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What can you do right now to experience more fulfillment in your LIFE?

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Marissa Campbell (marissacampbell_author) | 3 comments Mod
Good afternoon Goodreads!

What are some things you have done that have helped you find well-being, peace of mind, and fulfillment in your life?

For me, my eureka moment came when I realized that I no longer had to carry the albatross of the past around my neck. That I could, at that moment decide to let go of negativity, to let go of harmful and limiting beliefs, memories and thoughts and that I could from that moment on chose to follow what makes me feel good, what truly makes me happy.

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Marissa Campbell (marissacampbell_author) | 3 comments Mod
In the book we talk about baby steps. Every day moving toward things that make us happy. Even if we do not feel good, we try to move toward things that will make us feel better. Engage in things that we are passionate about, just a little bit each day. Every time we take some action toward feeling better, we draw ourselves closer toward a LIFE of feeling good.

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Marissa Campbell (marissacampbell_author) | 3 comments Mod
I am going to start a new movement, it's called Playing with Pleasure! So many of us walk around closed and empty inside. Passion, our desires, our dreams, the very things that give us pleasure inflame us, they invigorate us, they are the very spark of what animates us. If you could gift yourself one thing, if you could do just one thing for yourself today that would make you feel good, that would make you feel happy, what would it be?

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