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The Golden Lily (Bloodlines, #2)
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message 1: by Athena Herondale, Books ∞ (new) - rated it 5 stars

Athena Herondale | 518 comments Mod
the author of Vampire Academy started a new series called bloodlines and this is the new 2nd book!!

Release Day: June 19, 2012

Stephanie (Bookfever.♥) (bookfever) I need this book now. I know someone who won an arc! :O

Lisa *cantseemtoreadenough* R | 348 comments OMG LUCKYYYY D:

It's coming out on June 12th, I'm pretty sure. BUT I CANT WAIT! I need to read about Adrian xD

Stephanie (Bookfever.♥) (bookfever) Yeah. I'm so jealous of her now becaus I entered the same giveaway and didn't win :( but I said she has to tell me EVERYTHING xD

June is gonna be a kick-ass month.

Lisa *cantseemtoreadenough* R | 348 comments 94 days ;)

oh that must suck. make sure you get back at her in some (nonviolent xD) way :)

Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian:D

My God, Sage. Your eyes, how have I never noticed them.
What about them?
...They're beautiful. You're beautiful.

if only adrian could say that to me, and mean id faint

Stephanie (Bookfever.♥) (bookfever) Yeah. I love that quote. It's so Adrian... If I was Sage. Damn. I'd lock him up in a room all to myself.

Lisa *cantseemtoreadenough* R | 348 comments HAHAHA xD
when i came to, i'd kiss him. you know its really sad when i say that its practically my life's dream to kiss adrian. too bad it cant happen. but i'll keep dreaming.

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