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message 1: by Daniel (new)

Daniel | 53 comments Updates and reviews posted through the API don't seem to propagate to the Goodreads Facebook timeline app. The same changes made through the website appear almost instantly.

Is there any way to push these notifications, or mark updates/reviews as publishable?

message 2: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Rekshan (drekshan) Hi Daniel,

Updates and reviews posted via our API should propagate to timeline.

Of course, each user you're publishing for must have already granted the 'publish_actions' permission to our facebook app. You can do it by signing in via facebook or going to

If you've already done this and your updates aren't showing up, then there might be a bug. If so, could you give me a case, maybe with a user_id and a review_id, I'll look into it.


message 3: by Daniel (new)

Daniel | 53 comments I granted the following permissions for the facebook app:
Adding a book
Adding a book as 'to-read'
Rating a book
Updating reading status

After posting a reading status update, it only shows up in Goodreads, not facebook:

message 4: by Daniel (new)

Daniel | 53 comments Any update?

message 5: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Rekshan (drekshan) I'm a little puzzled about this. I've verified that posts via api will fire the callbacks we use to initial posts to timeline. Also, I've verified that your account is set up to use facebook timeline.

There was a bug in the callback for user statuses, which I'm releasing a fix for today, but I don't think it should have effected the api.

Could you send me an example of the api call you're making? Maybe that'll give me a clue to whats going on.

message 6: by Daniel (new)

Daniel | 53 comments Here's the call I'm making:

message 7: by Daniel (new)

Daniel | 53 comments Are there any other arguments I need to add to my API call?

message 8: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Rekshan (drekshan) I looked into this a little bit yesterday. Turns out there's a bug with user statuses without a caption. I'm fixing it soon and I'll let you know when its released. It halts the process of posting to the timeline.

How about posts like ratings or adding a book? Are you having trouble with them? If so, could you send along the calls?

message 9: by Daniel (new)

Daniel | 53 comments Adding books to shelves, or rating them seems to work fine. I guess the issue is just posting user statues.

message 10: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Rekshan (drekshan) Ok good.

I just released the fix for the user statuses. Let me know if there are any more problems with this.

message 11: by Daniel (new)

Daniel | 53 comments looks like it's working, thanks!

message 12: by Jesús (new)

Jesús Macedo (jesusmacedo) | 6 comments Hi, I'm getting the same issue. This is the call I'm running: Pira de Denethor.

The status is properly posted to goodreads, but it is not being sent to facebook. I've already reviewed the permissions and everything is ok.

No, the spaces in the body don't affect (I've tried to post a simple hello and I get the same result).

I hope you can help me. Thanks.

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