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Ending? Was it worth the 1000+ pages?
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What did you think of the ending to Under the Dome? Was it believable? Was it a satisfying explanation?

OCLS wrote: "What did you think of the ending to Under the Dome? Was it believable? Was it a satisfying explanation?"

I was so disappointed in Stephen for Under the Dome. I began reading with so much enthusiasm as the narrative took me back to the glorious days of The Stand. It was like a knock out punch to find out that aliens were to blame...what a let down. I found the ending, i.e. the resolution to the Dome, basically us poor humans begging for our pitiful lives, a complete cop out.

Someone else commented that they couldn't think of another way for the story to end. Neither can I, but this is exactly why we depend on Stephen King to supply a satisfactory ending to an otherwise gripping drama.

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I did find the end somewhat anti-climatic, and that it would have better worked in a shorter piece of fiction.

However, was it worth the 1000+ pages?
Well, it wasn't the type of ending that has you close the book and think that you just wasted time of your life on it, for most I enjoyed the journey, so that makes it worthwhile to me.

I mean, I'm not in the habit of saying the end is better worth reading thousand pages, because no end has that strength if you don't enjoy what you read to get there.

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Gabriela Before starting to read this I was put off by bits of spoilers that announced that the end and the explanation for the whole phenomenon was a bit of f ...more
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Craigertiger @Athena. we all die alone. sounds like a bad ending but that doesn't mean your life was pointless.
Jul 24, 2014 02:37PM

I found the book to be very similar to M. Night Shyamalan's work... draws you in, and holds you through 90% of the story, then craps out at the end.

The ending was kind of out of nowhere, but in my opinion the ending wasn't the point of the book. This is one of my favourite King books, I loved it. So yes, it's worth every page.

Amanda (last edited Feb 06, 2012 10:24AM ) Feb 06, 2012 10:22AM   2 votes
It was a long read (I listened to it while at work where I can really throw myself into a long book), but I think the purpose was to examine the actions taken by people in abnormal situations. It was much like Lord of the Flies with more awareness of individual motivations and character content. If you think about it, the Omnipotent point of view and the sudden and mysterious nature of the Dome itself revealed how cruel and capricious the person or persons behind the Dome were going to be. In The Lord of the Flies, just when the reader is asking how these kids could revert to such a savage and disgusting state, it is revealed that their own world is not all that different. The same bullies on the island and in the Dome are there causing pain and suffering for the same childish reasons as the bullies on the outside. It didn't matter who or what that person/thing was but making it a child who acted like any child with an ant farm does seal the allegory much better than if it were just another mad scientist because it puts the magnifying glass into your own hands and says, "you've done this. You've caused pain for no reason. Now that you know, you must make a conscious decision to continue to cause pain or to stop and and live a life more aware of how your actions have an effect on others."

I enjoyed it. It took me about 5 months to actually get through it though. The ending was typical King. Unanswered questions put out there for the reader to wonder about. A story that ends for the characters in his books but not his readers and I think he did a fine job.

I am a huge King fan, and I was so stoked to a read a new epic tome by him ( dreams of The Stand floating in my head). Sorry, but frankly this book sucked. There I have said it after having read it 2 years ago. I am so sorry SK but Under the Dome sucked.

I LOVED it! I was totally hooked, although at the end I would have liked to see Barbra and that trucker guy meet up again..Those 2 were my faves! I read this book twice!

I hated the ending of this book, however I did like the book very much. It is the first Stephen King book that I have enjoyed for a long time. I often feel that his endings are disappointing. I am not so upset by the alien scenario. It just could have been done so much better.

Utterly disappointing. And put me off Mr King (especially after Cell)for a long time.

Renee (last edited Jan 28, 2012 04:15PM ) Jan 28, 2012 04:12PM   1 vote
I think it was. I think what SK was TRYING to do was to give us the opportunity to get to know each and every one of the characters a bit so that when each died or was injured we would care. Personally the only time I shed a tear was when the dog passed away and due to the fact that there was so many characters I don't even remember the dogs name despite only finishing the book last night. I think SK deserves massive points for even trying. I think most authors would have just stuck to a families story of what happened after the dome came down or just one persons POV.... I loved it and looking forward to my next SK :-)

Oh and I can not believe you guys thought the end was weak. I dreamt about this last night. No joke. I am going to live the rest of my life scared that aliens are going to trap me and laugh at what I do about it......... And only let me out when I convince them that I'm real....... And not a toy..... Or an ant!!!!!!!

When I finished this book I felt like the main story had been amazing. However I thought the ending was weak and may have been added on to meet a dead line or just because SK did not know how to end it. The reveal was rushed compared to the rest of the story in my opinion and left me feeling very dissatisfied.

I choose to forget the bad ending and insert my own ending courtesy of my imagination.

As for political views I find that SK is balanced. He has a wide and varied selection of characters in his books. Good, evil, right, left, crazy, sane and mostly miserable. Just like real life.

OCLS wrote: "What did you think of the ending to Under the Dome? Was it believable? Was it a satisfying explanation?"

The whole book was fantastically assembled with story arcs intertwined and very close attention to detail. The book focused on what happened when a town is cut off from the outside world. Resources are lost, people go crazy, etc. The problem was that Stephen King wrote himself into a corner and needed to figure out how to get himself out so he just plunked in an alien and called it a day. It might've worked if there were other signs of aliens throughout the book, but nothing led to that until the end. It was all sort of random and didn't seem to fit. Hopefully the TV show will fix that.

i enjoyed every single word that i read on the journey of under the dome. ending not so much but it does leave some room for one's imagination and that was good enough for me

1,000 pages was a bit much, and the story would have tighter and scarier in 600 pages or less.

I enjoyed this Stephen King book. It was worth the long read. I enjoyed the characters, the setting, and even the out of the blue ending. The characters, as usual with King, made the read worth the time.

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I didn't mind the ending at all. It's been a while since I read it, so I don't remember many details, but I know that I thought the ending was right up there with the rest of the book.

However, my acceptance of aliens as an ending may stem from the fact that for years (way before I ever read this book, maybe stemming from a twilight zone show?) I've imagined what I would do if aliens put a dome around my house. (Grow food, keep entertained etc.) Sometimes it's not a dome but the whole property is turned into a ship on an alien ocean.

So yes, I thought the end was fine, just as good as the rest of the book.

I like the ending a great deal. I finished it a while back and sat on it. The thing is, we could be a zoo given the right circumstances. King gave us powerful aliens who's children toyed with us horribly. As king notes we as humans devastate the lower order of our food chain at rather an early age. How advanced is a magnifying glass to an ant?

I didn't have a problem with the length (although I'm very happy that I read it as a kindle book). I thought the characters and their development was interesting enough to keep me entertained throughout. The ending was...uhm...peculiar. Then again, King is no stranger to peculiar endings. And I can kinda see that it's tricky to come up with the perfect ending to something like that.

The ending was mostly guff to be honest and there were a few disappointing ends to some plot points as well.

It was good overall.

It's a funny thing with Stephen King. In "On Writing" he says that he doesn't like to write plots for his books. Instead he puts interesting people into difficult situations to see how they cope.

He argues that the suspense is heightened if the author doesn't know how it's going to end.

I have to say that I am not entirely convinced. I am a great fan of his writing, but his endings rarely match the strength of his beginnings or characterisation. I didn't actually get to the end of "Under the dome" which is rare for me.

I was pulled into the story and then became bored. So many of the characters behaved like idiots. I would hope that if we were placed in that type of situation we would have the sense to react in a more intelligent manner. A lot of death and destruction without a strong ending and resolution.

I loved the book, sat there reading it for like three days because I couldn't put it down. But the ending was really anticlimactic and I ended up feeling let down. He had this great set-up and often King is master of a good payoff, but not here. I had wanted to go back and re-read it but I can't bring myself to.

OCLS wrote: "What did you think of the ending to Under the Dome? Was it believable? Was it a satisfying explanation?"

I didn't really like the ending, but the questions of whether it was believable is a bit absurd. You could really feel him working the last quarter of the book to make the ending make sense, however, once I realized that there was this sort of supernatural involved, I felt a bit sad.

I wish this would have been one of the Bachman books and we would have discovered that something with the crazy new antennae and the meth had caused the creation of the dome (force field) and that the explosion would have brought down the tower and freed the town.

I also wish that something better would have happened to Big Jim in the end.

I really enjoyed it, though I did think twice about reading this book while laying on my back for fear that a slipped grip would result in major head trauma. Book is HUGE! By page 700 I had decided there was no way that any author could bring the story to a satisfying end so I was not horribly let down by the aliens. Your classic good vs. evil vs. bored aliens. Dome is still a great book that I will read again.

I would flip the question. Was the thousand pages worth the ending? I was disappointed with the ending, but found the rest of it quite enjoyable. Enjoyable enough that not even the ending could spoil it for me.

Several times I've read King and thought, "man, he needs an editor, someone to take a blue pencil and just X out big long sections of this thing." I know he's a best seller and unlikely to get that, but I can still wish, eh? I thought that more with this book than with others and actually did not *read* big chunks of it, just sort of skimmed to see what was happening. The ending irked me less than the wordiness. Why the dome was there wasn't really the point, I suspect; the point was, what is human nature in this sort of locked-in situation.

The ending was ridiculous. But the rest of the book was wonderful.

the usual king ending...fizzles out to nothing

Enjoyed the journey, disliked the ending.

can someone please tell me in short how to book ends? how exacly did aliens put the dome??

Just like the Stand Novel: This ending sucked as well.

Its like knowing the author is at the end and out of ideas.

The ending worked for me, but it could do without the aliens. The human characters were enough to scare the shit out of me. It´s like he forcefully had to give his readers something supernatural to tie all loose ends together.

It wasn't just the ending of Under the Dome that disappointed me. It was tough slogging. Not a book for someone new to King.

I loved the book, and when a colleague told me it was really good, I was thrilled to see how long it was. I have an unusual problem: many years ago, I took a speed-reading course to help me get through the endless readings piled on college students. I read more quickly than I'd prefer now, since books cost a lot of money.

That said, I finished Under the Dome in less than a week anyway (and I was still working then!). I just could not put it down. I found the ending immensely satisfying.

One thing every King reader has to realize: first, his voice does show his beliefs, maybe more so than many writers, and because he no longer has to write to sustain himself, he isn't going to care if you feel he leans too far leftward. If his politics disturb you, there are plenty of other horror writers out there. I generally love his work and his perspective, so I keep going back for more.

I will admit I am afraid to go near the 11.22.63 title because I am afraid it will wreathe Kennedy in glory that I don't think he earned. But that's my choice; he writes what he likes, and I choose what to read and what not to read.

I felt ripped off by In the Tall Grass because I paid full jacket price for it on my nook, and then it turned out to be just a short story and a teaser for another novel. THAT bothers me. Extra length, when used for such an epic tale as Under the Dome, makes the purchase a bargain!

I didn't even underSTAND the ending. I can in no way make a judgment about something I simply didn't understand.

I have a friend who thinks for a living, he's an attorney (criminal defense and civil rights), and he believes the ending was implying that you give up control in certain situations and are forced to interact and compromise with people (or aliens) if you want to make things happen in your favor. Or take back control of your life.

That's all very intellectual, which is one reason I just barely grasp what he's saying.

Even if he correctly defined the theme, what did it have to do with the characters. Although most of the scenes, now that I'm writing what David said, DID have to do with control and who has or had it.

I still don't comprehend it though. It's just a better idea than I could apply to it. I don't understand why he decided to end it that way, but I suspect that the people who really despise the ending are also people who don't want to think that they have to compromise for any sort of control. They probably want to believe that everything happens in their favor b/c they've singlehandedly made it happen.

I agree that it was typical king, he seems to leave more questions out there to make the reader think, i do think it dragged a little in the middle, and did find myself having to push myself to keep reading to get the the end, I am glad I did though, because over all it was a good book, from one, if not the best writer in this genre

Although I did like this book and the story, it could have been condensed greatly. It was not worth the amount of pages it has.

It was a long, but enjoyable read to me. I've never cared for endings in King's books.

book read to slow for me, i had to skip pages to get to the end to see what happened...not one of his best...

It's the journey that's the fun. Otherwise you would just read the first and last page and be done with it. Not much fun in that is here.

It's following the main characters as they proceed on their journey that is the authors task to make enjoyable and I say the more pages the better

I have been extremely dismayed on the quality of acting done in the movie rendition. I probably would have liked the movie better if I had not read the novel. Darn!!

Totally! Back to classic Stephen King! I'm getting annoyed with some of his later stuff. Why is he always repeating stuff he's told us before? Assumes I'm an idiot who can't remember the finer points he's already made? Back to riveting story-telling, so says I!

I was in a similar boat when I finished reading this. I get it--it's a supernatural event, so why not a supernatural conclusion? It did feel a bit convenient, though, but like someone said earlier, I don't know that I could have come up with anything better. Personally, I like tying the supernatural to the natural enough that it's believable. The 'reaching out there with the mind' thing was anti-climatic, but then sometimes solutions to major problems are...don't know. I guess I'm torn. Still, I loved the journey getting there, and would buy the book again in a heartbeat.

I enjoyed the book for the most part, but at the end all I could think was "phew, I actually got thru that!" It wasn't totally riveting all the way through.

I felt somewhat let down in the end. Not unexpected though. The lead up was brilliant classic Stephen King, and that sort of made up for the mediocre ending. Personally it would have been frustrating, but he could have just made the dome disappear and you never knew why. For me that almost would have been more satisfying than being told it was aliens...

I liked the ending personally. I think it is a really thinker. It should make the reader think about what humans do to other species and that just maybe humans aren't (what!) as superior as most tend to believe.

I think it could have been done in oh, 300 pages or so...500 at most.

was the ending worth it? No. The journey? nope - not for me.

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