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The Sentient Fire (The Seven Signs, #1)
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D.W. Hawkins (Dwhawkins) The Sentient Fire is the first installment in my epic series, The Seven Signs. It follows Dormael, a Wizard of the Conclave, and his companions on a harrowing journey to recover pieces of a lost artifact. I spent over ten years building the story; coming up with maps, cultures, characters, plot lines, and even 1,000 years or more of history for the setting. I've started, trashed, and re-started this book around six times or so, and the final product is a labor of love spanning more than 10 years of my life, and has been with me through incredibly turbulent times, including three tours in combat. With The Seven Signs, I wanted to revamp the old sort of fantasy that we all grew up on, and present it in a more realistic light, if such a thing can be done with a fantasy story. I wanted my characters to be real people with real emotions and motivations. I wanted my world to be so real that you could almost touch it, and I wanted the plot to be something that you just couldn't put down. I found that a lot of the stories I loved growing up (and a lot of them that are out today) lean heavily on the same old stereotypes - the dark wizard in the tower, the young underdog who discovers a magic sword, the rogue who is charming while being criminal, and the woman who inevitably needs the hero to come to her rescue. I don't know anyone like this, have never met them, so I didn't write them into my book. Instead, my heroes are nothing more than regular people who have different talents, thrown together by the winds of fate. They have real issues, real flaws, and have to make tough decisions in order to survive. My villains are twisted, sure, but they also have their own issues, feelings, and motivations. They're not your stereotypical bad guys. You won't find knights in shining armor, pure evil, dragons, elves, or mindless monsters in my book. Instead, you'll find a womanizing wizard with a drinking problem. You'll find a strong female character who has to take the reins and make her own destiny. You'll find a little girl with a frightening power, who only wants to be a little girl. The villains will surprise you. If you read my book, you'll find something that you won't find in a lot of fantasy books - a touch of real humanity. I hope you pick it up and enjoy it, add it to your lists and write honest reviews.

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