1984 1984 question

What did you think of the movie?
Bruce Bruce Jan 31, 2012 04:18PM
I've read the book and I thought it was great. Is the movie any good?

Loved the book, turned the movie off after about 10 minutes...

Dominik It's hard to give something a chance if it bores the hell out of you early on :/
Feb 05, 2012 10:04AM

ohh, sorry. I was talking about "Brazil" which is inspired from this novel. I haven't watched "1984" yet. As per IMDB, its not looking very good.

Here is the link for Brazil-


Arvind Singh Why dont you try and watch "Brazil". It is well made.
Feb 06, 2012 12:39AM

I absolutely love the movie. I am very impressed with how true to the book it is. That said, I understand why many people would dislike it. It's quite old and as such is slow-moving and dull by today's standards - standards defined by movies like Inception and Transformers. It's not flashy but it isn't meant to be. I mean, common, it's 1984. It is absolutely crucial to capture the bleak mood of the book. Visually, flashy lights and movement aren't appropriate for 1984.

I had it on dvd, its at one my ex girlfriends houses. blaah. Its not very good. Well if it had a bigger budget and a better director it would've been more fulfilling.

If Christopher Nolan did 1984 with a hollywood blockbuster budget it would be excellent.

I thought the movie was great. My only criticism is that Winston did not have blonde hair in it. That bothered me for some strange reason.

I had no idea there was a movie! I'm interested to read what others think. I'll have to check it out and let you know.

Which movie is being discussed-1984 or Brazil?? I thought the former was a respectable adaptation with some brilliant casting (except for Julia). The latter is a fine movie which has no connection to the novel.

Movie was great. In my case, I had watched movie before reading the novel ( I did not know that movie is based on a novel at that time). I liked the movie. Actually I like the work of Terry Gilliam very much. However, the book was much better than the movie as is the case always.

I thought the movie adaptation of the book was quite good: there's so much you can do with describing something, it's an entirely different thing to actually see it (or have it spoonfed to you).

I liked the movie a great deal; they did a fairly decent job of it. The book is obviously a better choice, but this scores a 8.7 for "delivery of the message of the book" so to speak.

I might also say that there are apparently two other variations of the movie available. One of them is in sepia (or similar) to "add to the miserable gloom" and another slightly extended version or so. I can't quote the exact source of this right now, but will when I find it!

"Brazil" is "1984" but the telescreens are replaced with tubing. The Thought Police are still there, but more like Keystone Cops. The Ministry of Truth is replaced with "Information Retrieval". Room 101 becomes the so-called "shared office". And so on. It's what happens when you "Monty Python" a serious film such as "1984". Mind, Terry did a brilliant (kind of) parody of 1984, so much so that it almost becomes it's own film. Watch it without "1984" in mind: make the parallels, if you must, but really, watch it for what it is.

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