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Nagwa | 348 comments Mod
What books about Islam and Muslims do u know about other than the Quran? Quran / القرآن الكريم

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

None lol

Nagwa | 348 comments Mod
Does My Head Look Big In This? this book is pretty good. its about a girl who starts wearing the hijab and not to many people are happy about it.

message 4: by Zara (last edited Jun 16, 2012 08:12PM) (new)

Nagwa | 348 comments Mod
Love In A Headscarf i want to read this book

Maya  (Mayaadorkable) | 200 comments i dont really know any books.. ive read "Does my Head Look to big in this".. it was really interesting and i could relate to the main character.

if i find some books ill post

Mobashwir | 5 comments Go through my books, you will find a ton of interesting books I promise.

حزا ليني (hazelmoi) Confidence wrote: "Love In A Headscarf i want to read this book"

me too :))

Namerah | 85 comments Zara wrote: "Why Women Are Accepting IslamThe Sealed Nectar  Biography of the Noble Prophet"

i own both books.they're wonderful!=)

Chris Booty (xFinalxLiberationx) | 17 comments Remembering God: Reflections of Islam was an amazing book by Shaykh Charles Le Gai Eaton. He's a traditional sunni brother who wrote about environmentalism, destiny of man, war, tradition, having a "well scrubbed mirror" of the soul, and the Essence. Its the book that had me fall in love with Allah, even when I couldn't rationally accept Him yet.

If any of yall wanna borrow it just let me know.

Chris Booty (xFinalxLiberationx) | 17 comments *Remembering God: Reflections on Islam

Sorry about the double post.

Mobashwir | 5 comments Hi Chris, do you have an electronic copy?

Chris Booty (xFinalxLiberationx) | 17 comments Unfortunately, I don't.

Jonathon | 4 comments I have a list of books on Islam that I am updating all the time as I recall ones I have already read, and as I find new ones. I think that you can see it on my profile. It is one of my shelves. Let me know if you can't.

Maya  (Mayaadorkable) | 200 comments @chris that's cool the book helped influence u,

I'll be checking out all your shelves when I can. I've been wanting to find resourceful Islamic books that are in English ( cause I'm not 100% in fluent in Arabic)

Raja | 12 comments There are a lot of good materiel on Islam in English, some translated work from Arabic but still very good.

Al-Ghazali's book on the Remembrance of Death and the Afterlife is very good one on this subject.

also Martin Lings Biography of Prophet is good as well. I shall share more - Inshallah

message 17: by Namerah (last edited Dec 07, 2012 02:30PM) (new)

Namerah | 85 comments mostly all books printed by Darussalm are wonderful.i have the biography of Umar(R.A) volume 1 and 2.they're great:)
The Biography of Umar ibn Al-Khattaab Volume 1

Azraa (mughtiya) | 1 comments Just started reading Islam: Silencing the Critics by Zia U. Sheikh
It is an excellent read. There are many things that we as Muslims should know when we get asked questions about Islam.

SamooriiAy | 60 comments OOohh. Care to share?

Dhipolymath | 1 comments i am a student who studies abt islam, anyone want to ask anything abt islam do msg me, and any one can send friend requets insha Allah i will accept all my friend requests

Jumana (JumanaJ) | 4 comments Right now I have 2 books in front of me I'm dying to read one is In the country of men by hisham Matar and the other is Broken verses by Kamila shamsie.

Tcoco Namerah wrote: "mostly all books printed by Darussalm are wonderful.i have the biography of Umar(R.A) volume 1 and 2.they're great:)
The Biography of Umar ibn Al-Khattab"

Ive just brought the one about Abu Bakr (ra) looking forward to it ^^

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