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message 1: by Arni Vidar (new)

Arni Vidar Bjorgvinsson (ArniVidar) | 76 comments Okay, so here's the deal. I am one of the Icelandic translators for Facebook, and constantly have the translation app running inline with the content.

The app shows me, by underlining in different colors, the lines that require translating and the lines that have already been translated.

The new Goodreads app is littered with underlining for "Needs to be translated", but when I attempt to translate them I just get an error and I can't translate.

So I'm just wondering, will you be allowing the translation app to do it's thing with your posts in the near future? I'm a tad OCD and it's more than slightly bothersome to see untranslated text all over :D

message 2: by Arni Vidar (new)

Arni Vidar Bjorgvinsson (ArniVidar) | 76 comments No comment, huh?

message 3: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Rekshan (drekshan) Hi Arni,

I'm working on the Goodreads app for Facebook. This isn't something we've looked into before your comment here.

I started to play around with translating some of our app into Spanish and I didn't encounter an error. This could be because I'm a developer on the app.

What errors in particular are you encountering?

Thanks for trying to translate it. It's exciting!


message 4: by Arni Vidar (new)

Arni Vidar Bjorgvinsson (ArniVidar) | 76 comments Hey Daniel.

I just get the standard "Translate submission failed." error thrown in my face, which I've come to recognize as whatever app I'm trying to translate not allowing me to translate it. :)

Often, third-party apps (like games and stuff) on Facebook don't allow for translating their posts, so I'm used to that error by now :D

message 5: by Arni Vidar (new)

Arni Vidar Bjorgvinsson (ArniVidar) | 76 comments Here you go Daniel. I made a screencap for you.

It's a WMV file, no nasties included:

Hope it helps shed some light on this :)

message 6: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Rekshan (drekshan) Thanks, Arni.

I've made a ticket about this. We have a bunch of projects going on right now, so I don't know when we'll get to it. I'll let you know here when we make progress.

message 7: by Arni Vidar (new)

Arni Vidar Bjorgvinsson (ArniVidar) | 76 comments No problem.... I'm in no real hurry :)

And yes, please let me know when it's fixed.

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