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message 1: by Tui (last edited Mar 09, 2012 01:12AM) (new) - added it

Tui Allen (Tuibird) | 275 comments My dolphin mind/body/spirit story is set twenty million years ago in the oceans of the Southern Hemisphere. I published it late 2011. The reviews that have since come in from around the world have convinced me that readers are responding to the story just as I'd always hoped and dreamed they would.
It's the story of how one young female dolphin changed her planet and the universe beyond, through a creative achievement inspired by love.
My main literary influence for the book was ST Coleridge. His poem the Ancient Mariner shares three aspects with Ripple; the marine setting, the presence of the supernatural and a theme of respect for all creatures.
The story was triggered when I heard that the dolphin brain has ten times the human brain's capacity for processing sound. For a long time I thought of calling the story, "Ripple of Sound."
If anyone has any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Full purchasing details and all reviews are on my Tuiscope web site at

Angie (Seren-Lucy) | 1119 comments Mod
Sounds fascinating! Would you consider nominating it for our April/May NZ group read?

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Tui Allen (Tuibird) | 275 comments I'd love to, but thought it might be against the rules to nominate my own book.

Angie (Seren-Lucy) | 1119 comments Mod
Not at all. We encourage it in this group. We are all about supporting our NZ authors.

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Greg Scowen (GregScowen) | 124 comments Congrats on your exceptional reviews, Tui. I am still having problems with that American woman with low reading comprehension.
Some other reviewer commented to her and it is clear from her response that she still doesn't get it.

Any support I can get from you and other readers from my favourite Goodreads group on the review pages would be great.

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Tui Allen (Tuibird) | 275 comments I went to a dolphin day at Raglan yesterday, to conserve the Maui's dolphins which are so endangered. Met so many amazing people and had a lot of fun. Sold a few books and even joined the yacht club.
The weather was perfect. Thinking of joining project Jonah and learning how to help beached whales.

message 7: by Tui (new) - added it

Tui Allen (Tuibird) | 275 comments Well there you go! Ripple is now one of the April reads along with the Bone People, which is my all time favourite NZ adults book. I've read that three times though all a while back. Feels like excellent company to be in to me.

Kathleen Dixon (kiwikathleen) | 1055 comments Tui wrote: "I went to a dolphin day at Raglan yesterday, to conserve the Maui's dolphins which are so endangered.... Project Jonah.."

Raglan's a beautiful spot, isn't it? I've only been there once, but it was on a perfect day and I had great company, so my memory of it will always be delightful.

When my children were young we were members of Project Jonah. Like many things I let it fall by the wayside - mostly because I had to make choices about where the limited dollar went. But certainly they're a worthy cause.

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Tui Allen (Tuibird) | 275 comments Project Jonah were at Raglan on the day I spoke of above.

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