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Untreed Reads (UntreedReads) | 56 comments Life presents you with a choice of roads to walk. Some appear even and straight, some appear broken and twisted, but none reveal where they eventually lead. Untreed Reads is proud to present a new novel of difficult decisions made during difficult times.

Crown of Laurel by Loretta Tollefson

What happens when your dreams come face to face with economic reality? Do you compromise, lower your sights and find a way to some measure of comfort through a lower level of achievement? Or, do you stick doggedly to your course even though it promises no certain reward and may lead to total failure?

Deborah and Lawrence both face the decision to compromise or to pursue their goals with no thought for the consequences.

The fortune of one proceeds by compromise and ends in comfort. That of the other devolves into homelessness and a life on the street.

Set in Seattle during the recession of the early 1980’s, this novel reflects its streets, back alleys and moody skies and provides a gallery of sharply drawn, unforgettable characters.

Loretta Tollefson Loretta Miles Tollefson grew up on Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula in the log house her grandfather built using trees he cleared from the homestead site. As an adult, she moved to Seattle in the early 1980’s, where she observed first hand the bitter struggles of a deep recession. Now a resident of New Mexico, she has a M.A. in Communications and is currently working toward a Ph.D. in English Literature at the University of New Mexico. She has also published short stories and poetry, including Journey of the Shunammite and other poems.

How to Purchase Crown of Laurel:

Crown of Laurel is $4.99 from The Untreed Reads Store in a variety of formats, including EPUB and Kindle formats. You’ll also find the title at virtually every ebook retailer around the world including Amazon, B&N, Apple, WHSmith and Waterstone’s.

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