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Ella (ellarosewood) | 200 comments Hello there! I'm Ella Rosewood. I make covers, story ads, and character banners. If you would like a cover or banner, please fill out the according form.
Author Name:
Description of story:
Extra: Please tell me if you specifically don't want something on it, or if you want it a specific size.

Character Banner:
Author name:
Character name:
Any extra text?:

Story Ad:
Author Name:
Summary: (Not too long!)

My work:

Lauren Oooooh... I want one, but I don't know which story...

Ella (ellarosewood) | 200 comments I have an idea for A Shocker...With the picture in the other topic.

Lauren Oh, cool! You can do A Shocker if you want. :) I would love that.

Ella (ellarosewood) | 200 comments Let me find that picture again, I'll send it to you tomorrow.

Lauren Okay, cool!

Ella (ellarosewood) | 200 comments Apparently the site is blocked at school, so I guess I'll do it tonight after I finish baby-sitting.

Lauren Okay.

Ella (ellarosewood) | 200 comments Here was my cover for Lauren:

Ella (ellarosewood) | 200 comments Here is another cover I made:

Lauren That looks cool!

Ella (ellarosewood) | 200 comments Thanks! I'm going to make another one for the same story.

Lauren :) You're welcome.

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Ella (ellarosewood) | 200 comments Here's my order of covers as of right now:

Name: Ella Jayne

Title: Lost (Might change later)

Summary: Ariana Aberdine is assigned the job of ambassador, as in travelling to other countries to meet with their leaders. Her father was also an ambassador, and went missing on the job. After her first trip, Ariana comes home to find that her eleven-year-old sister, Lynette, has been kidnapped. Now she will stop at nothing to get her back. Along the way, she meets a homeless yet handsome boy named Raphael, who helps her find Lynette. But she can tell he has a secret. As they get closer to their goal, they grow closer and closer together, discovering feeligns they've never had before (that means they fall in love).

Ideas: Dandelion in auburn hair, or lying next to a sword on a cobblestone road

A white hand holding an Indian hand

Ariana in an aqua sheath dress

Lynette's face, fire reflected in her eyes (she's blodne with blue eyes and freckles on her nose, with a teensy bit of baby fat left over. She's eleven.)

If any one of those ^ is implimented, the rest is free for your imagination.

Important symbols: Dandelion, sword, a golden coin (Any of those is fine on the cover)

Other: Nothing, leave the rest to your imagination. Post any suggestions or questions on my profile, also put the cover there as well. Thanks!

Name: Lily Marie Laton

Title: Dreaming of Stardust

Summary: Achronofanalia (A mouthful, I know:) lives in a world where there is no day. The moon rotates in a large circle over the flat world. The moon and and stars (also called soldiers) are the only light given to this land. The day Achrono is born the stars begin to fall and gather on the island of Jaris. Then the Moon is almost blocked by a thick cloud coming from Jaris. Long story short the world is about to fall completely dark. Achrono soon discovers she is the only one who can stop it, for reasons I'd rather not disclose:) The plot is kinda a work in progress, but the idea is going to be the same

Ideas: Maybe a girl standing looking up at the sky? But really whatever, I don't have any real ideas.

Important symbols: Stars, The moon (which is like 3 circles all connected, think 3 circles partially on top of eachother ) a necklace with a small vial containing StarDust.

Other: Nothing really, except thank you!!

Title- Elements
Author- Ember
Genre- Fantasy/ YA
Synopsis- a girl can control the elements (shadow, Water, Fire, Earth)has a conection with animals
Themes- medieval, plants,nature, cool designs, elements WOLVES
character- is young 15-16
p.s. i ut want to be picky but i don't really want people on the cover, Thank you!
Name: Cheesecakeluver

Title: Bestfriend are forever.... Right ?!?!?!?

Summary: it about a girl and boy who are bestfriend . the biy has loved her since he met her and he finally give up and finds a new girl and he starts to fade from the girl and the girl finally starts to to like him but is she too late

Ideas: none

Important symbols: none

Other: just be creative pretty plz

Name: JadeBryan

Title: The End

Summary: in the perspective of Katerina, a supernatural war is taking place, two sides, good and bad, one wants to take over the world, the other wants to stay hidden in the darkness, as Katerina battles to keep hidden, she kills, just like every other creature is doing. Caught up in the blood lust she accidentally kills her love who had been blackmailed to fight against her. Consumed with the guilt, she ends her own life as he takes the last breath of his. Together Forever.

Ideas: anything you think would go but I'd you don't mind could you make two but completely different? For an idea of how I want them to look, nina dobrev and Ian sommerhalder.

Important symbols: Red eyes! :)

Title: Pick choose avoid the bruise.

Author's name: beayutifalanimegurl

Subtitle: Feel no pain unless they have game

Description: Kaitlyn Marsh avoided people at all cost,but she held back a strong confident person with great qualities. Always avoiding everyone everywhere and constantly making excuses. Then senior year hits and some boys start to become interested with her. Then even more when new boy Phil starts to "overly flirt" with her and brings up more attention then needed........

Mood: Funny,awkward

What would you like on cover: shailene woodley ( Kaitlyn )shrugging her shoulders surrounded by other boys including Phil( Chase Crawford )and John ( Luke Bilyk)

Cover or Banner: Cover

symbols or pics:can she have this on her arm it's her tattoo

hope you can do it

Name: Chase Lippens

Title: Swear to Stop

Summary: 3 friends decide to spend New Year's together, and of course they have resolutions. To not lie, to stand up for themself, and to be positive. But what happens when they have to stick to theirs no matter the situation? Standing up against their teachers, not being able to tell the smallest of fibs, and always being happy in the saddest of times.

Ideas: i truley have none, i was thinking something with a calendar, but idk :/

Important symbols: none rly

Other: all three main characters have emo/scene looks if you want to focus on them.
genre teen fiction, humor Title - In training for the big picture... Author : pooja ." GuardianAngel14" Description : 1 girl model ... movie set as background ... and 2 boys twins.. 1 nerd and 1 hot guy...
Hey, im jennifer please make me a cover!

Title: Accidentaly in Love

Summary: Victoria Summers (Lucy Hale) hates Jason Lanter (Chace Crawford). Jason´s girlfriend breakes up with him and he wantes her back, so he asks Victoria to play his girlfriend. Of course she doesn´t want to do it, but he promised her to pay her college fees, buy her a car, a house, pay her even extra money and last but not least pay everything she wants like for clothes or many other things. Ideas: Please be creative, but it should look very nice, breathtaking :D Special Symbols: None Thanks!!

Ella (ellarosewood) | 200 comments Lastest cover:

Ella (ellarosewood) | 200 comments I am still open and willing to make covers! I'm working on my new website for covers, so stay tuned for a link!

Brandon | 8 comments Title: Torn between "Finding My Story" and "Life Story." I may go with whichever goes better on the cover.
Description of story: This is a memoir that i will post as a series. It is about my being an author, yet not being able to write genuine human experiences because i have lived a sheltered life. So I go travel to get experiences. I go to New york, Italy, Greece and do an obstacle course made for training special operation forces. It is about making my life a story worth telling. Having experiences that allow me to pull from as an author.
Ideas: I liked your "flowers" cover and i like the "stardust" one above (actually the more i look at it, the more i love that cover). I like the dark tone with the colors that pop. Looking for something inspirational. If i were to give you inspiration words they would be: Contemplitive, Travel, searching, journey.
Extra: I do not like faces on covers.

Ella (ellarosewood) | 200 comments Thanks! I'll get to your cover soon!

Brandon | 8 comments wonderful. I'm excited. Thank you!

Ella (ellarosewood) | 200 comments You're welcome. I'm working on it right now. :)

Brandon | 8 comments Hey, just thought i would pop in and see how the cover was going. No rush. I'm greatful it is for free. Just wanted to check in. I don't actually know how long covers take to make.

Ella (ellarosewood) | 200 comments Oh my gosh I totally forgot about it! I never put it on my list (probably because I don't have one). I will do it tomorrow since I am about to leave now. I actually already have some pictures, but I need to find new ones that aren't copyrighted. You can, hopefully, expect it in a few days.

Ella (ellarosewood) | 200 comments Were there any pictures you took of the places you went?

Brandon | 8 comments Ella wrote: "Were there any pictures you took of the places you went?"

I have a few, i can check to see if any will work. I'm not sure if any of them are as atistic as the stardust cover.

Ella (ellarosewood) | 200 comments That's fine if they're not. They don't have to be to high quality either, I can edit them. I'm thinking of making a brochure cover for each of the three places and put them on either a white background or wood table like background. What do you think?

Brandon | 8 comments Ella wrote: "That's fine if they're not. They don't have to be to high quality either, I can edit them. I'm thinking of making a brochure cover for each of the three places and put them on either a white backgr..."

the down side to that is that i have not been to all the place yet. I will be going to them over the next 6 months...

I think the brocure idea could work. The only concern would be that it might look like a picture with text on it and not have that "inspirational" feel. Does that make sense?

Oh and i finalized the title. it will be "finding my story." So, i think it will change away from the travel and more towards the self realization and experiences.

Ella (ellarosewood) | 200 comments Okay. Well, I can look for some pictures without a copyright, but you would have to buy the rights to them. Do you have any other ideas for the cover?

Ella (ellarosewood) | 200 comments BUMP!

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