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Madrano (madran) | 2908 comments Alias Reader wrote: "Deb,would it be OK if I posted your thoughts to the person who was asking about a E book?"

Yes, feel free to do so.

Connie, i agree with you. The early discussions about possible diagnoses in relation to his genius and personality were quite thoughtful. It was also rewarding to discuss that first wife, to get a better sense of what we felt was going on in her life/mind.

The personal feelings regarding the Nazis vs. his pacifism and use of his theory were insightful in this book. We don't really witness the thought process, only his words. And we can only imagine how conflicted he might have been prior to the full realization of what Hitler's government intended.

Isaacson wrote a paragraph about what Einstein seemed to have realized about the US & its politics in Chapter 25. To his son Hans Albert toward the end of McCarthism he wrote, "God's own country becomes stranger and stranger, but somehow they manage to return to normality. Everything--even lunacy--is mass produced here. But everything goes out of fashion very quickly."

He offered no judgement, at least none shared by Isaacson. I'm wondering if others felt he liked or disliked that aspect. The final point seemed more a criticism, although i think the Einstein "fashion" lingered a long time. ;-)


Alias Reader (AliasReader) | 8281 comments Yes, that is a chilling quote, Connie.

I'm so glad you read a Group Read with us !

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Alias Reader (AliasReader) | 8281 comments We can continue chatting about this book, but I just wanted to take a moment to thank Marialyce for leading this discussion. You did a great job ! Thank you.

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Alias Reader (AliasReader) | 8281 comments I was looking through my book jnl and noticed that I had read two other books on Einstein back in August of 2008. They were both YA books. It's been too long ago for me to recall the books.

Albert Einstein  The Miracle Mind (Sterling Biographies) by Tabatha YeattsAlbert Einstein: The Miracle Mind~Tabatha Yeatts

Albert Einstein  And the Frontiers of Physics by Jeremy BernsteinAlbert Einstein: And the Frontiers of Physics~Jeremy Bernstein

Madrano (madran) | 2908 comments Yes, Marialyce. You kept the conversation going nicely. And a big thank you to all who contributed. When we began i truly doubted i would finish this whopper, but the exchange of ideas here helped motivate me. Thank you.

Michele Weiner | 135 comments Ditto to Marialyce. Great job.

Connie (Connie_G) | 248 comments Marialyce did a wonderful job leading this discussion, and several other discussions in the past few months. Thanks also for all the good information that Alias posted.

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Alias Reader (AliasReader) | 8281 comments I hope you all join us for our MAY Group read,
In This House of Brede~Rumer Godden

I think this will be a much easier read, yet provide us with a bunch to chat about. It was selected years ago for a group read on a AOL board. I didn't read it with them but I recall the discussion it engendered was great.

So I look forward to seeing you all again in May !

Oh, and in the next few weeks I will begin the process for selecting our July read. I think doing the group read every other month works best and doesn't overwhelm us since we all have a lot of obligations reading and otherwise.

Ruthbie | 4 comments Just finished this book, and really enjoyed it! I found it to be a good mix of physics (some of which I managed to get my head around!) and insights into the life and mind of Einstein. I do feel like I know him a lot better after reading this book, and that the author had some interesting insights into his life.

Alias Reader (AliasReader) | 8281 comments Thanks for sharing your views on the book with us. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

We have a group read coming up in May. I hope you join us for it.
In This House of Brede~~Rumer Godden

Madrano (madran) | 2908 comments Ruthbie, i agree. I felt Isaacson did a good job with the insights at the end of the book, particularly. I'm glad we read the book together. It's been worthwhile to see how others view the same book i'm reading. Looking forward to the Godden book, too.


Ruthbie | 4 comments Thanks, if I can track down a copy of the book I'll be joining in!

Marialyce I am going to download the book onto my iPad and will join in as well. Thank you everyone for your kind comments. I thought it was a worthwhile book.

Libyrinths | 138 comments I thoroughly enjoyed the book as well, and wanted to belatedly thank everyone for the stimulating discussion, and for Marialyce and Alias doing the work to organize and enhance the discussion. As much as I loved the book, it wouldn't have been nearly so much fun without all the great insights and discussion here!

Alias Reader (AliasReader) | 8281 comments I'm glad you enjoyed it, Libyrinths. You also added greatly to the discussion. Thank you.

Madrano (madran) | 2908 comments What Alias said! :-)

Connie (Connie_G) | 248 comments I agree too. Libyrinths, it was especially good to have someone in the discussion that added to the understanding of the science in the book.

Marialyce Ditto on what the girls above said! Thanks Libyrinths for your science input.

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