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Campus Court Yard

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) ~Start~

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Rachael (RachAelT) | 366 comments Niklaus stood leaning against the brick wall of the back of the school's main building. He was consumed in his game on his iPhone. "Damn it." he said under his breath, frustrated. His last life before game over. He put his phone into his pocket and looked around at the empty landscape in front of him. He pressed his lips as he thought. A slow smile spread to his lips. His sister's harsh mood could not damper his mood. It almost never did. He was an optimist and he intended to do so.

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) Spencer walked out the main building and across the court yard. It took only a few minutes for his eyes to adjust to the darkness. Once they did, it was like walking in day light. As he walked, he gazed around him, taking in his surroundings. He headed for the forest.

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Rachael (RachAelT) | 366 comments Niklaus eyes flashed up. He heard the soft crunch of leaves on the ground. Niklaus slowly made his way to the corner to look over. He blended into the shadow cast by the building. He saw a figure glide into the forest. He furrowed his eyes. Who would go into the forest at this time of night. Curious, he followed. He followed far enough to not set off any alarms to the person he stalked.

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Rachael (RachAelT) | 366 comments Sophronia entered the courtyard. She glanced down at her cell phone. Where was her brother? She pursed her lips and thought. She knew they had fought earlier but it hadn't been that bad. She hadn't done anything she had done before. This silence from him was unusual. She pulled out her cellphone and went to JP's number. "Hm..." she mumbled outloud as she debated.

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Rachael (RachAelT) | 366 comments She hit the call button with shaky fingers.

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) (is Eudora and Sophronia the same person))

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Rachael (RachAelT) | 366 comments ((Yeah, sorry. I was experimenting which name to use more.))

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) ((it cool, I like Eudora, but use which ever))

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Rachael (RachAelT) | 366 comments ((Yeah but I thought people would get confused because she told people to call her sophie))

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) ((ok so her names Sophie))

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Rachael (RachAelT) | 366 comments Florence came out of the forest and shook his hair and body free from the debris that fell upon him. Sophronia Eudora spotted him from a distance and made her way over to him. "Hey!" she said aggressively yet playful. "Why didn't you answer your phone!?" She shoved him back. Florence's anger flickered at the realization that Eudora was the reason why he could not find out more but it only lasted temporarily. He took a step back from the impact, smiled and shook his head. "I was busy." he said in response. "Oh really?" Sophronia Eudora responded in a sarcastic offending tone. This was how they usually talked to each other. Constantly on the borderline of going to far. "Yes. Something you wouldn't know of," Florence Niklaus said and pushed past her with his shoulder. "Ha!" she said outstanded and watched as he walked away. She skipped over to him. "Hm... really? I haven't noticed. You the one to talk. Your "keeping yourself busy" is just another way "of being bored". You do stuff that I just can't comprehend the use for." She stuck her nose up playing up the exaggeration and provoking his anger. "Don't go there, Sophie" Florence Niklaus said nonchalantly. "Go where? Are you referring to---" she wasn't even able to finish her sentence as she trailed behind him before he turned and pounced on her. They tumbled back down the slight hill they had just climbed up. Florence was straddling her and had her down with one hand. He came in with his other for a punch to the face. She squirmed underneath him and twisted to her side. His hand went into the earth. Momentarily stuck, Eudora took her chance, wrapped her legs around his waist and flipped him over. He tumbled further down the hill. He landed on his knee facing the forest. As his back turned Eudora pounced. Just as she was about to his his back, he rolled forward letting her fly past him. He had rolled and pushed up from the ground with his hands as he kicked her so he would land standing over her. He had a foot on her chest, holding her down. She giggled. And he smiled. He offered his hand down to help her. She took it. She wiped off the blood from her healed lip that he had brazed when he got his hand stuck in the ground. "Alright. For now then." she laughed. Once up, Florence wiped himself down. More serious now Eudora commented. "But really what have you been up to. You look like a mess." she picked a leaf from his hair. "I'll tell you later" he replied. "Why did you call me?" "I was hungry. Wanted to know if you wanted to go out to eat." "Ha. Not looking like this. Later." he said finally. "Let me clean up." He started off walking to his dorm. Eudora cracked her neck and stretched. As she stretched her arms above her he back arched. Her bare back ached. She went into the forest for cover.

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Maddie | 259 comments Mod
Amalia came into the court yard on her z-flex she loved boarding almost as much as flying she grinderd up on some of the seats.

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Rachael (RachAelT) | 366 comments Eudora sat underneath the shadow created by a tribute bent over a little notebook. She scribbled furiously into it.

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Maddie | 259 comments Mod
Amalia saw Endora sitting under a tree she skated over "Hey" she said

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Rachael (RachAelT) | 366 comments Eudora's head snapped up to the sound of aproach. She looked up in time to see a smiling face looking down upon her. "Oh... hello." She said to the girl standing over her.

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Maddie | 259 comments Mod
"So hows the first day? u settling in?" she asked kindly

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Rachael (RachAelT) | 366 comments "Who said I was knew?" Eudora asked with a straight face. A moment passed and a slow smile spread across her face. She laughed a carefree laguh, How'd you know?" she said in a sarcastic tone. "Fine. I guess. Haven't really gone to class. I am ... er,... getting used to things."

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Maddie | 259 comments Mod
"Yer i get ya" she said "Can i sit?" she asked

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Rachael (RachAelT) | 366 comments Eudora gestured to the empty space next to with one grand movement, "Go right ahead." she said with a flourish. She tucked the notepad next to her and brought her knees to her chest. She hugged them and waited for the new stranger she met to sit down. This would be the first person she has seen since she got the school. She instantaneously thought that suspicious but then again she often is that regardless.

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Maddie | 259 comments Mod
She sat down "Im Amalia by the way" She said

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Rachael (RachAelT) | 366 comments "I'm Sophronia. You can call me Sophie or Eudora though." she said nonchalantly. "So what do you guys usually do here at this place?"

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Maddie | 259 comments Mod
"Well i normally hang here with my board and stuff but with all the newbies coming in i sometimes go make as many new friends as possible" she said

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) Zak walked across the campus court yard heading to the main building, to find his dorm. He didn’t know anyone yet and wondered if Molly was even here. He sure hoped so. If she was, this would solve one of his problems. “One less sister to worry about” he thought out loud

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) He stopped right in front of the think cement steps. He turned around thinking he felt someone’s presence. “May be Molly” he thought to himself he waited for a moment.

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Maddie | 259 comments Mod
Amalia saw a guy standing over in the middle of the courtyard she got up and skated over "Look out" she said

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Rachael (RachAelT) | 366 comments "Hmmm..." Florence said outloud as he thought of what to do. "Do you like swimming?" he asked

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Maddie | 259 comments Mod
"actually" she said "I love it" she said

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Rachael (RachAelT) | 366 comments "Let's go to the beach." Florence said excitedly.

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Maddie | 259 comments Mod
"Sure" she said and they set off

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Rachael (RachAelT) | 366 comments Even though he was not physically tired he was mentally tired. That was how he was. He needed no sleep. Physically. But his mind had been awake for 3 days. He had just went to the beach then to his room to nap. But the nap only lasted 5 minutes. He couldn't stand being inside closed doors. He liked being out in the open. Ever since he could remember. He walked through the empty courtyard. He found a deserted bench and turned towards it. He swung up a leg and leaned back and closed his eyes. He didn't plan on falling asleep but rather basking in the warmth of the hot sun in the middle of the day.

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Maddie | 259 comments Mod
"THis is the cort yard" said Amalia "I come here to skate when Skate! is closed" she said to Zak

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) "I see" he said following her

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Rachael (RachAelT) | 366 comments Florence peeked open an eye and saw a couple not far away. He laid motionless, the couple hadn't noticed he was there

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Maddie | 259 comments Mod
Amalia sensed someone near by she turned and saw Florence "Oh" she said "Hello again"

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Rachael (RachAelT) | 366 comments Florence now being noticed reacted. He opened his eyes and sat up on his forearms. "Hello." he said back to her.

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) "Hey" Zak said

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) Spencer walked out of the schools main building. He was heading towards the forest again. Him and Molly planed on meeting at the cavve. As he walked he tossed fire between his hands. He didnt notice the people in the yard until it was to late.

Zak spun around at the small smell of smoke. He saw Spencer walking towards them. He hasnt seen him since the war. "Spencer?" he asked.

Spencer looked up, then back at his hands. He threw his hands down as he noticed the others. And the fire disappeared "Aa..umm.. Zak? Hey. Didnt know you went here too. Its been awhile."

"Yeah it has. I came hoping that Molly was here." Zak said.

Soencer didnt say anything, just stood quite. THen he noticed Amalia. "Hey, Amalia"

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Rachael (RachAelT) | 366 comments "Hey, I'm Florence." he said back to Zak. He sat up from the bench. When Spencer came out he read into Zak and Spencer's awkward confrontation.

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Maddie | 259 comments Mod
"Hey Spencer How r u?" she asked

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Rachael (RachAelT) | 366 comments "Oh... uh, good." he was slightly surprised at Spencer's intro towards him

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) "Fine thanks" he said

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Maddie | 259 comments Mod
"THats good" she said

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) "YEah. So Zak when did you get here?"

"OH few hours ago. I went to Skate! and met Amaila" Zak said.

"So what else is at this school" Zak lookd at Amalia

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Maddie | 259 comments Mod
"Well what isn't here" she said

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) Zak simled and laughed. "Well, lead the way. Your the expert"

Spencer slipped away down the hill and into the forest. He knew he should tell Zak that Molly was here, but he didnt know how; since they havent seen each other in seven years. He thought Ill say, "Hey Zak Molly's here too!" No,no. "Zak Molly is like a few doors dwon from your dorm." no,no. Spencer contined into the forest.

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Maddie | 259 comments Mod
"Ok then" Amalia said and headed for the Mess Hall

((Mess Hall))

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Rachael (RachAelT) | 366 comments She searched the school. According to the information her brother gave her, it was a Fallen angel she needed. Apparently there were alot at this school. "Ohhhhcommeonnn!" she cried out to the darkness. "I-i-knoww-you-guise-arre-out-hur." she slurred. The one day she went out looking for them. She had to find one alone. "Whaaa!" she said stumbling over a root from a tree peeking out the ground. She gashed her bare leg, she began to laugh hysterically. She sighed once done.

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) Spencer finally made his way back to school. He still had his fight with Molly on his mind and just couldnt shake it. AS he walked across the brown green grass, he saw someone in the distance. As he got closer, he noticed the person was a female, and she seemed to be stumbling over her feet. He walked past her, then looked back and watchd her stumble again.

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Rachael (RachAelT) | 366 comments She laughed again loudly. She plopped down on the grass. She crossed her legs and looked around. What a waste of a day... the sun was already gone and darkness was beginning to creep in. She rocked back and laid down on the cushioned ground she sighed. She looked up at the stars and began to hum a lullaby she had thought she'd forgotten.

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