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Is this the end of the series?

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message 1: by Hitandmiss (new) - added it

Hitandmiss I've been looking around of any comments where Pat has comfirmed that this series is only 3 books long, I haven't found any yet.

Has anyone seen or read anything that Comfirms that this series will end with the 3rd book?

message 2: by Austin (new) - added it

Austin Kruger I heard that it is a trilogy so probably so...

message 3: by Michael (last edited Feb 21, 2012 06:34PM) (new)

Michael I don't even recall from whom I heard this (but he was definitely not a reliable source): Apparently Rothfuss mentioned briefly in one of his interviews or various media appearances that he intended to finish this trilogy, and then write and publish a trilogy dealing with Kvothe's present . . . I hope that's the case, since the Kingkiller Chronicles would end entirely too sadly, knowing as we do exactly where Kvothe ends up. While I've never pursued this information myself, it shouldn't be so hard to find.

message 4: by Hitandmiss (new) - added it

Hitandmiss Alex: Is it really going to be a trilogy or do you plan on doing more books? (The reason I ask is because I’ve got a couple hundred pages to go of Wise Man’s Fear and with some incredibly interesting and complex character in Kvothe, it seems like you have a lot more story to tell, like it could be a week long of storytelling!)

Patrick: It's really going to be a trilogy. Really. Stories need an ending.

Alex: Do you plan on writing anything more set in this complex world?

Patrick: Oh sure. I always hated it when an author abandoned a world I'd come to love. So when I created this world, I made sure that it was big enough to hold more than just this one story. The Kingkiller Chronicle is just the story of Kvothe's life. There are a lot of other people in the world. They have interesting stories too….

Hmmm Couldnt find anything where he says about another trilogy only More books based around other chars.

message 5: by Amber (new) - added it

Amber I watched an interview the other day where he said he had stories for some of the other characters like Elodin. I can imagine this, since he probably had to write up backgrounds of his characters to make the story peice together well. Although, I do believe this will end with a three book trilogy, since he also mentioned he hated it went other authors started something as a trilogy and then went past that. Probably part of the reason its taking the editing so long. Rothfuss is a man of MANY words and I can see him making a stand to keep it at three books. He really cares about his fans and doesnt want to dissapoint.

message 6: by Hitandmiss (new) - added it

Hitandmiss @Amber Yer I love the books and Pats style, I'm sure any books he wrote about sub chars would be good,

The reason I started this thread is it's implied that the chandrian still exist in the future, So Kvothe doesn't kill them (or doesn't kill them all without getting into a debate), I like my revenge stories complete and the baddies to be completely crushed (Like Count of Monte Cristo).
So My original thought was "Oh at the end of the third book Kvothe is going to reawaken and set back off to get the rest".

Thus the question I asked, still I guess the 3rd book could totally change the standard revenge plot.

message 7: by Amber (new) - added it

Amber Interesting idea! I sort of always expected that the end of the novel would round out with Kote become Kvothe again and then maybe finally getting rid of the chandrian thus connecting/completeing both stories. I sort of always assumed this because, obviously by telling his life story, he's basically calling the chandrian to him. (using there real names and such, constantly mentioning them, all in a three day span) But I could see how this could be turned into a whole new series, which I never thought of. I always sort of figured if it didnt end in that sort of way, it would end in tragedy, like this is Kote's way of commiting suicide. But now that you've got my mind pumping I was thinking that maybe he doesnt kill all of the chandrian because it would cause an imbalance of magic. Okay, we could postulate forever!
I've watched/read a good deal of Pat's interviews though, and its my understanding he intends Kvothe's story to be over with this last book. :( I do hope he continues to write though, as I LOVE his style.

message 8: by Hitandmiss (new) - added it

Hitandmiss @Amber I enjoy his books, I find myself re reading parts every month, I still love "The bloodless" scenes,

However I got to say I really hope he picks up the pace, I much more enjoy reading an author who produces a book every year, as while I understand he had problems and his books are huge etc... I prefer getting a yearly fix where I can comfortably enjoy and know I'm not going to be left hanging for 3+ years.

message 9: by Amber (new) - added it

Amber LOL! Luckily I only recently read these, so hopefully my wait wont be too long! I'm rereading them aloud to my boyfriend now so that he can get the full enjoyment of them as well, plus, I have been wanting to write some songs to send to Pat inspired from the books (What can I say, I have no life)and my old man is just way better at writing the actual music. But I completely see where you are coming from on that. For a story that was completely written start to finish from the get go, it does appear the editing is taking a little longer than expected. I guess they must have a lot of work over at DAW because 3+ years seems like a risk at losing fan base.

message 10: by Michelle (new) - added it

Michelle Garrett I too am really excited and curious about the next book--but, I would MUCH rather an author take his time editing a book and create a great story than end up with the poorly editied tragedy that is the Game of Thrones series.

A well written series with a great story will not lose its fan base, even if it takes five years between books. If Rothfuss were wanting to develop a fan base of people who want a regular fix of pretty good fantasy fiction with pretty good but pretty uncomplicated stories, then yes, he could churn out one a year and probably make even more money.

But truly great fantasy fiction has complex worlds and ideas. While I think parts of Wise Man's Fear could have been streamlined a bit, or certainly edited differently, I believe these books are on their way to becoming fantasy classics.

Rothfuss also seems very aware of the reader's experience, which is awesome in a writer. He is probably trying to find balance between getting the books out without too much time lapse and spending enough time writing books worthy of the wait.

Regarding the trilogy or not, the ending or not, etc again I would trust in Rothfuss to be the writer he has already shown that he is, one very aware of the reader's experience. He wants to create something fans (and new converts!) will love. He is a fan of fantasy fiction himself, so he will put an effort into this aspect as much as the craft of writing.

This is one of the things I LOVE about books and writing--something that comes purely from a person's imagination becomes this thing that gets people from all over the world talking, speculating, craving, feeling part of and simply enjoying. Wonderful!!

message 11: by Alberto (new) - added it

Alberto Lecompte i personally believe that kvothe is trying to summon the chandrian,eventually they will come,and he will get his vengeance,then he might kill himself,or surrender to justice,my other theorie,is that the story will end,and in a really cool epilogue,kvothe will kill the chandrian,and maybe himself,maybe.he might also be waiting for the chandrian to just kill him,but his death wiil cause something that will kill the chandrian,or he just wants to espose the truth to people,even if it means his life

message 12: by David (new) - added it

David At the end of the second book it refers to him taking one perfect step which seems to imply that he is ready to start becoming Kvothe again. Whereas the 2 first books were in the first person relating his past, the third book will have to be a mix of past and present with the present in 2nd person oe narrative. I. don't know how he'll pull that off. I also don't see how he can round off the story in just 1 book. I hope it is reeeaally long.

message 13: by Dante (new) - added it

Dante Gallo If it is the last book then I want it so thick I can't hold it in one hand...

message 14: by Bustamante (new)

Bustamante Xavier That's what she said

message 15: by Alberto (new) - added it

Alberto Lecompte Bustamante wrote: "That's what she said"

hahahah that was the best comment ever¡¡¡

message 16: by Dante (new) - added it

Dante Gallo ;)

message 17: by Gyuri (new) - added it

Gyuri Lakatos I was thinking that this trilogy just will end "only" with the story of the king that was killed, why, how Kvothe lost his power and how Kote is going to get it back. Maybe we will have to wait for the Chandrian plot to be finished in yet another series?!

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