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Alisha | 7 comments The book I’ve chosen for this assignment is Annabel by Kathleen Winter because it deals with one of the many taboo situations in our society. Every person isn’t born the same way. Unfortunately all children are not born 100% healthy, and there are various birth defects that can occur, one of them being hermaphroditism, which is also very rare and I had to research exactly what it was. This novel deals with parents giving birth to a baby that is not quit male and not quit female, therefore it has the parts of both genders, and they have decision of choosing which gender the child will grow up as. I’ve chosen this book because you don’t really hear about people like this often because it is such a rare defect and you don’t hear much about it from society. I had researched about a lot of different book by different authors, but I have to say that as soon as I read the summery for this book, I knew I had to read it. For this assignment, I didn’t want to read anything too cliché or out of my interest so that I’d have fun reading it and doing this assignment, and thankfully I found Annabel. Although all families are different, I thought it would be interesting to see how one deals with it. I’ve never read a book like this before, or a book by a Canadian author, so I’m excited to try both at once. Hopefully it’ll be a really good book, but I have a feeling it will be.

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