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Lisarenee | 7661 comments Windfall (Weather Warden, #4) by Rachel Caine
This topic is open for discussion of Windfall by Rachel Caine. Be prepared for SPOILERS.

GR Description:
Less than a year ago, Joanne Baldwin was an agent for one of the most powerful organizations in the world, entrusted with the safety of millions of lives on a daily basis. Now she's a scantily clad "weather girl" for a Ft. Lauderdale television station.

After losing her job as a Weather Warden (those with the ability to manipulate the weather and avowed to protect humankind), Joanne is finding life in the "real world" not as enticing as she once thought. Her job as a cheesecake weather girl is humiliating, especially with a lecherous head meteorologist (deliciously named Marvelous Marvin McLarty) who delights in devising new ways to embarrass her on camera. But with her supernatural Djinn lover slowly dying and a recently divorced, shopping-addicted sister camping out on her sofa, Joanne's problems couldn't possibly get worse -- or could they? Throw in a highly suspicious detective bent on arresting Joanne on murder charges, a Djinn civil war, and a monster of an approaching hurricane --and suddenly Marvelous Marvin's antics don't seem so bad!

Wildly unpredictable weather -- and women! -- and an extraordinarily entertaining female protagonist with enough sexy panache and irreverent attitude to make Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake look like an octogenarian etiquette expert, Rachel Caine's Weather Warden saga (Chill Factor, Heat Stroke, et al.) is an absolute delight to read. You want guilty pleasures? Read these novels, which are a little romance, a little urban fantasy, and a whole lot of fun. Barometer not included.

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Lisarenee | 7661 comments Here is the breakdown by chapters:

 Date Chapters Pages PPQCs
January 19 1 1 - 50
January 20 2 - 3 51 - 129
January 21 4 - 5 130 - 188
January 22 6 189 - 227
January 23 7 228 - 267
January 24 8 - 9 268 - 330

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Lisarenee | 7661 comments Questions for Chapter 1

1) I was starting to get a little confused while I was reading this. I wondered if I'd read the books out of order by chance? It wasn't till page 34 or so that they even mentioned Jo being pregnant and David somehow escaping the full effects of becoming a ifrit. Anyone else have the same experience?

2) What did you think of Jo being one of the "cute" weather girls? I like the fact she was driving up the hits on the website.

3) First impression of Jo's sister? Anyone else thinking she's going to get her gold digging hands on David?

4) Quinn's partner was an unexpected surprise. Wonder what kind of problems he's going to create for Jo?

5) I think Marvelous Marvin the extraordinary weather man must have someone helping him predict the weather. Any ideas as to who? Do you think it's a djinn, a Weather Warden, or something else?

6) Do you think the other Wardens believe that Jo had nothing to do with the strange weather? Do you think someone is attempting to set her up? If so, any ideas as to who?

7) Now that we have more than one chapters I'm finding myself not realizing when the next chapter comes. Anyone else experiencing this problem? What did you think of the interludes after each chapter?

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Lisarenee | 7661 comments Questions for Chapters 2 & 3

8) Should Jo listen to Rahel or Jonathan? Should she break David's bottle?

9) Do you think Jo should have followed Lewis' advice and gone into hiding?

10) Do you think Jo should make sure that Rodriguez is really a cop?

11) So is David now a full ifrit?

12) What do you think of Eamon? Could he be something other that what he presented himself as?

13) So do you think Jo will get a job upgrade?

14) Do you think someone will someone blame Jo for the Warden's death?

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