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Nyghtmare | 3 comments Age 5
November 13th 2000

"Papa! OW! You're hurting me!" I screamed into the darkness.
"shut your trap you little bitch!" my father snarled at me. I just shut my eyes and though about unicorns. Or my mother. Anything, but still I was feeling. Feeling the weight of his sweaty body on top of me. The bed creaking as he kept moving around, groping and thrusting. I couldn't move. He was grunting.
My mother. She had died a year ago in a car accident. She had hated my father and he said it was intentional. Ever since he never got another girlfriend. He had always been abusive. But never to me. Not until a year ago.
He never got caught. he was smart and left bruises where no one dared to look. I tried to get used to it. But it just got worse. I never could get used to it. He used to have reasons. Like if I was nayghty in school. But now he doesn't care. It's even worse when He's drunk.
He's a lot rougher. A lot angrier. He made me do things. Horrible things when he was drunk. He never even made my mother do them. But she's gone. She left me here with him.
I hadn't relised I was talking until he slapped me across the face. It stung so bad. "I said to shut up!" he roared into the night. So I stayed silent. I was powerless. I wasn't my mom.

message 2: by Nyghtmare (new)

Nyghtmare | 3 comments Chapter 1

I was sitting in a dark room. And all I could do was stare at the ceiling. The ceiling listened. The ceiling knew my horrors.
For 11 years I was in here. I was safe. My father locked away in prison on a life sentence with no hope of anyone bailing him out. But that shadow was still there. They never let me go visit my mother's grave. They thought it would bring back painful memories.
I already remember what happened. How it happened. That I ended up here. How I ended up in this safe house. I am safe now. They told me and still do everyday. Those people that work here. But he is still out there.
All of a sudden the door opens and the light switch pops up. "Wake up sleepyhead." James says cheerilly and walks in. I groan and shut my eyes. James is my best friend. Ever since he came here 3 years ago.
"James, just leave me alone." I mutter and look at the wall. The blank white walls. The only posters are 2 frames. Two different newspaper clippings.
"Ammanda, What's on your mind?" he asks worriedly and I glance over and gaze into his hazel eyes.
"I had that dream. The one where he came back." I muttered. He walked over to me and sat next to me, holding my hand in his.

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