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Riley Steel (RileySteel) | 269 comments **How to enter**

It’s easy.
Just start typing and let your creative juices flow.
Did I hear you say where? (Or are the voices talking to me again?)
Where you would post your story is in the writing competitions and then find the topic with the current month.
You DO NOT need to start a different topic for your story. Just add yours on after the last one.
Please note: Stories that are not in the topic (Posted as a topic themselves in the writing competitions discussion folder) will find their story deleted. And therefore disqualified from the competition Also you will only be allowed ONE entry per member (any more will deleted and that extra story will therefore be disqualified)
The only stories that should have their own topic are the ones in the members work area. I will not hesitate to use my “Moderator Magic” if I have to.

Each story has a 1500-2000 word count...(unless specified) Goodreads allows for approximately 2300 words, but it also depends on if you use big words etc.

Also each story must.have at the start:

Author: I know it says who you are in the message title box, but for reposting purposes you must have this

By entering you agree to have your short story reposted within the group.


I will get a guest judge and previous winner to help choose.
This is first prize.(Duh!)

For first Prize, you “win”

A $15 Vamptasy Ebook Voucher, to spend on the ebooks of your choosing from the vamptasy and Karabeth publishing website.

Your name title and your story will be posted onto the vamptasy homepage available for all our visitors to see. You will also be helping me the next month’s judging. After all I can’t do it by myself! But in the interest of fairness you will be prevented from entering the month you are judging (I will contact you personally so we can work it out) however if your profile is set on private i'll be uable to do this so i'll need you to contact me.


A $5 vamptasy Ebook Voucher
Will just have your name and title and story will be re-posted (and month you entered). And a short congratulatory message.

Third topics are the same.
A $5 Ebook vamptasy voucher
Will just have your name and title and month you entered and of course a short congratulatory message.

You will not be able to post in the first second or third winner’s topics so I’ll be setting up a Congratulations/Thank you topic. For those people who wish to congratulate the winner and the winner responses too. I encourage winners to check this topic as I know I’ll be posting in there.
competition will be running from the 1st to the 20th of Each month.

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