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All Things Urban Fantasy (AllThingsUrbanFantasy) | 117 comments We've been having a little trouble with certain members abusing this group. They offer ARCs they don't have, or receive ARCs and never send the ARCs they agreed to send. Communication efforts to resolve these situations have gone unanswered. We have banned these members, however, we're still having problems when these individuals rejoin under new names and accounts. We have, after a lot of consideration, decided to start a 'Swappers Beware' thread to alert you about shipping to these addresses under any user name. This discussion will be restricted to ARC Swap moderators and therefore not open to members for posting. If you have a member who you believe needs to be on this list, contact us and we will investigate the situation. If you believe you have been unfairly added to this list, please contact us.

Beware of Swapping with:
Tamara from Edmonton, AB Canada.
Kara L. aka Leigh L. from Kosciusko, MS
Jessica from Auburndale, FL
Anyone who messages you to swap but IS NOT a member of ARC Swap (click members on the sidebar and search their name)

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