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Don't you feel bad for Derek in this story???
Euphoria Euphoria Mar 10, 2012 07:38AM
I think he did his best for everything. I pity him very much. But Lucas did see her first.

I want Kylie to end up with Derek. I'm not the biggest fan of Lucas - especially lately.

No way! He treated the main character like crap when she needed him the most. I don't care if he thinks she is hurting him because he is just doing the same thing not only to her but to himself with the way he is dealing with their relationship.

Yazid (Ciel) *clap hands* agree!
Jun 24, 2012 02:22AM
bookowl *takes a bow*
Jun 24, 2012 02:54AM

I feel bad for him a little bit only because he really likes her, and although she likes him she obviously has strong feelings for Lucas, but since she hasn't chosen one of them yet I dont feel that bad. I love this series :)!

gah Nooooo!
I don't agree I don't think that Derek should be with Kylie.
Okay I have nothing against Fae being in love with other species but in MY own opinion I honestly think she belongs with Lucas. Their relationships are both very different with her but I love the fact that they have history and have a deep connection other than lust. And whenever she needs him, he will always drop everything for her. Unlike Derek who rejected her first and then tried to come crawling back to her when she is finally moving on and being happy with Lucas. I don't know what it is I just love the Lucas/ Kylie relationship between their characters than the Derek / Kylie relationship. ( I feel its like another way to overly sickening relationship. Kinda like with Stephan and Elana, Daniel and Luce, Edward and Bella. They should all be with the other main characters. or I so think. ;P)

I don't know. I'd say he certainly made plenty of mistakes, from trying to make her jealous in the first book to pushing her away in the second just because he thought she MIGHT like another guy. I don't think it was fair to her. Basically, my thought is that he brought it upon himself, he pretty much pushed her at Lucas because he refused to be friends with her when that was what she needed.

I still think Derek is the best for her. He seems to be in tune with her whereas Lucas is just hormonal.

Angel (last edited May 23, 2012 10:00AM ) May 23, 2012 10:00AM   0 votes
I did feel kinda sorry for him but then again he was being stupid he woudldnt even be there for kylie in her time of need that is so unfair its not Kylies fault she likes two guys things like that happen. She tried to choose him but no he didnt like her thinking about other guys i understand that but she is always gonna think about Lucas either way she cant help it hes a big part of her life

I can totally agree with Derek in some cases though, because Kylie was constantly undecided and confused and pushed him away, then pulled him back, and pushed him away again, and couldn't make up her damn mind! (Mind you I really like Kylie, this is just my thoughts for poor Derek.) But I love Derek. I think he would be good for her :)

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