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The Pleasure Trap: Mastering the Hidden Force That Undermines Health and Happiness
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Pleasure Trap (Week 2, Q2)

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Lindsay Nixon (HappyHerbivore) | 59 comments Mod
2. What kind of medicinal goal do you want your doctor to practice, the Healing Goal or the Pain Relief Goal? Do we as a society overlook the difference between Pain Relief and Healing? If doctors and hospitals are so good at Pain Relief, why do we assume that they are so good at Healing as well?

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Stephanie (StephieC) | 8 comments I would much rather my doctor practice the Healing Goal. I can't tell you how many times i've had a health issue and they just gave me medicine to "take care of it". One time I even had several expensive tests done which were all inconclusive. Their response was well we still don't know exactly what is going on, but the meds are working so you'll be fine! It is so frustrating!

Most people assume that doctors know about all aspects of health; medicine, nutrition, muscular issues, etc. People don't realize they are not trained in these other areas, just diagnosing a problem and fixing it, usually with tests and/or medicine. They have no training in nutrition, not a single course is required in Med School. I think that is one thing that people need to learn, as most patients believe their physicians know everything about every aspect of health. That's just simply not true! If doctors would acknowledge this fact but realize that a good nutrition is vital to most health areas this would be a huge step in the right direction. But unfortunately most do not, and reach for the bottle of pills instead of referring their patients to a dietitian, nutritionist, massage therapist, etc.

Coming from a medical background, I see the physicians I work with every day not following most or any healthy lifestyle practices such as eating a healthy diet or exercising. How can they preach to us about taking care of ourselves when they don't do a thing for their own health?

Sandra | 1 comments I love that my Dr will always ask me, "Do you want to try the natural way, or go straight for meds?" He completely thinks my plant base diet is great. (even though he is not, he can recognize the benefits.)

Kaci | 7 comments I am always looking for a healing goal but doctors are stretched too thin to think! The primary goal seems to be to get you out of the office as quick as possible... I work as a nurse and I don't think I have ever head a doctor even talk about nutrition. I have lost 30 pounds since becoming plant strong and my doctor NEVER mentioned my weight to me before. I knew I was obese but she never even brought it up! Sad, since people need the information to get better.

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Sue (ArmyVeteran) | 4 comments I'm with Kaci--my Dr has never once mentioned my weight nor whether I have gone up or down. There are lots of patients that just want to take a "pill" to "get better", not realizing that it only treats a symptom, not the problem. I want the problem to be treated and I am the one that can control that--I can choose what I eat and when I exercise--I just have to make that choice. I have done the 28 day challenge and have seen the results. Now, I need to fully incorporate what I am learning into my everyday living. It truly is a Challenge!

message 6: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (melissamcadle) | 1 comments I have a chronic pain condition and I'm looking for healing, not just the pain pills that they give me. I have occipital neuralgia and it has to do with the occipital nerve in my neck. I think I may have found a doc who can help... but I hate that I go to a pain clinic and all they do is give me pills...???

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Suzon | 1 comments After a relatively short time on a whole foods plant-based diet I had labs. My cardiologist acknowledged the positive results were diet related and commended me. He also said less than 5% of his patients were willing or able to follow such strict dietary requirements.

Earlier I had asked him about reversing my health problems with diet and he provided no positive feedback at all --

message 8: by Cari (new)

Cari (cjones1027) | 2 comments In defense of doctors, particularly in the case of a cardiologist - I believe that a cardiologist training is highly focused on understanding the mechanisms of the heart and specializing, really focusing in on stenting and heart (cath lab) treatments and diagnosing. A nutritionist would be the one to talk to for nutritional healing. I don't expect nutrition to be a cardiologists specialty - but it is too bad that more cardiologists don't refer to nutritionists more often! Also - I am a nurse - and it would not surprise me at all that less than 5% of patients would be willing to follow strict dietary requirements. It is frustrating to see so many people that are unwilling to do their part for their own health.

Karen | 8 comments I believe most of us let the AMA in gen. "off" way to easy, they are "supported" by the Drug lobby and their recommendations to their patients show this....what a "cop out" for Doc. to say "....most won't follow such a strict routine". As a consequence of this my husband, and I bet at least one of "your" loved ones, feel "protected" from harm by their drugs, and with THIS mindset don't even try to "deal" w'concept of "THE PLEASURE TRAP"

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