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Dark Tower reference?

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Stuart Gilbert I read the following and immediately thought of the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. I'm not 100% certain it's supposed to be a reference, because the name is slightly different, but anyway:

"I wasn’t sure where I was supposed to be until I saw MIDDLETOWN LANES printed in huge letters on the wall above the bowling lanes."

In the Dark Tower books there are a few references to Midtown Lanes bowling alley, which I believe later changes into Mid-world Lanes as the world moves on.

Andrew Vice Kind of a stretch.

Stuart Gilbert Andrew wrote: "Kind of a stretch."

A bit, yeah, but this book is filled with references from start to finish, and it's not much of a jump from mid to middle. They're both bowling alleys. The name of the alley in Ready Player One has no meaning or other mention, so I think it's plausible.

David I agree that it's a bit of a stretch. All of the references in the book are to video games, movies, and tv shows with a few comics thrown into the mix. I'm pretty certain novels didn't make it in at all, except maybe as an abstract. I think at one point Wade mentions that he's read everything by Halliday's (Holiday's? I actually listened to the audio version, so not sure on spelling) favorite authors, but doesn't actually mention the book titles by those authors. Even when Rivendell was mentioned, it was done so in reference to the LOTR movies, not the books.

That said... it WOULD be cool if SK had gotten some props in the book.

Melanie I know many people got hung up looking up all the references. I loved this book even though I remember the late 80s. I can definately see where Cline would sneek in references to all forms of entertainment that he loves.

Steve Andrew wrote: "Kind of a stretch."
No, it's not a stretch. It's obviously a Darktower reference. Midtown, Middletown. The odds of two authors naming a bowling alley so closely, by chance, are astronomical.

Laika If the 'Dark Tower' series was written in the 80s, it really isn't a stretch at all.

Stuart Gilbert The first book was written in the 70s, I believe. The others were written later. Later than the 80s though, I think.

Mark It's a coincident. In RPO, Halliday was born in Middletown, witch is half way between Cincinnati & Dayton in Ohio.

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