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Leah | 1378 comments Mod

Beth (BethJ88) | 14 comments i think theres an intersting character evolution between the 74th and 75th. Katniss and Peeta seem to grow stronger and are slightly more prepared yet they're so much more vulnerable.

I think the 75th was more interesting for me in the sense that there was a far bit of symbolism in it from my point of view. Firstly the idea of the clock and the dominance of the Capitol over those who had already proved themselves so strong. I like the fact that we see more characters in the QQ and their shared sense of rebellion. i love that they all band together to protect peeta and katniss, theres a sense of unity and compassion and rebellion right the way through it that was lacking in the 74th.

Yeah, i think in a lot of ways i liked the 75th better than the 74th, yet i think the the latter was intrinsic in establishing the horror of their situation and the unfairness that the Captiol bestowed upon the people.

Meh, i love them both!!!

message 3: by Leah, What do you mean mockingjays don't really exist??? (new)

Leah | 1378 comments Mod
Very well said.

Beth (BethJ88) | 14 comments why thank you :)

Kirby | 31 comments yeah, the 74th stands out more just b/c it was the first one, and the whole concept is not so shocking the second time around.

however, the 75th was more horrible, not only b/c I knew more of the characters, but b/c they knew each other. and, although none of the previous ones were by any means fair, this one was particularly unfair (as beth said) b/c they'd all already struggled so hard to gain their "safety."

but I love the 75th b/c that's when they finally rebelled. I'd been expecting that in the 74th and was disappointed when it never happened...

Harriet  (harrietlovesnewt) | 47 comments The 75th arena was really cleverly thought out and although it was horrible, I just loved the idea of the watch being split, and I thought even better of it when I saw the new games creator show Katniss the watch, thinking that if she was a mentor, she could maybe understand, until she realised in the arena, but what helped was that his watch had the mockingjay which proved him to be on the rebels side!

As it was the first hunger games you find out about, I think it just seems like a normal arena, the only dangers being the tracker jackers and whatever the GM want to happen, so overall I prefer the 75th!

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I liked the 75th better. The contestants were more interesting, with a range of different personalities. I also liked that no AS MANY people died. The Arena was cooler and not as tailored to Katniss. I didn't like how the 74th's arena was like made for Katniss, it was too perfect, i thought. I also liked knowing that Katniss got the pearl from there. The force-fields were interesting.

message 8: by Leah, What do you mean mockingjays don't really exist??? (new)

Leah | 1378 comments Mod
I liked the 74th better. The 75th was more detailed, and, as y'all have said, it had lots more symbolism than the 74th. I guess it was just that the 74th was the first. The 75th just seemed much more cruel.

Catnip Everdeen (Catniss) | 4 comments I liked the 74th the best.

Kate9 | 285 comments The 75th was an excellent idea (well it was terrible but u kno what I mean) and I loved when all the tributes held hands. That was awesome!

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Leah | 1378 comments Mod

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