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message 112: by Polinaluke (new)

Polinaluke | 4 comments BAD BOYS

message 111: by GOURI (new)

GOURI | 32 comments Good boys :)

message 110: by Diana (new)

Diana | 5 comments Everyone loves the bad boy with the heart of gold, right? ... Well I know I do.

message 109: by [deleted user] (new)

depends who loves me more

Bridie-No excuses. No apologies. No Regrets Jones (BridieJmentalisticdragon) | 10 comments I like a bad boy who's good to me, so he doesn't have to be loved by everyone else as long as he treats me right and wants me and no one else, you know. xxx Plus the dangerous smirk and razor wit gets me every time, throw in some blue eyes and i'm GONE ;)

message 107: by Chloe (new)

Chloe | 6 comments I much prefer the good guys, saves all the worry and stress of what he's getting up to and you know you are with them because you both genuinely like each other.

message 106: by April (new)

April Mathes (AprilMBM) | 7 comments I like the bad boys who are actually good but considered bad. Like they are keeping someone else safe by pretending to be the culprit. So I like good boys.

message 105: by Najar (new)

Najar Burke (Najar_Burke) | 11 comments Good boys because they probably would not cheat on you

message 104: by Najar (new)

Najar Burke (Najar_Burke) | 11 comments Good boys because they probably would not cheat on you

message 103: by Roshlyn (new)

Roshlyn | 10 comments Well...
I'm pathetically in love with bad boys!
There I said it out load!!
No offense to all sweet and good guys..

Bridie-No excuses. No apologies. No Regrets Jones (BridieJmentalisticdragon) | 10 comments I have a weakness for a bit of bad boy definitely. Nothing better than a guy with a dangerous smirk, leather jacket and a motorcycle who can fight with his fists, also helps if he has that sarcastic wit that makes me want to both hit and kiss them ;) xxx

message 101: by the fire burns (new)

the fire burns inside me (emgemlovescallieboo) uuuummm never had my first kiss, so I don't know if it would be awesome to kiss a guys with a lip ring.. The only piercing I don't like is those really bog earing that people wear, I hate that.

message 100: by Kasey (new)

Kasey Williams (kaseyylouu) | 36 comments The Doctor's lover wrote: "I like bad boys, they are so sexy! I also like the "gothic" style, a guy with long black hair,and bright blue eyes, I wouldn't mind any other color but black hair and blue eyes turn me on! Now I do..."

OHMIGOSH I TOTALLY AGREE!?!?! I tell my friends that and their like u like emos!?! They freak out! So I like the emo style! Perircings are a HUGE turn on!! Especially lip one... They're sooooo sexy.. I've heard kissing someone with a lip ring is AMAZING but I've never even my first kiss so don't ask me?!? Anyone know what it's like;)

message 99: by Kasey (new)

Kasey Williams (kaseyylouu) | 36 comments The Doctor's lover wrote: "lol! We should have a thread called turn ons."

Do it!!! I will totally comment on that?!?

message 98: by Lucy Herondale (new)

Lucy Herondale Angela wrote: "Lucy wrote: "I love the battle scarred, tough hero who pretends to be the bad boy but is, in fact, the good one.
Ex. - Jace Lightwood
- Prince Ash
- Will Herondale

:D Ah, I knew I wasn't the only one. :D

message 97: by the fire burns (new)

the fire burns inside me (emgemlovescallieboo) lol! We should have a thread called turn ons.

message 96: by Mya (new)

Mya A. (MyMyLoves) | 43 comments yep. I like the whole not gonna get me(emotionally) but totally want me rocker look. I don't care how cliche it is but I love it. Even tho I wouldn't mind if I had my own personal rocker...

message 95: by the fire burns (new)

the fire burns inside me (emgemlovescallieboo) I like bad boys, they are so sexy! I also like the "gothic" style, a guy with long black hair,and bright blue eyes, I wouldn't mind any other color but black hair and blue eyes turn me on! Now I don't want a guy who would wear black eyeliner and wear nail poish, so I quess my idea of gothis is different. I just meant his hair,eyes,and piercings sorta look gothic.. Does anyone know what I'm saying?

message 94: by Jazmin (new)

Jazmin | 32 comments Tal :3 wrote: "Bad boys are more interesting, can't argue about that. And sexier. Just saying :p
But that applies only to books, good boys in real life are always better."

I agree!

message 93: by Amerra (new)

Amerra | 2 comments I love bad boys!!

message 92: by Kasey (new)

Kasey Williams (kaseyylouu) | 36 comments I'm a fan of both to be honest, I don't want a completely good boy and I dot wan a completely bad boy.... I'd enjoy a balance. Bad boys because they don't play it safe and like taking risks, I need a little more riskyness in my life!! Good boys because I find smart, althletic guys attractive.... I hate it if a guys not as smart as me because I will have to explain thaints to him, I had to do that wiu my last boyfriend, I felt like we couldn't have an intelligent conversation... I'm not sayin bad boys aren't smart I'm just saying that most of the time they don't care....

message 91: by D.D. Chant (new)

D.D. Chant (DDChant) | 160 comments I have NEVER got the bad boy thing!!! He treats everyone like trash and that's supposed to be attractive?!?!?

I'd end up decking him for sure!!!

message 90: by T.J. (new)

T.J. | 29 comments Honorable bad boy :)

message 89: by Angela (new)

Angela (Kia23) Bad Boy.. they look and act mean but deep inside they are always nice!

message 88: by Angela (new)

Angela  | 4 comments I really am into the good guys, I have to say that first of all :P But there's something about a bad boy, I think no girl can possibly resist. And for me, as much as I say I want a good guy, I know that somewhere inside of me I want the whole tough, manly bad boy thing :) Oh and I tots agree with Izzy! LOL

message 87: by Angela (last edited Oct 20, 2012 08:32PM) (new)

Angela  | 4 comments Lylaa wrote: "Mmmm, because a majority of you guys said bad, I'm going with the plain old sweet good guy ;)"

Yummy aha :)

message 86: by Cassandra (new)

Cassandra Giovanni | 9 comments Bad boy exterior, heart of gold!

message 85: by Saturnus (new)

Saturnus | 12 comments i like both, but in books mostly the calm, good boy. i dont want a guy thats parting, hanging with all guys and so on. i want a calm guy that prefers to stay home being with me, a guy that i can trust.
and same in books, they can be a little dangerous, but they should be the good guy

message 84: by Cheska (new)

Cheska (BooKilljoy) | 4 comments Hard to decide but I'm gonna go with 'Bad guy' because of Ash and Jace <3

message 83: by Joanna (new)

Joanna Bad boys; Patch from Hush Hush :D

message 82: by Astrid (new)

Astrid (Astrid170998) | 19 comments I prefer bad boys, all the way. Good guys are unnerving. Plus, bad boys are the sexy ones. ;)

message 81: by Izzy (new)

Izzy Good boys with a sexy bad boy edge ;D

message 80: by Azhia (new)

Azhia | 1 comments Honesty , it doesn't matter all I know is when I read about you , you just have to be awesome that's all I want. I don't care if your bad or good you just gotta be hot (:

message 79: by Joana (new)

Joana (joanalikestoread) bad boys, they're more fun to be around

BananaG ( Nerdy Ninja) (BananaG) | 10 comments bad......

message 77: by Emiko (new)

Emiko Rei (EmikoRei) | 7 comments Can i have both?? ;D

message 76: by Kerrie (new)

Kerrie (Shenal) Bad boys all the way.

message 75: by Beamay (new)

Beamay | 1 comments Good bad boys and bad good boys!

message 74: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen (lilkat) | 6 comments Not necessarily "bad" boys, but daring boys, ones on the wild side, who will do some crazy stuff :)

message 73: by Tera (new)

Tera (Fiddylover) Bad boys - there's just something about 'em!

message 72: by Phoebe (new)

Phoebe Fitz-Gerald (PhoebeCullen) | 36 comments Bad boys in books.
Good boys in real life ;)

message 71: by [deleted user] (new)

I can't get enough of the bad boys in books. They always end up being just as protective and sweet as the good boys, just waaay better.

message 70: by 『Hailey』 (new)

『Hailey』 (kt1171) | 3 comments Bad boys with soft hearts. I'm a sucker for them in books.
But in real life, definitely the good boys.

message 69: by Gracie (new)

Gracie Pie (GraciePie) | 23 comments Sarah (That Teenage Feeling) wrote: "Bad boys or nice guys just NO perfect guys. Cause that would be completely unrealistic."
So true! And even if there were perfect guys... Well what is the fun in that!! That means no mistakes and mistakes are what make me laugh!!! :-)

message 68: by Zoeღ (new)

Zoeღ | 21 comments I like bad boys, but not when they try to be to much of a bad boy that there annoying and scary. but good boys are nice to cuz there responcable and sweet, but bad boys are just more interesting and it seems like you would do things you would never do with a good boy. but nothing bad. like nasty bad...like Patch! best bad boy ever.

message 67: by Faith (new)

Faith Williams | 16 comments Bad boys! With a little bit of sweetness

message 66: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggsiebaggsie) BAD BOYS with a soft spot.

message 65: by Darcey (new)

Darcey Bad boys who are flirty and charming

message 64: by [deleted user] (new)

Well, now that I think about it, my crush is a bad boy but sometimes he's not. Actually most of the time. First impression is that he is. I'm leaning towards the bad boy side, but I'm not so sure if there is even a boy that follows the bad boy stereotype completely, you know what I mean?

message 63: by Rita (new)

Rita Silva | 8 comments it's weird because I always thought I liked good guys the most because they are really sweet and treat their girl amazingly but a couple months ago a guy called me all those sweet names girls dream about but I started to realize they sounded kind of tacky to me and that didn't attract me at all. Now I realize guys like Patch who are kind of mysterious but can be sweet at times.
So... bad guys all the way (:

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