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MollyLuvsHorror | 74 comments Mod
Put your persons pref history here if not on profile page.

MollyLuvsHorror | 74 comments Mod
Erin: Erin was born by John creating her. She has grown up not knowing whats real and whats not. When she was 9 she thought John was replacing her so she ran away. But for some reason John always finds her. Till she met Dave. Dave found out Erin is strong and what he needs to get all the normals out alive. Erin took his offer. She thought she was normal till one day she got mad...Lets say it isn't pretty when she's mad. Dave rushed her to John and John knew what was happening. When Erin awoke she was confused. She still lies with John and Dave is trying to get her back. If you want to find Erin is is in JOhn's house in the Testing room Is she's not walking around somewhere look at the tube saying
its carved into the think glass. If you can't find it look for tube

MollyLuvsHorror | 74 comments Mod
John: UNKNOWN!!!!!!!!!!! O.o

MollyLuvsHorror | 74 comments Mod
Dave:Dave was locked down here for 8 years he knows his way around. One day he met Erin and knew he needed her. But John thought not! Dave and John are fighting for Erin as Erin walks confused on whats is happening. Dave will not stop till Erin is with him so he can free all normals and Erin. Also to prove to John he's not stupid.

message 5: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (Tabby18) Kac:Her whole family is rich but she does not use the money.She left home when she was 17.

 Taylor - "Of course I'm perfect! I'm Italian." (taylorqueenofkittyz) | 8 comments Kyla: Kyla was 7 when it happened. She and her brother were home alone, when there was a loud knocking on the door. Kyla was in the living room making a puzzle, so Jake opened the door.
A woman in all black walked in. She smiled evilly at Jake." Hello."
Kyla left her puzzle and hid behind Jake.
The woman said," No need to be afraid, just come with me.."
" No." Jake said.
" No? Too bad, then." She tried to grab Jake, but Kyla stepped in front of him and thrust out her hand. A cold wind pushed the woman into her truck, knocking her out.
After the woman was taken away having no memory, Kyla was questioned. She ran away. It was too much for a 7 year old to handle. Jake went with her, but she runs away from him alot.

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