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Book Affectionist (EscapingDestiny) description

Book Affectionist (EscapingDestiny) Excell walked to his fridge and pulled out a bottled water

K a y (King101) Mike walked slowly around the dorm. She didn't want to go to far into the room becuase she didn't want to invade his privacy

Book Affectionist (EscapingDestiny) "Are you thirsty?"

K a y (King101) "No thanks." She had just had a bag of blood and her stomach couldn't take anymore. "I like you dorm.'

Book Affectionist (EscapingDestiny) "Thanks. I never have company here though"

K a y (King101) Good. She said to herself, feeling jealous. "I don't like people in my dorm..."

Book Affectionist (EscapingDestiny) "Then we have something in common though you're the exception."he took a sip of water

K a y (King101) She smiled, "Lucky me." she said, joking around.

Book Affectionist (EscapingDestiny) "So do you play?"He gestured to the guitar on the wall.

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K a y (King101) She nodded, "Since I was five...When I wasn't learning how to kill someone with my hands, I wrote music and played my guitars."

Book Affectionist (EscapingDestiny) "Can i hear you play?"

K a y (King101) "Maybe." She winks at him, she never really let people hear her play.

Book Affectionist (EscapingDestiny) Excell chuckled."So what music do you prefer to play?"

K a y (King101) "Depends..." she smiled at him, "I like rock, alternitive and sometimes pop. What about you?"

Book Affectionist (EscapingDestiny) "I like to play alot of different genres"

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K a y (King101) She walked around the room till she came to a black guitar. She carefuly pulled it off the wall. She put it into an amp and played a few notes. She broke into a full out song, singing and all.
((This is what she played.))

Ðåñgêr𵧠(LovelyLover) | 204 comments Phoebe looked around,his room was very musical as she looked at the gutiars on the wall,"Very diverse."As she soon heard Mika playing.

Book Affectionist (EscapingDestiny) "Not bad"He said watching as she played the guitar and sang. He crossed his arms over his chest.

Ðåñgêr𵧠(LovelyLover) | 204 comments "Shes always been musical in more ways than one."Phoebe smiled looking at Mika but directing her words to Excell.

K a y (King101) Mika finished the song and put the guitar back on the wall. She couldn't believe she just played infront of him. She never played infront of anybody.
She looked over at her best friend and smiled , "Thanks Pheobe"

Ðåñgêr𵧠(LovelyLover) | 204 comments Phoebe went over to her a smileon her face,"Your welcome,and that was amazing."

K a y (King101) "Thanks..." She said, a blush was forming on her face

Ðåñgêr𵧠(LovelyLover) | 204 comments "Nervous?"Phoebe asked.

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K a y (King101) She nodded, "Did I really just play infront of Him!" she askes her

Ðåñgêr𵧠(LovelyLover) | 204 comments "Yes,he liked it too."Phoebe smiled

K a y (King101) "YOu think so?" She looked over her friends shoulder at Excell.

Ðåñgêr𵧠(LovelyLover) | 204 comments "Yup."Phoebe smiled,"I think he likes you as well."

K a y (King101) "You're kidding right?" she questioned, "I'm pretty sure he doesn't..."

Ðåñgêr𵧠(LovelyLover) | 204 comments "No joking girl,hes got it bad for Y-O-U."Phoebe giggled.

K a y (King101) "Oh shut up you dork" she laughed.

Ðåñgêr𵧠(LovelyLover) | 204 comments "I call them as I see them."Phoebe giggled.

K a y (King101) She couldnt help but laugh with her friend.

Ðåñgêr𵧠(LovelyLover) | 204 comments Phoebe kept laughing and giggling holding her sides from it all.


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Book Affectionist (EscapingDestiny) Excell rosed a brow at the two girls. He picked up a red les paul and strummed a few notes. He sang in a gruff yet strong husky voice.

Song he's singing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUkoL9...

K a y (King101) The moment she heard him start to play, she stopped laughing. She looked over at him He was really good...

Book Affectionist (EscapingDestiny) Excell finished the song smoothly. He was alwaays serious about his music and he enjoyed it very much.

Ðåñgêr𵧠(LovelyLover) | 204 comments The minute he began to sing and strum,she stopped and listened while watching,he was awesome.When he stopped she clapped,"Excell that was awesome."

Book Affectionist (EscapingDestiny) "Thanks"He placed the guitar on the wall carefully

Ðåñgêr𵧠(LovelyLover) | 204 comments "Anytime."Phoebe said smiling.

K a y (King101) Mika just smiled at him, what else was she supposed to do? Pheobe had already said what she was thinking. No point in saying it again.

Ðåñgêr𵧠(LovelyLover) | 204 comments "Have you always liked to play,or is it just a hobby?"Phoebe asked.

Book Affectionist (EscapingDestiny) "Before it was just something to pass the time but now i just love to play."

Ðåñgêr𵧠(LovelyLover) | 204 comments Phoebe nodded,"Yeah,I used to play but now its like I have forgotten,the 60's really got to me."She giggled.

K a y (King101) "Pot head!" Mika caughed, she smiled at her friend, "I'm just kidding!"

Book Affectionist (EscapingDestiny) "You guys seem really close. How long have you know each other?"

Ðåñgêr𵧠(LovelyLover) | 204 comments Phoebe rolled her eyes plopping down in a chair,"Never touched in,but my siblings did."She smirked fangs showing,"A very long time."

K a y (King101) "Yeah For a While...I know I look 18...I'm like..."She counted on her fingers,"125...Shit, I'm old!"

Ðåñgêr𵧠(LovelyLover) | 204 comments Phoebe smirked,"Same,I look 18..."She thought,"242,I was born in 1770."

K a y (King101) Mika points to her friend, "See! she's older than me!" she laughs.

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