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message 1: by Dana (new)

Dana | 26 comments Hello all,

For readers of women's fiction, my novel "Leah" will be on offer during Read an Ebook Week at $1 (50% off).

On the remote island of Puerto Franco, young Leah wades into the sea and disappears. Her body is never found. Thirty years later, visual artist Mar arrives on the island with her daughter, Lemay. She anticipates a haven where she can work on her craft, away from her controlling husband. Instead, Mar finds herself in the midst of a close-knit community haunted by a curse three-decades old.

LEAH by Dana K. Haffar
Coupon Code REW50

If you decide to read it, I hope you enjoy it.

Jacqueline Harmon Butler (goodreadscomuser_JAM) | 7 comments Hello everyone!
My book is $1.00 today through March 10th on Smashwords!
Use this coupon code REW75 to buy it at the discounted price! Please feel free to like or comment! Thanks!

Taking a Chance on Love, an Ebook by Jacqueline Harmon Butler
At the time in my life when I thought my love life was over, I traveled to Italy and was seduced by a younger man. What should only have been a one-night-stand continues much to the indignation of my grown children and friends. From Lucca to San Francisco and back to Lucca our romance sizzles with ...

message 3: by Duane (new)

Duane Simolke (DuaneSimolke) | 41 comments The Acorn Stories. From romantic comedy to razor-sharp satire to moments of quiet reflection, these award-winning tales transform a fictional West Texas town into a tapestry of human experiences. Coupon Code REW50 during eBook Week.

message 4: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl Landmark (clandmark) | 216 comments Hi, everyone. I have two books enrolled in the Smashwords Read an Ebook Week at 50% off. I would love it if you would check them out, using coupon code REW50. Thanks very much.

Shadows in the Brook by Cheryl Landmark

Wind and Fire by Cheryl Landmark

message 5: by Revital (new)

Revital Shiri-Horowitz (revital-sh) | 4 comments My book Daughters of Iraq is free today through March 10th on Smashwords! Use the code RE100 at checkout.
Please like, comment, tweet anything is helpful! Thanks!

message 6: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Tarn (Barb65) | 61 comments Last year's longer titles are now 50% off for ebook week on Smashwords... check the list here:
If you like adult fantasy, give Silvery Earth (and my only sci-fi title to date) a chance! :-)
Happy reading!

message 7: by Duane (new)

Duane Simolke (DuaneSimolke) | 41 comments Free eBooks at Smashwords:

message 8: by H.A. (new)

H.A. (Caine) | 13 comments Hi all!
My ebook From Love and Pain is $1.50 today through March 10th on Smashwords

Use PROMO CODE: REW50 at checkout

message 9: by Bryn (last edited Mar 07, 2012 12:45PM) (new)

Bryn Hammond (BrynHammond) | 34 comments I'm going crazy at Smashwords. Daren't admit the number I've grabbed for free. I feel cheap.

At least mine's cheap too - going free this week - historical fiction on the Mongols. At the arty end of hist fic, I have to say. And why not? We have several specimens of verse by Genghis Khan himself. Which of course I include.
Amgalant One The Old Ideal by Bryn Hammond

Link to mine at Smashwords:

message 10: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Burke | 34 comments Bryn,
Don't feel cheap! Thanks for the reminder to head over there and get some freebies myself.

Here's another one for you to grab. If you are really on a guilt trip, reviews would be nice, heh.

When I Am Singing to You by Rebecca Burke
"The Mexican American girl at the heart of the story is thrown out of her home and forced to live on her own with other homeless teens. When she learns her best friend is pregnant, she decides to help her--a decision that leads to tragedy. Carmen is not perfect, but she tries to do the right thing whenever faced with a tough decision."

I should say this novel falls in more than a few categories: women's/YA/crossover/Latina lit.

message 11: by L. (last edited Mar 05, 2012 05:43PM) (new)

L. Gibbs (ldgibbs) Hello,
I too have a book in the Read an E-Book Week promotion at Smashwords. Use coupon RE100 at check out to get a free copy of my SciFi novel In Times Passed at this book link

Brent Garrett is an impulsive twenty-something year old who managed to manipulate a normal nerg box (energy replacement unit about the size of a phone booth) and wound up with a time machine. He has not applied himself to any worthwhile project, which as a member of Meredith Complex he is expected to do. So a leap into the past seemed to be just the recipe for getting away from expectations he wasn't fulfilling and finding new expectations to meet. But things are not what he expected. They never are.

L. Darby Gibbs (Elldee)

message 12: by Michael (new)

Michael Coorlim (MCoorlim) | 22 comments My entire library is available for 50% off. The first story in my Steampunk mystery series, "And They Called Her Spider", is free this week, so grab it and take a look.

message 13: by Denise (new)

Denise Rago (DeniseKRago) | 17 comments Immortal Obsession - 75% off this week for those who like their vampires seductive and not safe.

message 14: by Saleena (last edited Mar 07, 2012 04:38AM) (new)

Saleena Karim | 30 comments Hi all, My utopia/dystopia novel - featuring psychics, reincarnation and an ancient conspiracy - is also up for free download at Smashwords this week:

Thanks, and enjoy!

PS: And yes, I too am shamelessly downloading some freebies. But that's what the promo is for! :)

message 15: by Patricia (last edited Mar 07, 2012 05:23AM) (new)

Patricia Iles (PatriciaIles) | 17 comments The first two books in my historical romance series are free for Read an Ebook Week...grab away!

A Gathering of Light and
A Light in the Mountains

message 16: by Joyce (new)

Joyce Harmon | 17 comments Hi, folks, if cozy mysteries are your thing, try mine! Died On The Vine is FREE for Read an Ebook Week.

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

Well, we are down to the last two days of Smashwords read an e-book week. I only have one of my books on there and I got zero downloads. Maybe because I didn't advertise it on here?

Anyway the name of the book is SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN and is my first novel, BLOOD ON WHITE WICKER and the sequel, PORTRAIT ON WICKER in one book. I have it on smashwords this week for $0.99 this week, so it's a two-for-one deal. Check it out!

message 18: by Joyce (new)

Joyce Harmon | 17 comments Peggy, I was getting some downloads during the week, but they really spiked on Wed, when I was over here posting my link to all my groups in their Smashwords Read An Ebook Week threads. So yes, go all over your groups, tell people about it. I think it also helps, during these promotions, to offer your book for free. I've been doing some downloading and I have to admit, I've been sticking to the free books.

message 19: by [deleted user] (new)

Thanks, Joyce. That's probably good advice. I'll try those things next time.

message 20: by Carol (new)

Carol Fetter | 164 comments Wow, I guess I should check this site more often!! Only a few hours left, but if anyone is kind enough to check out my book, it's 50% off until 11:59 tonight! Thank you if you have or plan on reading my book! Please share the link with your family and friends.

Best wishes to all! :)

message 21: by Carla (new)

Carla Herrera (Starving_Artist) This is the last day to get Pink Eye in Ebook for .99.

Hope you all like it.

message 22: by Carol (new)

Carol Fetter | 164 comments Since I am shamelessly promoting myself, I am going to add that I have been #1 best seller at Sony website under the category of True Crime in the US and Canada until just a few days ago. I am currently #2 and would love to get back to #1. Anyone who would like to help me climb back up the ladder would be greatly appreciated.

I will gladly help promote my fellow G.R. authors if I can!

Thanks again for your support and best wishes to you all!

message 23: by Jim (last edited Mar 10, 2012 03:02PM) (new)

Jim Chaseley (JimChaseley) | 21 comments I joined the promo late in the week. If you fancy some cyborg based fun at half price, please check out Z14.

I marked this as an adult book due to a few "F bombs", which means you may have to click the display adult content button to see it.

Z14 by Jim Chaseley

message 24: by Alex (new)

Alex Kudera | 1 comments Hey,

Late to the promo as well, and unsure of how it works, but I do have a story on smashwords, one which I happen to be reading from this week (live live live):

and the event:


message 25: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Burke | 34 comments I'm curious how everyone did with their promotions? I only have one book at Smashwords, When I Am Singing to You (the other two are in the KDP Select program currently), but I offered it for free all week. I really didn't see much action--about a dozen or so takers. It's not going to appeal to everyone--a realistic novel about a young migrant girl who becomes homeless and runs into endless trouble--so I keep that in mind when I read about some of you with your thousands of downloads for mysteries and other, more tantalizing genres!

message 26: by Joan (new)

Joan Young (sharkbytes) | 28 comments The publisher of my short story, Toby and Harry, made it free all week. They promoted and I did too (not here- hadn't discovered this thread yet), and had 27 downloads, and got two reviews from it.

message 27: by Joyce (new)

Joyce Harmon | 17 comments I offered my mystery (Died On The Vine) for free and got 62 downloads. Haven't had any reviews off of it yet, but don't think that's surprising - I went around the promo catalog and downloaded about fifty books and have only read one of them so far.

One thing I'm also noticing is that my hits are lower than during the promo week, but they haven't dropped to the level they were at before the promo week. I'm getting more hits, so it seems that the promo succeeded in getting more people to Smashwords and browsing the offerings, so that's good.

message 28: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Burke | 34 comments You're right, Joyce; it's good for getting people over to Smashwords. You both seem to have done pretty well--good!

I wish both Amazon and Smashwords would add a brief request/suggestion to their boilerplate check-out language, e.g. "If you enjoy this free book, please write a review to help the author out." Something like that. Many readers have no idea how useful and even critical reviews are to our books and would probably be happy to do it.

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