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Menna  Emad If you were Anne would you marry Mr Elliot. If he was very good person and you have no hope to marry captain Wentworth anymore.
Anne already decided that she will not marry him, when Lady Russel talked to her about that and to be Lady Elliot like her mother and to be back to Kellynch Hall. she also expected to hear about captain Wentworth engagement.

I'm talking here about you, honestly will you or will you not marry him.

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Amy Gideon I couldn't marry Mr. Elliot, because he wasn't a good person.

If the hypothetical question is, as Anne would I marry someone else, who I didn't necessarily love, but respected, if I knew there was no chance of reconciliation with Captain Wentworth, then my honest answer would be...probably.

Katrina Passick Lumsden I think that's a hard question to answer given the differences in culture between that time period and this one. Today, no, I would never marry a man just because it might be my last chance to marry. In Anne's day, however, an unmarried woman was looked on as almost diseased. Anne was lucky in the sense that her family was relatively well off (in title, at least), but her father would have eventually torn through the rest of the family's fortune and Anne, if she had remained unmarried, would have been subject to the charity of others. A rather precarious position for any woman of the time.

So if I had to live then and a reconciliation with Wentworth were out of the question and I were looking at ending up a destitute spinster with no prospects...would I really turn down the offer of marriage from someone who would ensure I could maintain my family's home?

My answer today is a resounding no. My answer back then?....

Jenna Harte If I had the reservation that Anne had about Mr. Elliot, I wouldn't marry him. If Anne never married, I believe the Musgroves would have looked out for her if needed.

Breezy I agree with Katrina. Today absolutely not. But back then...and with the surety that Mr. Elliot was a good man. But would Anne's honesty to herself come before her pride? Anne is an incredibly self-sufficient character. Would she be satisfied with a life completely dependent on others? I'm not so sure. Good question.

Lauren That's a great question. It is although hard for me to answer. Since I know the story I know Mr. Elliot was not a good man, so I want to say no. However, if he were hypothetically speaking a good man, I don't see why not. Considering people back then married first for economic security and because unmarried women were basically lepers it seems like a reasonable decision; if and only if Captain Wentworth were no longer an option. I'm pretty sure she would not have been without help, the Musgroves may have helped like one person commented, but would you, if you were Anne want to be around your sister Mary all the time? I think not!
However, would I have married him now? Definitely NOT!!

Sarah Now and then having reservations about how he treated his previous wife would lean me toward the no. Her family would most likely take care of her because they had for twenty seven years, which I believe was a little old to be unmarried then, already.

writer... Have any of you joined the 'Persuasion' Austen in August events at Misty's blog ?

Great FuN!

Versha Hmm…Difficult question indeed. As of now surly I would say I wouldn’t have married. But back then as Anne I surly might have given some thought about marring Mr. Elliot’s as his true colors were a secret yet. But at the end after knowing him truly I wouldn’t mind being single rather than marring him (but I definitely would have waited for captain Wentworth get married first)

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Zelah Meyer Once Captain Wentworth came back into Anne's life - I doubt she would have married anyone else until he were married and therefore definitely out of bounds. Her affection for him was too lasting.

Were he safely married to someone else, then I think she would consider marriage to someone she liked and respected. Her family were too unpleasant for her to have any great desire to remain with them!

If Mr Elliot had indeed been a very good person and Captain Wentworth had married another - then I think Anne would have considered his suit. As it is, Mr Elliot's behaviour had betrayed clues as to his true nature. So I don't think Anne was in any real danger of having her head turned away from Frederick!

I think she'd have always loved Frederick though - and may even have told any prospective suitor that she could offer him her hand but not her heart.

Bettina To have more power and respect in that horrible, idiotic family? Sure!

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