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I'm professor Hooch. Now, listen up because I won't be explaining again. Put your hand over your broom and say "Up!"

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"Up!" Kenna yells and it goes up on the first try.

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"Splendid job, Miss Lovegood. Everyonee look to Miss Lovegood for help, alright?" says Professor Hooch proudly. "She is, in fact, on the Quidditch team so she should be a natural at this."

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Kenna smiles proudley at Professor Hooch.

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Meg Jones nudges Kenna and waggles her eyebrows. "I think Professor Hooch just found her favorite new student." She giggles.

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Kenna giggles too.

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"Alright. Now everyone slowly lift yourself up onto your brooms and hover above the ground of a bit."

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Kenna gets on it and hovers above of the ground. Then looks at the teacher ready for more directions.

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"Great job!"

((what should we do now?? Lol should something happen to one of the brooms? Have any ideas?))

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((Uuuummm...mabey one of the Slytherins could say something llliiikkkkee....oooohhhh! THIS!))
"I can do MUCH better that!" Says a Slytherin boy. He gets on his broom and hovers above the ground and then it goes higher and higher."AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH" His boom flies right into the ground. "Ooooouuuuuu" He moans. Kenna's mouth was opend in horror.

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"SOMEONE GET THE NURSE!" bellows Professor Hooch, eyes wide. "KENNA FETCH THE NURSE QUICK!"

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Kenna runs as fast as she could. And fineley finds the nurse and takes her to the Slytherin boy.

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"Everyone, class is over! Head back to your dormitories immediately!"

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Kenna heads to the common room. "I hope I was not a show off." Kenna says to Meg Jones.

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Meg laughs. "Please! Since you caught the snitch, everyeone thinks your amazing! So don't worry about it!"

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"Really? I thought it was normal to win! I hope I don't become too popular."

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"Not for Hufflepuff!"

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"And, like it or not, you're already popular with all the attention you've been getting from Wren and Jeremy." Meg laughs.

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Kenna's face turns red. "I wish not so many people knew." Kenna said.

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Tessa chuckles. "Little too late for that, sweetie."

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Kenna slightley smiles.

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Kenna walks walks over with her broom in one hand and the other had a bandage wraped around it from Jeremy the wearwolf. Luckley her wrist was alot better. She started waiting for instuctions.

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Professor Hooch gives her a proud nod and starts the class. "Today we will learn more of the regular flying skills and techniques. We will play a small game of Quidditch to warm up."

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Kara got on her broom looking at Professor Hooch.

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Lucey skipped to the Quidich field. "Everyone get your brooms and you know what to do!" Said Professor Hooch. "Up!" Yelled Lucey. It didn't work. She sighed. "Up!" She spoke clearly. It worked this time. She got on her broom. "Everyone go around the quidich field until I blow the whistle!" The Professor said. Lucey flew up and went around the quidich field, the wind was blowing against her face and her hair was blowing behind her. The whistle blowed and Lucey landed safely on the ground. After class was done Lucey skipped to her common room to do her homework.

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Evangeline stood next to Alice. She was an awesome flyer with the best broom of the year . A firebolt 2013." Up" she said confidently

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(( I'm not a first year ))

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(( do we ??? Oh my charrie is 15))

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(( haha. I do that a lot don't I))

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(( good news I will be on goodreads 2nrw))

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