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Fayz Moof | 1 comments Hi, i wanted to invite a fellow GONE fan to a wonderful new community called "Just a Fayz".

We currently have a raffle going where members have the chance to win a copy of FEAR plus a 20 dollar gift card to a bookstore of their choice!

Check us out :) the site is

It's a new site about a month old but already very active. We are always looking for new members who want to show their love of GONE anyway they know how.

It's a site dedicated to GONE, BZRK, Hunger Games, The Enemy, Mortal Instruments, Lorien Legaices, Infernal Devices, Inheritance Cycle, Divergent and more. We will also be introducing some more books such as Legend, Maze Runner, Hush Hush, Fallen and a few more books.

We have a chatbox for members to chat with each other and just relax.

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