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Shelby (shelbysshelf) ((Yeah, I don't know what to call this...anyway, here we go! A new section!))

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Rainheart (Rainstarnc) | 293 comments ((XD oh well. On we continue))

Raven frowned slightly. "Raw power" he muttered. "I don't have raw power. I know what I'm doing." He blinked at Jade resentfully. He knew he didn't fit in any other class, but he believed the definition of raw power to be: no control of it yet, its just there. The idea that Jade believed he couldn't control his own power made him narrow his eyes in anger.

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Shelby (shelbysshelf) Naida sat besides Raven, and heard him. "Don't worry, I'm sure she doesn't mean it that way." She whispered to him.


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Jay | 403 comments Jade sighed, trying to relax her shoulders. She felt Ravens resentment, it brought back bad memories. "I shall now hand the torch to Richard to explain how we are going to catagorize everyone. So please be kind." Jade looked at Richard, her eyes pleading. He nodded, as if reading her mind. He began to explain the exams for which teacher you'd recieve. Jade stepped off the stage, her face colorless. "I told you, Richards the one that asked for you because he has experience with your certain powers. So, please, don't look at me like that." Jade looked sad, her eyes flashing between a literal, lightning and clouds, storm to the scared white eyes.

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Jay | 403 comments ((We STILL died.....))

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Shelby (shelbysshelf) ((The world exploded. I suspect martians.))

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Jay | 403 comments ((I say its the mayans fault. Stupid 2012 apocalypse. It killed us.))

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Shelby (shelbysshelf) ((Yeah...maybe the martians and Mayans teamed up? Or maybe I'm just paranoid XD))

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Jay | 403 comments ((Perhaps.........now someone needs to post.....sigh...))

Jade closed her eyes, forcing them gold. "I don't care how I'm seen in the eyes of others any more. Guess its a bad I got over millenniums of being scorned and hated." Jade frowned, and turned to speak with her contractors, her voice solid and unwavering, but a bit spiteful. When they were done discussing, the contractors divided the groups and lead them to the gym, where the exams would take place. Jade remained where she stood, her arms crossed and her eyes malicious. She walked over to a huge tree, and without really thinking about it, she punched it, sending a wave of energy that not only broke the one tree in half but destroyed anything within tweenty feet to dust. Not the time to be trifled with, especially not if you value your life amount other things.

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Shelby (shelbysshelf) Not sure whether to follow the contractors or not, Naida stood there. Until, of course, she saw Jade punch the tree - then she followed them into the gym.

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Jay | 403 comments Jade slumped to the ground, trying to calm down. She looked exahuasted, but she managed to pull a scrap of ancient looking paper from her pocket, her eyes studing it as they turned into two black abysses, huge black holes consuming the single image on the paper. "I'm outta my time. I really am."

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Rainheart (Rainstarnc) | 293 comments ((Sorry, sorry, I die all the time, y'all know me, it's just my non-boyfriend wants to join and now I'm a little nervous...))

Raven shrugged slightly, but was placated with Jade's explanation. "You're doing fine. I haven't seen you slip up except with the language thing."

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Jay | 403 comments "But I don't really understand this place. I woke up from a tweenty year nap in England two years ago, I needed rest from something majorly stupid I did. Everything used to be so simple, now I think I might get caught again, get my feathers plucked out again. And that look- that was the same look Ceaser gave me when he ordered my plucking and execution. It just....... " Jade didn't finish, thinking hard.

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Rainheart (Rainstarnc) | 293 comments Raven blinked away his uncomfortableness, then shrugged again. "What's Richard want me for?"

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Jay | 403 comments "Didnt he tell you? He's worked with an animal type quite similar to you, he even wrote a book about him. I was away on buissness then, so I never meet nor trained with the guy, but he did, so he has much to tell and show you. I would have included you in my class if I could offer you the teaching him he can, but I can't. I do what's best for my students, no matter the cost." Jade stood up. "You look a lot like him too. Too bad." Jade started to follow the class.

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Jay | 403 comments Jade turned, her eye brow raised. "Come on. We don't have all day." Jade said, walking inside the building. The contractors had already started, some of the students seriously strugling. Jade looked distant, her thoughts elsewhere. The notice she had recieved was burning a hole in her pocket. It was a mission. Another angel had fallen, and Jade was supposed to make him disappear.

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Shelby (shelbysshelf) Naida saw Jade and Raven walk in, and waved at them. "Where were you guys?"

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Jay | 403 comments "Just outside having a stress attack or two." Jade said, crossing her arms. "You'd think you'd get used to this over time, but you really don't. Seems I gotta disappear for a few days. I swear, they plan this crap just to get under my skin and in my way." Jade said, her hand instinctivly going to the note.

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Jay | 403 comments Jade turned to talk to her contractors, and promptly headed for the door, unfurling her wings for an immediate take off. A single tear ran down her cheek, and her eyes turned cold steel gray.

Arthur and Richard exchanged glances, as if reading each others minds. They both walked up to Raven, and slapped the back of her headline Gibbs does to DiNozzo in ncis for being an idiot.


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Shelby (shelbysshelf) ((Elsewhere.
Also I don't know what to post.))

message 21: by Jay (new)

Jay | 403 comments ((sigh. I guess we then end the rp for us............ ;'((((((((((( so sad. This was my fav........))

message 22: by Shelby (new)

Shelby (shelbysshelf) ((We don't have to end it....but, I really don't have anything to say:( ))

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Jay | 403 comments ((Me no know either.........))

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Rainheart (Rainstarnc) | 293 comments ((Meh? Sorry, I die.))

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Rainheart (Rainstarnc) | 293 comments ((Wait, why'd they slap someone?))

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Jay | 403 comments ((they slapped you for two reasons. The first was for being an idiot, the second was because didn't raven want to go with Jade on a mission 0.o??????))

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Jay | 403 comments ((though, there was a third reason.......cause I felt like it.))

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Rainheart (Rainstarnc) | 293 comments Raven scowled blackly at them, rubbing his cheek. "What was that for?" he snapped. "Give me a good reason before I sic a dog on you."

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Jay | 403 comments "Because your an idiot." They said in unison. Richard looked cool but careful, as if something was bugginh him. Arthur was his polar opposite l. He outright looked like he was going to strangle something out of pure worry. He kept his eyes looked on Jade. "Look, kid. Somethings really bugging Jade. Napoleon said she had gotten a job earlier, and it was a douzy. You were the idiot that talked her into letting her take you on a mission, right? So go and tell us what's the big problem, we're worried." Arthur said, not looking at Arthur, instead his attention was toward Jade.

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Rainheart (Rainstarnc) | 293 comments Raven frowned. "What do you mean, what's the big problem? She won't let me go on a mission for her until I sign the paper. And I haven't signed it yet."

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Jay | 403 comments "Paper? There's no paper. Still, I think this is big. If we 'convince' her, will you report back to us? We worry, if something happens, everyone, everything on this planet disappears. She has banned us from asking, let alone going. We are contractly bound not to go against her orders, but you haven't agreed to the terms yet, so your our ace in the hole. Do this, and we'll do anything you want. Please." Richard said, his back against the wall, watching the last of the students go through the first course instead of making eye contact with Raven.

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Rainheart (Rainstarnc) | 293 comments Raven's eyes narrowed. "You think she'll allow me, a meager Whisperer, to go with her on this 'big mission' rather than her own, dedicated group?"

message 33: by Jay (new)

Jay | 403 comments "Yup." All twelve of the contractors said at once. "Especially if we use the 'you owe us one' routine for making us come out here. I'm missing the MMA fights I had signed up for..... and those weren't cheap." Odyseuss said, standing behind Richard. "Well I'm missing a huge boxing tornament back home, not something the likes of you would understand. You 'died' when the mast of your ship fell on you. I 'died' in the heat of battle." Achilles said, coming from the crowd. Odyseuss and Achilles gave each other a stone cold death glare, but Hun's murderous intent shut them up real quick.

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Rainheart (Rainstarnc) | 293 comments "Why?" Raven asked, thoroughly bewildered. "I'm just... well, just a Whisperer. I don't understand."

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Jay | 403 comments "So? Before I was just a normal guy that could control my flight or flight reflex, making me a walking wrecking ball until I'd pass out only a few minutes later. Arthur was a young idiot that could change an objects molecules, thus supposedly pulling a sword from the stone. Hun could influence bothers in small amounts, and Robin was an impossiblely good shot. We were just a bit out of the ordinary, but Jade........ she enhanced us, better. I don't know how, none of us remember, but we do know that a whisperer like you, could help her, especially when your not yet part of the deal. So, please. You and Nadia need to go." Richard said, his eyes glazed over with memories.

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Rainheart (Rainstarnc) | 293 comments Raven blinked. "Naida too?"

message 37: by Jay (new)

Jay | 403 comments "Duh." Arthur said, sounding bored."That, or you might lose a perfect chance of date time...." Richard said, whistling innocently. Arthur hit him right square on the top of his head.

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Rainheart (Rainstarnc) | 293 comments Raven scowled at them. "Alright, I'll do it if you stop bugging me about Naida. How do I ask Jade?"

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Jay | 403 comments "Don't worry about that......we'll have her begging for your help in a few minutes. We're sending our best guy for the job. We're sending Hun." Arthur and Richard exchanged glances, their looks suspiciously sure of themselves. Hun looked up, looking so melo that he seemed to be on the verge of falling asleep. Arthur nodded his way, and Hun nodded back. He followed Jade out the door, and Arthur and Richard started to count down on their fingers.

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Rainheart (Rainstarnc) | 293 comments Raven raised an eyebrow, watching them, amused. "Will she beg Naida too, or will Naida have to ask?"

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Jay | 403 comments "We could arrange that too. Whatever you wish." Richard said, smiling. Arthurs count went to zero, and Jade appeared on cue, grabbing Ravens arm. "Fine. But One wrong move, and I'm sending you back here before any of you can comlain about it. And that includes Nadia too!!"

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Rainheart (Rainstarnc) | 293 comments ((It's Naida))

Raven grinned down at Jade. "Sound's good to me."

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Jay | 403 comments ((Srry, auto correct.....))

Jade suddenly blushed violently, turning her head away from him. "Look, this is one of my most dangerous jobs yet. Tread carefully." Jade said, her voice a bit sad.

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Rainheart (Rainstarnc) | 293 comments Raven blinked at her sudden change of mood. "Alright, I'll be cautious."

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Jay | 403 comments "I'll fill you in a little later, but for now, dwell on that thought." Jade let go, stopping in her tracks. Her fists were curled so tight her knuckles were ghost white. "Find Naida. We need to get going as soon as I get a mission slip from Nicolas."

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Rainheart (Rainstarnc) | 293 comments Raven nodded and turned to look for Naida.

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Jay | 403 comments ((This died.))

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Rainheart (Rainstarnc) | 293 comments ((I know D:))

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Jay | 403 comments ((WHERE IS SHELBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????))

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Rainheart (Rainstarnc) | 293 comments ((Dead. I killed her))

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