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Brina Courtney (BrinaCourtney) | 2 comments because it's exciting and fast paced

Saturnus | 12 comments i love paranormal romance cause its a love story, but you never know what will happen, how it will finish. and cause a normal love story is so boring. but in paranormal you never know

Lauree Waldrop | 9 comments I recently did a blog post on why I write paranormal romance as an author. I read it for basically the same reasons. If you're interested you can check it out here. http://laureewaldrop.weebly.com/1/pos...

Tera (Fiddylover) I like the fantasy that there is something else out there beyond "humans" and the spin that authors create to intermingle humans with paranormal is always a fun to read.

Amber Ferreday (ferretday) | 8 comments Shows the dynamics of relationships and puts into perspective how easy relationships are in real life when compared to paranormal ones

Beatrice (beatricemasalunga) 8. There's a twist to every story that makes a reader to keep going on.

Jammie | 41 comments 7 - because paranormal can be taken to so many different levels, so many different takes of classic mythical creatures, and also stories that follow the classic myths. And who doesn't love a little romance? It's the added bonus :P

Lucy  | 26 comments 6 - Because we can escape the real world for as long as we're reading it. Sometimes, the real world is just too much.

Ally Jacobson (AllyJacobson) | 1 comments Because they show you a whole different world of things and thier awesome!!

Valencia (vvlovesu) Becuase they're much better then realistic realtionships. Honestly has your boyfriend ever flown you around town with his angel wings? I think not.

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well heres just a few for now

1-it keeps me reading on
2-love triangles keep me at the edge of my seat
3-love werewolves

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100 Reasons why we love paranormal paranormal romance...

(Please number them)

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