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Lian (missdee45) | 79 comments Mod
To protect her friends (as much as possible), Claire has been forced to side with Bishop as the battle for Morganville rages on. Somehow, Claire manages to save Shane, reconcile with Michael, and make up with Eve. Claire and Myrnin also may have discovered a cure to the vampire disease. Now they still have the problem of Bishop controlling the city. To save Morganville, someone unexpected has to pay the ultimate price that leaves the entire town in mourning.


This is definetly one of my favourite books in the series so far because theres so many twist and turns, which i love. Its so sweet because inthe first few episodes Shane's locked in prison with his dad, Frank and although Claire's under the control of Bishop she always tries her best to see him. The way Rachel Caine describes Claire's love for Shane is so adorable, and is one of the things i love about these series. And just when you think Amelie's abandoned everyone in her town, she appears to save them and get rid of Bishop once and for all! I hate him so much, hes so ruthless and reallly doesnt care about anyone else ut himself, not even his own daughter, Amelie. Near the end, this book is so heartbreaking, and I'm not gonna say why incase those of you who havent read this book are reading this.. you really will want to cry, and for once you actually see Amelie weak and vulnerbale, which is great. The only thing i hated about this book was, the fact that Ada was a machine, the way she was described was really hard to picture in my head, especially as Myrnin said he created her 300 years ago out of metal and wood and stuff. And she feeds on vampire and human blood which i find really confusing!! ... Ah well, it was still an amazing book and im sure you guy will especially enjoy the part after Shane gets out of prison and hes with Claire again ;)

Definetly recommend this book to all you twilight lovers! <3

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