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Vera the Escutcheon of Wolves (EscutcheonOfWolves) | 491 comments Mod
((lol dam sorry i havnt been on been busy in rl n school started. hoped they would. i ran outta things too..))

Chelsey (F3ARVampgirl) ((I don't think there coming back. And I've kinda run out of thing to say and do.))

Chelsey (F3ARVampgirl) After Ever was done and full she licked her mussel. It was some of the new meat she had ever eaten. "That was good."

Vera the Escutcheon of Wolves (EscutcheonOfWolves) | 491 comments Mod
((wonder if the other two will join back in you think? Hey pariox n lime! ya coming back?))

Ran took the back of the elk, chewing away the hide.

Ren already tore through the hide and started to eat his fill of meat.

Chelsey (F3ARVampgirl) ((That's okay, you kinda run out of stuff to say and do when it's only the two of us.))

Ever started to tear at one of the front legs of the elk, trying to get the hair out of the way so she could get to the meat.

Vera the Escutcheon of Wolves (EscutcheonOfWolves) | 491 comments Mod
Ren and Ran go up to the elk and once Ever joined them, they both dug in.

Ren took the hind leg.

Ran waited for Ever to choose wat part she wanted.

((sorry its short lol jus blah))

Chelsey (F3ARVampgirl) "Yeah we can all eat together." she said happily to Ran.

Vera the Escutcheon of Wolves (EscutcheonOfWolves) | 491 comments Mod
Rans ears pricked forward in suprise. Usually the alpha male n female eat first.
"I honestly dont mind you guys eating used to it anyway..." She said, her eyes on Ever now.

Ren grins at this, he never usually saw Ran filled with suprise. He lets Ever decide who eats first, he didnt mind as long as everyone was fed.
Ren voiced his thoughts, "I for one dont mind who eats first, for all i care we can all eat together."

Chelsey (F3ARVampgirl) "I'm sorry you had to wait." She said feeling guilty. "I'll eat after you do." she said sitting down to wait.

Vera the Escutcheon of Wolves (EscutcheonOfWolves) | 491 comments Mod
Ran twitches her ears," Does it look like i did...?" Her gaze goes towards the elk, only showing the bites that came from the battle for its life.
"I waited for you guys, seeming as you were busy...." She said, keeping her tone indifferent.

Ren shifts into his wolf form before Ran started to talk. He smiles a bit," Thank you Ran for waiting, sorry for how ever long it took..." He looks at Ran with kindness and smiles.

Inside, Ran was eating up those smiles and kindness Ren was shifting towards her. She smiles abit back n then looks at the elk, n back to the two.

Chelsey (F3ARVampgirl) Ever was still smiling when she changed into her wolf form to eat the elk. "Did you eat Ran?" she asked.

Vera the Escutcheon of Wolves (EscutcheonOfWolves) | 491 comments Mod
As Ever got up Ren kissed her fingers delicatly, his eyes shining.
Both hand in hand he started to walk towards where they had killed an elder elk.
Once they got there Ren saw Ran was sleeping. He didnt know how long they were gone for. To him it felt like hours, but it could have been only 10 minutes.

Ran stirred slightly as she heard footfalls coming from where Ren and Ever ran. She looks sleeply at them and wonders how they are gonna eat in human form. She sits up and waits for them to join in their wolf forms.

Chelsey (F3ARVampgirl) Ever smiles."Of course. I would follow you anywhere." she said taking his hand.

Vera the Escutcheon of Wolves (EscutcheonOfWolves) | 491 comments Mod
He smiles at her
"Thanks mi Roza.." He says, his voice soothing n calm now.
He looks where they both came from and asks," You want to head back to feed? I think Ran could have already eaten by now." He laughs.
He gets up and holds out a hand to her, his eyes shining with new passion for Ever.

Chelsey (F3ARVampgirl) "I understand." she said closing her eyes. She felt tiered even though she had woke up not to long ago. Her clothes were still wet and she was a little cold.

Vera the Escutcheon of Wolves (EscutcheonOfWolves) | 491 comments Mod
Ren looks over his shoulder as she leaned on him. He took comfort in that.
He nuzzles her with his nose to her cheek," Im sorry, its just...It made me feel vunrable. Im usually never in a vunrable my body reacts without me thinking once i realize im vunrable..." He says quietly, unsure how she was gonna react.

Chelsey (F3ARVampgirl) ((oh lol it was like 2:00 in the morning my time.))

"It's okay, I've never done this either." she said sitting up and leaning against him. She rested her head against his his shoulder.

Vera the Escutcheon of Wolves (EscutcheonOfWolves) | 491 comments Mod
Ren shook his head," N-no...It was not you...." He sits down n runs a hand through his hair, still unsure how to proceed.
"Im sorry, I..I just....Never done this.." his voice was filled with longing for Ever, yet he didnt want to push what ever stopped him.
He suddenly felt bad that he did that. He never understood love.

(( lol k, was gonna say. you usually go to bed round 9-10 pm mi time))

Chelsey (F3ARVampgirl) "What's wrong?" Ever asks between heavy breath."Did I do something?" she asked concurred.

((I'm goin to go to bed! Night!))

Vera the Escutcheon of Wolves (EscutcheonOfWolves) | 491 comments Mod
Ren could feel eletricity where her hands grazed his skin, making him feel very overwhelmed with lust and love. He never done this to any woman. It made him feel vaunrable.
Once he realized this his postures becomes stiff. He whimpers to himself and pulls away from Ever with difficulty. He clenches his jaw, unsure what to say or do. His hands clenched to try control himself. He didnt know what Ever would think about him pulling away, but he didnt entierly want to. He still longed for her touch, yet he feared what he might become if they contintued.

Chelsey (F3ARVampgirl) Evers hands slide down and gab the bottom of his shirt, pulling it up over his head, exposing his bare skin. She again ran her hands again his skin feeling every part of his chest.

Vera the Escutcheon of Wolves (EscutcheonOfWolves) | 491 comments Mod
Ren could smell her scent as she lyed down on the grass, pulling him down with her. He lightly lies down on top of her, carful not to crush her.
One of his hands slide up her side, bunching up her shirt. His breath was ragged as they kissed, feeling overwhelmed by her lingering touchs and her scent.

Ran fell asleep waiting for the two, knowing she couldnt eat without them eating first.

Chelsey (F3ARVampgirl) Ever smiled as she laid back on the cool grass, bring him down with her without breaking there kiss. Both of her hands were on his chest now.

Vera the Escutcheon of Wolves (EscutcheonOfWolves) | 491 comments Mod
Shivers ran down his spin as Ever ran her hand along his face n chest, making him whimper excitedly. His kisses started to become more as he wraped his arms around her waist to pull her off her feet. Once he did that he walked out of the water, seting her down on dry land.
His hands didnt move from her waist as he brang his lips down to hers again, the thoughts of Lokel long gone.

Chelsey (F3ARVampgirl) Ever brought her hand down his face and to his chest, feeling every defined muscle under his wet shirt. She felt like she could stay this way forever. Her breath started to get heavy as she continued to kiss him.

Vera the Escutcheon of Wolves (EscutcheonOfWolves) | 491 comments Mod
Ren let Ever pull him closer to her, realizing she was gonna kiss him again. He in turn returns her want of a kiss by kissing her. As they kissed he could feel every touch of her skin on his, as if small electrical currents were pulsing through where they touched eachother. This was at least to him, and he responded to that by trailing a hand down her cheek and to her throat, feeling like he belonged intertwined with Ever.

Chelsey (F3ARVampgirl) ((It does!))

"And you are my life now. I don't know where I would be right now without you." she said as she pulled him closer for another kiss.

Vera the Escutcheon of Wolves (EscutcheonOfWolves) | 491 comments Mod
((lol ya like her nickname he made up? thought it would suit her too))

Ren closes his eyes as her hand came up to rest on his cheek. His world changed, he changed. Her love is now his. Fully. He smiles broadly at that.
"You are mine, mi roza. My sunshine, my stars that guide me and pull me away from the lures of the darkness..." His voice filled with passion and seriousness. He pulls the hand that rested on his cheek to his lips and kisses her fingers, his eyes on hers. He was glad that he finally found his savior and lover.

((when no post of eaither Ren or Ran means they are just waiting kk?))

Chelsey (F3ARVampgirl) ((*Tear* :') that is so like her.))

"I love you to." she said slightly breathing heavy. She put one of her hand s on his cheek and smiled at him.

Vera the Escutcheon of Wolves (EscutcheonOfWolves) | 491 comments Mod
Ren growled lightly in affection as Ever snaked her hands around him, returning his kiss. He let the kiss last, savoring how it felt to him. Loving, caring, protective.
He ended the kiss by showering her with kisses on her cheeks n forehead. Then he jus rests his forehead on hers, a smile on his face.
"I love you mi roza. I thought I might..." His voice filled with love, yet he couldnt finish.
He smiled to himself. He didnt know if Ever would want to be called a rose, but it suited her. A delicate bud, yet sharp thorns. She could be delicate, but also fierce when needed.

Ran goes beside the fresh kill and silently waits for the two to come back, her face now blank. She was still thinking about that kiss, but she wasnt trying to be mean about it. Suddenly she felt her old self again. She realized the hunt had at least made her feel closer to Ever and Ren. She didnt know what to think of that.

Chelsey (F3ARVampgirl) Ever is at first surprised, but quickly leans in and kisses him back. She realizes that this is the first time he has ever kissed her. She puts her arms around him, not wanting break away from him.

Vera the Escutcheon of Wolves (EscutcheonOfWolves) | 491 comments Mod
He lets himself be dragged out by Ever, still hearing the river call his name. Once they were near the bank he turns Ever around, still partly in the water, and leans down to kiss her on her lips. Seeking out comfort and love from that kiss. He didnt know if Ever would push him away or kiss him back, but if she did push him away he might jus let himself fall back into the water. He wanted to feel that she loved him. Some part of him longed to know she loved him in a way that says she wouldnt leave.

Ran watches as Ever went into the river and tried to get Ren out. Her face goes blank once the two were close to the bank, seeing Ren suddenly turn Ever around and kiss her. She didnt want to see any more. She turned tail and headed back to the kill, whimpering to herself the way there. Once she got there, she decided to hide in the bushes, feeling torn.
She saw Ren kiss Ever, she felt hurt yet relieved at the same time. Ever saved Ren.
She decided then that that was all that mattered, is that Ren was alive cause of Ever, thats why she kind of felt respect for Ever.

Chelsey (F3ARVampgirl) "You have always been good enuf for me!" she calls before diving into the river after him. She swims to him and grabs him, trying to pull him to the side. "I will always love you no matter what." she says to him as she pulls him through the water.

Vera the Escutcheon of Wolves (EscutcheonOfWolves) | 491 comments Mod
His voice shakes a bit as he asked," H-how much do you love me Ever...? Even with Lokel...? I sometimes t-think im never gonna be good enough for anyone..." He looks Ever in her eyes, feeling tears brim at his eyes even though the river was rushing by.
His demon thought he became weak, because of this love for Ever. Lokel tries again to get a grip on Rens body but Rens love was blocking him momentarly. Lokel didnt like love one bit.

Ran listens to Ever. She flattens her ears abit but can understand her love for Ren. Even though she kinda disliked Ever for taking Ren, she liked her at the same time. Her face fills with a bit of kindness for Ever, for she knew Ever could make sure Ren didnt kill himself or attempt to.

((sorry there abit long lol :P))

Chelsey (F3ARVampgirl) "Because I love you, and if you die then I'll never hear your voice again!" she knew it sounded selfish but it was true. She loved him and she could let him slip away.

Vera the Escutcheon of Wolves (EscutcheonOfWolves) | 491 comments Mod
Ren suddenly heard Evers voice,
"Ren dont stop swimming!"
He looks at the bank to see her standing there, yet not seeing her at the same time. He couldnt tell what her features held as feelings, but her voice was frantic n worryfull.
His body suddenly wanted to quit everything. He was tired from Lokel. He jus didnt want him anymore, yet he was apart of himself.
His voice was filled with sarrow, sadness, and loss as he said only loud enough for Ever to hear," Why...? Why should I...? I have no reason to live if L-lokel is making me this way..."
His voice becomes dreamy," I can hear the river. Its lulling voice is calling mi soul....It says it can take away mi sarrow and pain...."
His face was filled with tiredness and wonder. He could feel the river tugging and pulling at his cloths, still begging him to end his life.

Ran slowly comes up on Ever and Ren, hearing jus the end of te conversation. She stayed within the bushes, but in hearing disstance. She whimpers to herself as she heard Rens dreamy voice as he explained what the river could offer. She didnt want him to die, she still loved him half to death even though Ever has his love.
She thought if Ever could pull him out with that it might work, seeming as Ren has stuck to her side ever since she got here. But she didnt voice that thought, she didnt know if she could. Yet it seemed right to tell her.

Chelsey (F3ARVampgirl) "Ren don't stop swimming!" she yelled franticly as she saw him stop splashing. She was ready to jump in after him if he went under.

Vera the Escutcheon of Wolves (EscutcheonOfWolves) | 491 comments Mod
Ren didnt hear Ever as the river raged on past him. He could feel the tug of the river, begging for him to slip and fall into the current. He kept slashing at the water, thus also making it harder to hear Ever. He didnt even notice her by the bank.
A thought came to his head.
"Go ahead, let the stream take you. It will rid you of your worries, take away the pain. Just have to let the current drag you under..."
While that went through his head he paused in his thrashing, eyes unfoucused.

Ran watches Ever dash to Ren. She didnt want to interfeer but she wanted to know what was going on. She got up n slowly followed Ever, ears pricked in case Ever didnt want her to come along.

Chelsey (F3ARVampgirl) Ever runs after Ren without hesitating. She comes to the river and stops on the bank of it watching Ren. She shifts into her human from,"Ren!" she calls. She didn't want him to be swept away by the current.

Vera the Escutcheon of Wolves (EscutcheonOfWolves) | 491 comments Mod
Without looking at eaither of the two Ren suddenly shifts into his human form, still feeling Lokel. Yet faintly. He clenches his jaw n runs to the nearest low river. Once he got there he jumped in, feeling the cold water zing his skin. Instead of punching a tree like he used to he started to slash at the water, almost in a blind rage to try make Lokel go away.

Ran whimpers abit as Ren shifted to his human form and ran who knows where. She wanted to go after him, her heart still loved him. Yet she was not his mate. She looks at Ever, then the fresh kill. Not sure what to do she lies down, her body language indicating she was concered, confused, and feeling helpless.

Chelsey (F3ARVampgirl) "Ran careful." she said to Ran. "Ren you can fight him." she said finally string to him and rubbing against him.

Vera the Escutcheon of Wolves (EscutcheonOfWolves) | 491 comments Mod
Rens face fills with confusion. It was him, but at the same time he didnt feel like himself. Then he got it. It was Lokel trying to get through his mind to control his moves.
Ren flattens his ears as he realized this, disliking that Lokel would force his way here. He growlz lowly to himself, looking inwards on himself. He could feel Lokel pushing for control now that he was spotted trying to get into Ren without incedent. Ren shakes his head vigorasly and uses one fore paw to drag along his face in a way of saying he wanted to fight Lokel away.

Ran watches as Ren fought some unknown thing she did not know. Her face fills with concern as he growled n pawed at his face. She gets up slighly n goes to Ren," Y-you ok Ren?"

Chelsey (F3ARVampgirl) "No, I won't eat when your around." She said to Lokel

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Vera the Escutcheon of Wolves (EscutcheonOfWolves) | 491 comments Mod
Ren dismissed her comment, thus being Lokels doing. He didnt want Ren to know he was lingering in his thoughts and messing with his form.
"Mabye your seeing things Ever..." He changes the subject," Ready to eat m'ladys?"
He shakes his head abit. He never usually said m'lady(s) to anyone but the one he loved. He was confused about that.

Ran looks up to the two as Ever said Rens eyes were changing color. She looks at Ren, but she couldnt get a good view seeming as he was facing Ever. She keeps her gaze on him, wondering if what Ever said was true.

Chelsey (F3ARVampgirl) "Because your eyes are turning red." she said to him. She thought that it was important that she told him that way he could try to hold him back.

Vera the Escutcheon of Wolves (EscutcheonOfWolves) | 491 comments Mod
Ren cocks his head to one side in question," What makes you ask that?" his voice was silky and easygoing. His body suggested he was still calming down from holding the elk for that long, but his mind was filled with his own thoughts mixed with Lokels. He couldnt tell the difference right then.

Ran backs up a bit from the two and licks her chest fur, still feeling happy and now relaxed. It seems her other, cruel, closed off self was gone for now.

Chelsey (F3ARVampgirl) Ever is still smiling as she watches Ran do the same thing to Ren that she did to her. She glances at Ren and almost gasps. "Ren" she says slowly walking up to him. "Are you okay?" she asks in a quiet voice.

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Vera the Escutcheon of Wolves (EscutcheonOfWolves) | 491 comments Mod
Ren smiles abit at Ever, not noticing his eyes were slowly shifting colors from his normal blue eyes to lokels blood red eyes and back. He looks down at the elder elk, then Ran. His eyes were still shifting.

Ran, engulfed in her feelings of excitment and happyness goes up to Ever. She lowers her body abit n she licks Evers shoulder in gratitude and feelings of pack bonding. This was something automatic inside of her, but she didnt notice it just yet. She was just happy. She turns to Ren n does the same, not noticing his eyes just yet.

Chelsey (F3ARVampgirl) Ever smiled a little bigger. "Yeah I've never taken down a kill with some of the members of the pack before." she said looking to Ran and then Ren.

Vera the Escutcheon of Wolves (EscutcheonOfWolves) | 491 comments Mod
Ren grins, but doesnt say it was indeed hard for him. He could feel his demon poking around, lokel was wanting to interveen when he was holding the elk by the throat. The heat of the kill had aroused lokel.
He watches as the herd slowly moved on to a different part of the forest, abit shaken that their leader was taken.

Ran laughs abit," I guess not...That was fun" She said, her voice filled with happyness n excitment.

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