

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"Yeah, of course I'd help you, Sahnell." Juliette said. then, she saw the girl trip. She rushed over to help her up.
"Are you okay?!" she asked.

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Rebecca (SouthernSweetiePie) "Oh my goodness, thank you Juliette! When will we start?" said Sahnell, just as the girl fell, she yelled "Oh are you ok? How did you fall?"

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Juliette turned back to Sahnell.
"We could start right now, if you'd like." she said.
((Where is the Wizard Academy? In the US? But where?))

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((don't know...))

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Catherine blushed even harder. "I'm always a tripping over my two feet!" Catherine joked.

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Becky Iolite flashed the girl another shy smile. "At least you fell on something soft so it won't leave a mark." She gestured to the red mark on her head where she had hit the door.

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Rebecca (SouthernSweetiePie) "Juliette, wanna go to the garden? So we can have more peace and quiet and be surrounded by beatiful flowers? Anyone else wanna come?", asked Sahnell concerningly.

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Copper  Black | 7 comments "i'll come,if i dont siri and blue will drag me anyways"lucy called

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Rebecca (SouthernSweetiePie) "Ok, well can I hold Blue for a second?, my surroundings in Egypt always complained about dogs.", said Sahnell. "And maybe we can go tomorrow, since Juliette isn't here yet."

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Vi's kitten, Louis let out a loud meow of agitation as he watched all the dogs around the room.

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Cat winced slightly at her head mark and then pulled up her leg to show her hundreds of yellowed and purpled bruises down her leg.

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Rebecca (SouthernSweetiePie) "OMG, Cat! What happened to your legs!? Are you okay?", asked Sahnell concered.

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Vi looked over to see the girl's injured legs, "What happened?" she asked

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Cat grinned. "Ladies and-" she looked around. "Ladies. Introducing, the clutziest person alive!!!" Cat took a bow.

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Vi raised her eyebrows, "honestly?" she asked, laughing sympathetically.

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Rebecca (SouthernSweetiePie) "Wow! Those look like they hurt...... Honestly, where did u get all those bruises?", said Sahnell

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