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Paul Dale (Paul_Dale) | 24 comments Ever wanted to see the other side of the story? I did but had to write the story myself. I think I wore too much black when I was younger, but I've never been inclined to lay waste the world. If, on the other hand, you have, then maybe this is for you.

The Dark Lord's Handbook by Paul  Dale

Lilyan | 129 comments This sounds really cute! in a dark-lordish manner? :P. I'm too selfish with my reading time to divulge in new author books but this one grabbed my attetion and it will surely join my kindle family.

Paul Dale (Paul_Dale) | 24 comments I'm working hard on that proof. I'm determined to catch every lost coma, transposition and typo. Looking at the various print options.

message 4: by Emelie (last edited Mar 04, 2012 05:16AM) (new)

Emelie Nice! I have always been interesting in the other side of the story - about the dark lords, the bad dudes, why they are like that or why they are viewed like that 'cause surely they not view themselves as the bad monster etcetera.

To bad though its only available in Kindle! I wanna read it, but can't due to that.

Paul Dale (Paul_Dale) | 24 comments I went with KDP Select for the visibility. In May, I intend to put out the other eFormats on other services. You can get free Kindle readers for most platforms but I appreciate some don't like reading on iPads or laptops, or electronically at all.

Emelie Paul wrote: "I went with KDP Select for the visibility. In May, I intend to put out the other eFormats on other services. You can get free Kindle readers for most platforms but I appreciate some don't like read..."

Nice to hear! I do have an e-reader but can't buy kindle as I don't live in the UK or USA.

Stephen | 164 comments Added to my TBR, looks really cool.

Pauline  | 26 comments This looks really cool. Totally added it to my TBR :)

Paul Dale (Paul_Dale) | 24 comments Inevitably, a few typos and errors of the deeply embarrassing kind are present in most Indie books, and mine was no exception, despite best efforts. Fortunately, I have readers with a sharp eye and a generous nature who were willing to point out these errors and they have been corrected.

If you have already bought the book then please email Kindle customer support with: The Dark Lord's Handbook, ASIN B00756ZO4Y, Paul Dale and ask for the latest version.

Special thanks to Ignite and Jaq for their help and support.

Paul Dale (Paul_Dale) | 24 comments I've been getting to grips with GIMP, and have acquired some improved images and textures. The result is a new cover.

Instructions above if you'd like an updated copy.

Paul Dale (Paul_Dale) | 24 comments Thanks Jaq. I thought it was ok as a fairly small cover on screen but 6x9 mock ups had issues. Still struggling to get a cover that will work for both formats.

Paul Dale (Paul_Dale) | 24 comments Tomorrow, 4th April, I'm using my last Select promotion day so the book will be free.

I plan to leave the promotion program when it has run its course in May and to release through Smashwords in early May to reach other devices and readers.

Stephen | 164 comments So is that free on amazon?

message 14: by Paul (last edited Apr 03, 2012 10:41AM) (new) - added it

Paul Dale (Paul_Dale) | 24 comments Sorry, yes.

Paul Dale (Paul_Dale) | 24 comments KDP is being slow at changing the price. I have emailed them. Their FAQ does say it can take a few hours from midnight PST so hopefully the promo will kick in shortly.

Stephen | 164 comments Still not showing as free. Did I miss it?

message 17: by Stephen (last edited Apr 04, 2012 10:33AM) (new)

Stephen | 164 comments Still says $1.99, which I will just pay since I want to read and that is really cheap anyways. Thanks

Weenie | 41 comments Showing as free on the UK site - thank you.

Paul Dale (Paul_Dale) | 24 comments A lot of people have been having problems with promo today. Free in the UK, US still priced but hopefully free soon. With luck it will stay free for tomorrow as well.

Stephen | 164 comments Ha, just went to purchase and it switched to free before I could finish. Thanks Paul! Looking forward to reading this one.

Paul Dale (Paul_Dale) | 24 comments Hope you enjoy it and that that it's finally gone free.

I could stress or watch the footy and drink wine. I'll let you decide which I am doing ...

message 22: by Paul (last edited Apr 14, 2012 04:01AM) (new) - added it

Paul Dale (Paul_Dale) | 24 comments I am shortly going to go and ride around some mountains for a few weeks, and on my return doing final prep for Smashwords at the beginning of May. When I release there, I intend to have an introductory price so I thought it only fair to match that on the Kindle. I could wait until I get back, but why not give the Kindle readers a head start?

S.J. Faerlind (SJFaerlind) | 147 comments You'll have to post when you get this available on anything other than Kindle (for those of us that don't have one). I checked out the look inside feature on the Kindle bookstore...funny! I can't wait to read it.

Paul Dale (Paul_Dale) | 24 comments The Dark Lord's Handbook is now available from Smashwords at an introductory price of $0.99 for 1 week.

The Dark Lord's Handbook, Smashwords

The only format not supported is .txt, because it looks a bit rubbish.

Paul Dale (Paul_Dale) | 24 comments Thanks Jaq. I have read the guides and they are good. The style guide is a must read for any author as well as it is so detailed in how to produce a good looking eBook.

Paul Dale (Paul_Dale) | 24 comments If you 'd like a chance at a free paperback copy then I've just started a giveaway.

Best of luck.

Noelle | 17 comments I would love to buy the paperback copy ... is it available in the US or is it only available in the UK?

Noelle | 17 comments Ok I will check it out - I would rather have a tangible paper copy than the e-version only .... Thank you - I loved the book too - Very different but interesting, fast moving, witty and i love the allusions to our modern day life. GREAT ... I will give it 5 stars also - :)

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