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Manda Kelley (allhailsnape) | 1 comments An author was kind enough to give me her e-book for free but I have no idea how to put the file from the email onto my kindle and she doesn't have a kindle so she isn't 100% sure. If anyone could help me, I'd be very grateful.

Dee (austhokie) | 326 comments email it to your kindle address

user (this will cost 15c per mb) or (and then you can transfer it to your kindle with your USB cable)

make sure to put convert in the subject line

Ellie | 99 comments Download Calibre (its a free program and its really handy to use with your kindle) and convert the PDF yourself into mobi format. This won't cost you 15c per MB like the method above. You can plug your Kindle into your computer and just drag and drop the files when your done.

Dee (austhokie) | 326 comments personally, I HATE calibre and find it to be one of the most user unfriendly programs out there - I gave up using it after a month of fustration and apparently i'm not the only one - I just helped someone who had been struggling for over a year with it

and the doesn't cost any money to convert

A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol) (avidreader68) I'm not the most technologically advanced person around, but this is how I do it...

I save the file to My Kindle Content folder on my computer (you can save to any file you want, I just use the one that's already there). I hook my Fire up to my computer using a USB cord. When my computer opens my Fire's files I just move the window to the side out of the way then open My Kindle Content file on my computer, select what I need, drag and drop it into the Book file of my Fire and viola. It's there.

Of course, my Fire is wi-fi capable, so it's probably easier to access my email from my Fire and download it from there. I have to say I haven't tried it that way. LOL

Betsy | 326 comments Lifehacker has a pretty good article about various ways to send things to your kindle:

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M J (aforementionedthoughts) | 4 comments I didn't know there was a charge to add PDFs to your Kindle. How do they charge you, through your Amazon account?

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Betsy | 326 comments Yes, just like when you buy a book from the kindle store. It gets charged to your 1-click account.

Karen (lilk13) | 20 comments I haven't been charged yet, but it is sent to my kindle via wi-fi. I also learned that if you type "convert" in the subject line the service will convert it to the kindle format so that you can utilize text-to-speech. Too cool!

Paula (Paula66) | 13 comments Don't forget that if you send it to your and put convert in the subject heading they wont charge you at all and they will convert it to mobi and it will be in your kindle content page on Amazon

Lilah5148 | 1 comments Here is a free ebook tool for you.

You can easily convert your ebook from epub to pdf,epub to mobi, epub to kindle, etc.

Free Online Converter / EPUB Converter:

It provides you with the best mobi to epub converting experience.

Syahira Sharif (syahirasharif) | 27 comments why cant you just transfer it via the usb cable?

Marko (msusimetsa) | 12 comments Calibre is really easy to use. Just open it, drag the attachment from the e-mail to the Calibre. Then click on the book and select "convert" from the top menu (or from behind the right mouse button) and select "mobi" as the conversion format. When the conversion is done, simply click on the book and select "send to device" (if your Kindle is attached to the computer with an USB cable) and you'll be done.

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Mafalda | 5 comments I've been using the "sendtokindle" program I downloaded for free, it converts the word and pdf files, and sends them to my kindle email. I don't have a 3G kindle, so the freekindleemail vs regularkindlemail is the same to me.
To get the program for the pc go here:

Ive been using pdf files more often now, so I tried a way of reading them more easily, not having to zoom in and rotate the screen.

I came across this: "Reading .pdf files comfortably on Kindle" which tells me a good way to convert the pdf into an actual kindle book is to install some software called "k2pfopt". Thing is, this seems to be awfully complicated, I don't really deal with such complex computer installing stuff on a daily basis, so I'm looking for tips that will help me.

On zooming in and rotating screen:

ps: Im goin to look into the "Calibre" option as well.

Tony Talbot | 12 comments You are charged to send PDFs to your Kindle only under certain circumstances...if it goes over public networks or 3G or some such labyrinthine rule.

I've sent PDFs to my Kindle through my ISP email and not been charged - I'm in the UK, perhaps US rules are different.

Calibre will convert your PDF to Kindle format, but the result might be flaky. I've converted mine to RTF first and then tidied them up before sending them back to the Kindle.

Natasha He | 6 comments Just convert the pdf file to .mobi, then you can read it on your Kindle freely. Maybe you have a basic knowledge of Calibre, but I prefer Ultimate Converter because I can get better quality.

Yamasitasatomi | 6 comments Just send it to your own kindle mail address after you get a kindle account.

For pdf books purchased from book stores, maybe the job become a little complex, I think.

Betsy | 326 comments Isn't it illegal to remove DRM?

I'm interested in this issue too. I got a free pdf book from the University of Chicago Press and tried to e-mail it to my kindle, putting "convert" in the subject line of the e-mail, as instructed. But then I got an e-mail back from Amazon saying they couldn't convert it.

Why in the world would a book that is offered free have DRM?

Raven Blackthorn | 3 comments Hi, I'm new to this group, but I chose this thread because I have this issue. I recently won some e-books at auction and currently don't know how to put them onto my kindle so I can read them. They were emailed to me, so I'm a bit lost. I read the posts here, but didn't really find one that helped me--I looked into Calibre, it didn't work. I looked into another option, it still didn't work (the page didn't even exist anymore). I don't know what a 'kindle email' is--I haven't been using kindle that long. I honestly like regular books more, but some of the books I have, i can only read through a kindle. Can anyone help me figure out how to convert the pdf files (what do I even convert them to...) and figure out how to put them onto my kindle in a way that wont cost me money or ruin my books?

Dee (austhokie) | 326 comments eBay auction?

Eric Westfall (eawestfall) | 44 comments Raven,

I have one of the older Kindle keyboards. If you've purchased ebooks from Amazon, and presumably registered your Kindle there, I'm fairly certain you already have an email account set up by them for just the purpose of emailing books to yourself.

Check with Kindle support. But once you have the address they've set up for you, just email the book (which has to be either PDF or Kindle format itself or mobi), and then AMZ processes it. That takes a couple of hours for some reason, but when it's done, just turn your Kindle on and download as you normally would.

The faster way, at least for me, when I have the books downloaded from another source onto my computer, e.g., all the scifi/fantasy ebooks I buy from Baen, is to plug your Kindle into your computer via a USB port, and then use whatever system your computer uses to just copy the books from the computer to the Kindle.

On my Kindle all the books are in the folder called "documents". I copy something there, and then when I turn the Kindle on, the books are there, just as if AMZ had directly downloaded them.

Hope this helps.


Raven Blackthorn | 3 comments Dee wrote: "eBay auction?"

No, dear, not an Ebay auction. I use a site called Listia--it's an excellent site where you can find lots of things for free. All you need to do is earn some credits, which is easy as long as you don't mind filling out simple surveys. I recently won some e-books from an auction on that site.

Raven Blackthorn | 3 comments Eric wrote: "Raven,

I have one of the older Kindle keyboards. If you've purchased ebooks from Amazon, and presumably registered your Kindle there, I'm fairly certain you already have an email account set up by..."

What is a 'kindle keyboard'? You said you sent books from your computer to your kindle via the usb--I thought about doing this, but they are in PDF format, and I was told that I had to get them converted to a different format (i just keep being told 'format them to your kindle' but I dont' know what the name of that format is..) to make them compatible with my kindle so I will be able to read them.

Dee (austhokie) | 326 comments Raven wrote: "Dee wrote: "eBay auction?"

No, dear, not an Ebay auction. I use a site called Listia--it's an excellent site where you can find lots of things for free. All you need to do is earn some credits, wh..."

i was just curious...because I see a lot of ppl say I won in an auction and then they aren't legit copies...

Dee (austhokie) | 326 comments Raven

- go to
- make sure you are logged in
- in the upper right, there should be a drop down menu, that will say something like "hello, raven; your account"
- from that menu select "manage your content and devices" - this will take you to the kindle options for your kindle that is registered to your account
- on the left of the screen, you should see an option that says your devices - click on that
- you should see now on that page, the information about the kindle you have registered to your amazon account - about midway across the top, you should see an email address, that looks like - that is the email address for your kindle

- to send to your kindle - first you need to make sure that your personal email address (gmail/yahoo etc) is registered - that stops random ppl from just emailing stuff to you
- to do this - back on the left of the screen select "personal document settings"
- you should see a header that says "Approved Personal Document E-mail List" - below that, there should be a hyperlink that says add new approved email to list - click on that
- in the box that pops up type your personal email address and click add address
- you can now use that email account to send documents to your kindle

-from your personal email, compose a new message - in the to line put your kindle address; in the subject put CONVERT
- attach the documents
- send

and that should get them sent to your kindle - then make sure your wifi/3g is on and you can receive documents

Eric Westfall (eawestfall) | 44 comments Raven wrote: "Eric wrote: "Raven,

I have one of the older Kindle keyboards. If you've purchased ebooks from Amazon, and presumably registered your Kindle there, I'm fairly certain you already have an email acco..."


"Kindle Keyboard" is just the name of the device itself, like Kindle Fire or HDX or whatever.

Unless your Kindle is different (though it's unlikely) you can read a PDF file on your Kindle. There should be no need to convert it. You may not able to do as much with a PDF file in terms of changing font size for reading purposes (haven't read a PDF for a while so I'm not sure), but it is readable.

You can of course go through the conversion process (PDF to mobi, for example) if you wish. Actually, as I recall, Calibre converts PDF to mobi as well.

Anyway, good luck.


Dee (austhokie) | 326 comments if you convert it, then you can change the font size however - a pdf non-converted is treated as an image which means you can zoom on it, but there is no resolution improvements - the pdf's are simple texts the conversion is easy

John | 12 comments I wouldn't suggest converting PDF items to mobi or AZW formats; that actually makes things worse.

I sideload Aldiko onto my Fire, which displays PDF books beautifully, although the font size can't changed.

Dee (austhokie) | 326 comments it depends...if the PDF file is just text, then it should convert fine - but if it has columns/diagrams then it is a bad idea to convert

John | 12 comments I've found converting books/novels a mess.

Dee (austhokie) | 326 comments interesting - I get 90% of my ARC's as PDF's and never had any issues with converting them to mobi and I just do the send the amazon option - maybe something in the hidden formatting

Yamasitasatomi | 6 comments Agree with you. I don't like calibre, too. As a computer beginner, I think the step about how to use is difficult for me.

I prefer to choose another ebook tool.

Yamasitasatomi | 6 comments 1. Email his books to you.

2. If his books are kindle, you can transfer to your kindle device, open to read.

But if hie books are not kindle, such as pdf, you'd better convert his books to kindle format, for a good reading.

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