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How do you interpret the ending?
Saurabh Sharma Saurabh Feb 11, 2012 06:09AM
I finished reading the book just a little while back and simply can't get the ending out of my head. For those who may not recall, the book ends with Landon saying with a slight smile that Miracles do happen. Now, could this mean that Jamie lived on physically and never died? Is this the miracle Landon talking about? Because if I am not mistaken Landon knew that the only way Jamie would survive was through a miracle.

Also, the way he says that he had no reason to take off the wedding ring seems to suggest that Jamie survived. Ofcourse that could also refer to her surviving in his heart and memories.

What do others think about this?

I think she dies, and the miracle, to him, is that he ever even met her.

Diana Costa I think that the world change, and the feelings and the Love is the most power in the world, that can make people change. Some people come to this wor...more
Jul 14, 2013 04:59AM

I like to think that no matter what Jamie and Landon found each other and in the end that was the important part. They loved each other. I think that speaks for itself regardless of the ending of the book or the ending of the movie. WHo cares! Point is that they fall in love they found each other and in the end each other was what they had. Regardless of the amount of time they shared point is they had time. Whether it be 3 months 3 years 2 decades! I think that they changed each other's love. Of course we like to think Jamie lived but let's be realistic. This is a Nicholas Sparks novel. We're going to cry let's not bother fighting it.

Personally when I finished the book I chose the believe that she was still alive. I still do when I think about the book. However the movie version kills her off and ruins the ending completely. I think if you look at the glass half-full she lives and if you look at it half-empty she dies.

Ray(a drop of golden sun) so agreed
Sep 11, 2013 03:52AM

I think Jamie died... The miracle is that Landon's father became closer to their family. Landon himself became a good man. Plus the people around them specially Landon's friends admitted and say sorry for being bully. And add to that, another miracle for the orphans to have 400 USD coming from Eric. And i think Landon didn't re-marry, coming from last few lines that after 40 years he still do wear his wedding ring.

It was the miracle to fall in love and have a close relationship despite all the things they both knew were going to happen. And he couldn't take off the ring because he is an actual believer in love after meeting her. He's not like the ppl who like to get married again and again as if it's a hobby

She dies, it is pretty straight forward.

"It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all"

Jamie dies. The miracle is that they found each other. She changed Landon and now he is a much better person as well as having someone for her father when she oasses.

I think that he is the miracle because she ended up changing him for the better. He became a much better person because he met her and therefore she will always be with him.

I do think she lives and that's the miracle


Yeah she definitely dies, it is that he met her and that she had such a profound effect on him as well as the other people in their lives.
Actually a good book, so is a lot of other Sparks novels though.
My girlfriend wanted me to read a book of his, then i just kept getting more and more whenever i saw them.
Try David Baldacci - One Summer.
A little like Nicholas Sparks and it's a really good read, nice to see Baldacci take a break from Secret Service agents/Assassins.

I want to believe that she both lives and dies. Physically, she no longer was able to survive. But, in memory and love she stays. I believe the miracle was just their entire relationship-- though starting off on completely different paths, they find each other and both their lives change.

I think Nicholas Sparks, like any author, chose to make it discreet only to let us use our own imagination. Though, many of us are fully aware of whom he dedicated this book for, it is open to any interpretation. Which I find is the beauty of reading/writing; they let you decide.

I chose to think she survived...i really loved jamie a lot... don want her to be dead!!

I think Jamie died. The miracle there was that Jamie met Landon and experienced true love.

I choose to think that she did die. The miracle was that he met her and this changed his life completely with his father, his friends and himself too. I think that he still wore the ring as a reminder that she always lived in his heart and memories.

Jamie died. And the miracle is land0n by himself.

Saurabh wrote: "I finished reading the book just a little while back and simply can't get the ending out of my head. For those who may not recall, the book ends with Landon saying with a slight smile that Miracles..."

Yes, yes, yes! I was thinking the same thing. Plus I really wanted it to be a happy ending for them, so I will take that ending as if they did.

i must say i liked da movie alot dan da book:)

Nothing in the book indicates that Jamie lived. The ending is Landon's closure after she's gone.
He only says he believes in miracles, not that a miracle occurred with Jamie's health.
I think he's talking about himself - he believes in miracles because of how drastically his life was changed for the better for having met Jamie.

There's no reason for him to be talking about how he still loves her and that he's still wearing his ring if she's alive. That would be obvious.
If she had lived, he would have talked about their life together and their family and the miraculous recovery she had. But he didn't. He's talking about how he's okay now and still as much in love with her, even though she's been gone for so long. Which could also be another thing he's talking about when he refers to miracles - that he's capable of loving that much.

I read this a few years ago, and I think she died. I think when you look at it, she was a miracle to him. Recall the type of person he was before he met her, and then his transformation. He ends up marrying her, and I think she changed him for the better. Also, I took it as she just made him a better man. He might not have pursued the life he did if she hadn't come into it.

Mr. Sparks left it up to us...I choose to believe she lived.

Marie (last edited Sep 09, 2012 12:28PM ) Sep 09, 2012 12:27PM   0 votes
I would like to think Jamie survived the leukemia. Throughout the book, Landon emphasizes that he still waits for a miracle to happen. He mentioned that alot of times in the book and I like to think he really did get his miracle that's why forty years later he couldn't find a reason to remove his wedding ring because Jamie lived through. His memory of her wouldn't be as painful as it would be for anyone who lost a love one if they were actually still together. The author mentioned that he didn't really want to end the book with Jamie suddenly survived the illness so he wanted to do it discreetly by writing "miracles can happen" because he didn't really want her to die.

So yup, I choose to think Jamie lived and grew old with Landon.

This also made me remember the part where Jamie smiled at Landon when she first sighted him in the drama class and the part where Jamie asked him not to fall in love with her. It's like everything has been already set to place and that they were only waiting for the right time for things to happen. Just like how Landon was very persistent of waiting for a miracle. Only time could tell when it happened but he did actually get it.

I thought that it was pretty clear that she died. The miracle is that he had a chance to fall in love with her.

Melissa (last edited May 29, 2013 10:31PM ) May 29, 2013 10:21PM   0 votes
I thought it was clear she died. His realization of the fact that he loved her was completely overwhelming to him and surprising. He had a moment of complete clarity; it was the understanding that he had a chance to have a relationship and love that many don't ever have.
Maybe I prefer to think his dedication is unending no matter what happens. He doesn't feel like he lost anything. He feels like he had a very fulfilling relationship. She taught him to be humble and he now sees life differently. The ring is a symbol of his experience not his exclusiveness.
I have not seen the movie :)

deleted member Jul 03, 2013 01:00PM   0 votes
I think she lives and that's why Landon doesn't take off his wedding ring because they never seperate.

for me I think Jamie didn't died cause of the last words that London said... I agree for some people here that the only way for Jamie to survive is a miracle right? so I think she's a live.........

deleted member Mar 19, 2012 10:59PM   0 votes
Movie is simply an intrepetation. It possesses no more authority than anyone.


1. in the entire book it's never actually mentioned that Jamie died, despite the flashback story,
2. there was only one miracle that he has mentioned expecting, and more than once,

I'd like to believe Jamie lived. Looks like one of the twists that authors like to give in the last para, or sometimes in the last line, which makes things a bit unclear sometimes.

Gatha (last edited Sep 16, 2012 05:44AM ) Mar 19, 2012 08:11AM   0 votes
Jamie dies.its explained in the movie.Landon asks Jamie's father that though Jamie expected a miracle it never happened.then Jamie's father says that the miracle is Landon himself.Jamie changed Landon to a better person.and in this way a miracle took place

does anyone read the author's site?? this same question is answered by the author himself (if you want to take a look at it: www.nicholassparks.com) he wrote this book for his sister and her husband. his sister had cancer and while writing this story she was still alive. so he couldn't kill jamie in the book however after that climax he couldn't let her live so he chose to have this ending so the readers could make up for themselves wheter she died or not. his sister died. as for my opinion: i wish she would have survived the cancer but in my heart i know she simply didn't. i have never seen the movie so i'd like to see because i heard that she clearly dies in the movie and i want to know how they killed her in the movie.

deleted member Mar 19, 2012 10:51AM   -2 votes
I choose to think she died, mostly because I saw the movie before I read the book, and I loved the book so much more...but I think she died, maybe the movie ruined that part for me.

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