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Abigail the Fangirl  (AbigailGrace15) Adeline for the first time walked into the school. Only a few weeks ago she found out she was a wizard, and now she is going to Wizard Academy to learn spells, and meet other wizards. She looked around and smiled. The place was awesome, and she new she was going to like it here.

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Becky Iolite looked up at the school, the flow of people pushing past her through the doors. She sighed, Here we go again. It wasn't school that bothered her, it was the people. People were loud, Iolite was quiet, it was generally a bad mix.

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Randy ran through the doors chasing after Dover, "Come back!" she cried as she chased after him.

Izzy Lightfleur (IzzyLightfleur) Zay leaned against a wall and saw a girl chasing her pup. She started running with her, trying to catch the puppy.

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"Dover!" Randy yelled, exasperated, as she scooped him up in her arms sighing because she new now she would have to wrestle him for the scarf.

((looks like this: http://www.tiesplanet.com/ekmps/shops... ))

Izzy Lightfleur (IzzyLightfleur) Zay came to a halt beside the girl. She took the middle of the scarf and pulled slightly while the pup let go. Dover had let go because Zay had scratched him behind the ears.
She handed over the scarf, "Here,"

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Randy laughed setting Dover down and putting on her scarf, "Thanks. He keeps stealing it and I have no idea why." then she laughed again as Dover licked the girls shoes.

Izzy Lightfleur (IzzyLightfleur) Zay smiled kindly, "Pups cause trouble easily. Maybe he likes the color of it," She suggested. She bent down and pet the puppy, her black, brown hair covering her face

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Méadhbh (MaeveLWhalen) Rhea walked down the hall, deep in thought as usual. She saw two people chasing a puppy, and walked over to where they were standing.

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Izzy Lightfleur (IzzyLightfleur) Zay nodded to the girl who had walked up to them.

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Méadhbh (MaeveLWhalen) Rhea smiled. "Hey Zay. What's up?"

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ku. [ semi-hiatus ] (s-t-o-k-e-d) Fierra walked to school and kept her buds in her ears.

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Dover jumped at the girl making Randy groan and try to calm the puppy down.

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Izzy Lightfleur (IzzyLightfleur) Maeve wrote: "Rhea smiled. "Hey Zay. What's up?""

"Nothin much, chased a pup," Zay said, standing. ((Gtg, srry!))

ku. [ semi-hiatus ] (s-t-o-k-e-d) She laughed a patted th epuppy on the head. She turned to Randy. "I assume he's yours?"

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Méadhbh (MaeveLWhalen) ((k))

Rhea laughed. "Too many rhymes!"

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"Yeah." Randy said rubbing his back.

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ku. [ semi-hiatus ] (s-t-o-k-e-d) She handed her the puppy. "Here."

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((Randy is a girl ☺☻))

"Thanks" she said, "but now I have to go get my stuff."

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Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (forever35555) | 94 comments Mod
Juliette finally got to the academy. she was excited and ecstatic. She couldn't wait to meet new friends. Juliette saw another girl (Adeline).
"Hi, I'm Juliette." she said.

ku. [ semi-hiatus ] (s-t-o-k-e-d) She nodded politely. "Sure. Better hurry, school's almost starting."

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Vi entered the building and smiled, looking around at the other students.

ku. [ semi-hiatus ] (s-t-o-k-e-d) Fierra walked where all th enew students gathered.

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Marx walked into the hall and bumped into a girl. "Whoops, sorry!" he said

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Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (forever35555) | 94 comments Mod
Juliette saw a cute little black dog(James' dog) running up to her.
"Hi there, buddy!" she said, petting the pup.

ku. [ semi-hiatus ] (s-t-o-k-e-d) Fierra turned around and smiled. "It's good. Don't worry about it."

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Randy ran out to get her stuff.

James walked in dressed in all black and RayBans( http://www.mxdirtrider.com/media/prod... ). He looked the people over...

Randy went back over to the girl ( ஐ αєяσ ஐ).

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Marx smiled, "I'm Marx. You're...?"

ku. [ semi-hiatus ] (s-t-o-k-e-d) "Fierra." She looked at tjhe small dog. "That's your dog?" She noticed Randy came back and smiled.

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Marx shook his head and scooped up the puppy, smiling down at it.

ku. [ semi-hiatus ] (s-t-o-k-e-d) "Cute. I have a dog as well. She wandered off some place."

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Marx nodded, "Yeah I don't have a dog, I sure do love'em though." he laughed

ku. [ semi-hiatus ] (s-t-o-k-e-d) She shook her head and smiled. "Where are you from?"

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James stalked over and said, "Yeah, that one's mine." he smile a dazzling smile.

Randy laughed at the Marx and petted the puppy.

ku. [ semi-hiatus ] (s-t-o-k-e-d) "Well I guess that's my mistake." She shrugged. She looked at Randy. "I never got your name."

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Marx grinned and handed Randy the puppy, "I'm from San Fran." he replied

ku. [ semi-hiatus ] (s-t-o-k-e-d) She nodded. "Cool."

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"You?" he asked, curious

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Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (forever35555) | 94 comments Mod
Juliette looked up and smiled. The boy was so handsome that she felt herself blushing. She picked up the cute pup gently, a smile spreading across her lips.
"He's so adorable." she said.

ku. [ semi-hiatus ] (s-t-o-k-e-d) Ƙȧƴȧ wrote: ""You?" he asked, curious"

"Colombia." she said smiling.

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Marx nodded and turned to the other girl, "What's your name?" he asked

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Randy looked at the girl, "Randy, I never got yours either," then she turned to the boy who had handed her the dog, "or yours and this isn't my dog." she laughed handing the small black dog to James. "Oh, I'm from there too!"

ku. [ semi-hiatus ] (s-t-o-k-e-d) "It's Fierra. nice to meet you. And you?" She turnedd to James.

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Marx laughed, "I'm Marx." he replied, flashing a smile

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ku. [ semi-hiatus ] (s-t-o-k-e-d) ((okay im seriously confused. this rp needs some places XD))

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((i agree... i'm gonna start making the girl's & boy's dorms... is that alright?))

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Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (forever35555) | 94 comments Mod
((i am so confused too. i have no idea what just happened with my character. can we start over or something? ABBY! WE NEED YOU!!!!))

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(I think we're in the hall...)

"I'm James." James smiled again.

"Marx. Cool name." Randy smiled.

ku. [ semi-hiatus ] (s-t-o-k-e-d) ((idk the mod let us do that?))

ku. [ semi-hiatus ] (s-t-o-k-e-d) She smiled back. "Cool."

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