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Taylor  (seffietay) Ursula Le Guin! ♥♥♥

Taylor  (seffietay) This book is amazing. A must read!

Rambles Corbeau | 1 comments Stephanie wrote: "This book is amazing. A must read!"

I second that. It was great.

Taylor  (seffietay) OOoooomg so who else loved this book??

Erika  | 3 comments I just finished! Well, for the second time, I read it about five years ago. There is soooooo much Buddhist thought in this that I didn't pick up on before! Such an amazing book.

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Katie (Hibi) | 31 comments I am still reading. :/ I am such a slow poke lately. I love what I have read so far.

Pippi Bluestocking (pippibluestocking) | 2 comments This book kind of answered many "whys" and "what the" I've uttered during my lifetime whenever I couldn't understand why people do certain things, why the world is the way it is, why there's always a feeling of something being wrong. And it gave me a whole different bunch of questions to think of. I find myself going back to it all the time, thinking it again and again. It's such a brilliant work.

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