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message 1: by Connor (new)

Connor Rushen (TheLoreteller) | 290 comments Daniel appeared in the room, still holding Haden up.
"Okay mate, come on. Come on." He said, walking him up to the bed. "Okay, lie down, just lie down." Daniel said, slowly laying Haden in the bed. "Just stay there, Haden. Okay? I'll be right back." He said, leaving the room.
A few moments later.
Daniel returned to the room where he left Haden with two blue pills and a cup of water on a tray. "Okay, mate, I need you to take this, okay? It'll make you sleep for awhile and then we can talk. Okay? Come on." He said, handing the cup and pills to him.

message 2: by Abigail, Former Head Mod, super cool nerd (new)

Abigail (ImTheKidWithTheBulletSoul) | 2315 comments Mod
Haden did as told in an emotionless state, taking the small pills that he had difficulty holding and the small cup of water or some other drink. He didn't really taste anything when he completed his task.
The pills made him feel even more woozy that he already was, and he sighed, leaning back on the pillow.
She was gone...
She is gone...
You're dreaming...

Le Morning

Haden woke up, feeling sick. He turned over and shoved his face in the cold pillow, trying to get his head to be less dizzy. He sighed, and turned back over, facing the light. "Daniel?"

message 3: by Connor (new)

Connor Rushen (TheLoreteller) | 290 comments Daniel watched as he slowly fell asleep. He left the room and told the receptionist about Haden. He came back up and sat in a near by chair. Resting is head on his fist he fell asleep, only to be tormented by nightmares of River downing and Haden killing himself.


Daniel, fast asleep, awoke to the calling of his name. Startled he sat up quickly. "Wha-what? Oh, Haden. Its only you." He said, rubbing his eyes and leaning back again. "How (pause for yawn) are you feeling this morning?" Daniel asked, already knowing the answer. He'd feel like crap.

message 4: by Abigail, Former Head Mod, super cool nerd (new)

Abigail (ImTheKidWithTheBulletSoul) | 2315 comments Mod
Haden sat up, and tore his shirt off of himself, letting the sweat drenched fabric fall to the end of the bed. When Daniel spoke it was clear this time, and not muffled as it was earlier... Yesterday? He wasn't sure how long he'd slept.
He couldn't remember how he fell asleep there either. He remembered everything up to falling alseep in the room, Daniel passed out beside him in a really uncomfortable looking chiar. He decided it would have been better if he had forgotten everything else...
She's gone...
It's your doing...
You should have accepted her...

How did he feel? Hm... "I'm not at the bottom of a lake." He said, his voice crackly and low.

message 5: by Connor (new)

Connor Rushen (TheLoreteller) | 290 comments Daniel stood and removed a small pen/flashlight from his coat pocket. He grabbed Haden's face with his left and and tilted it up. Shining the light in his eyes, he saw that everything should be fine. Now he was just depressed.
"No. Your not. And you lucky I came before you jumped in. Haden. Are you okay?" He asked, just hoping everything would be alright.

message 6: by Abigail, Former Head Mod, super cool nerd (new)

Abigail (ImTheKidWithTheBulletSoul) | 2315 comments Mod
Haden blinked from the light, frowning in annoyance. "I'm fine." He said, pushing Daniels hand away.

message 7: by Connor (new)

Connor Rushen (TheLoreteller) | 290 comments "Don't push my hand. I'm the Doctor. I push your hand." He said, pushing Hadens hand. "Okay, Haden, do you want to tell me what happened? I know its hard, but it will be good to talk about it. You can rant, cry or whatever. We are in a private room, and nobody will here you, or see you. I know how you straight men are about showing emotion in front of people." Daniel said, rolling his eyes.

message 8: by Abigail, Former Head Mod, super cool nerd (new)

Abigail (ImTheKidWithTheBulletSoul) | 2315 comments Mod
Haden huffed and looked to the corner of the room, just so he had a reason not to look at Daniel.
"She had sex with someone..." After refusing to have sex with me. He thought, but didn't say it. He didn't mind that very much. "She was apologizing, and I didn't listen."

message 9: by Connor (new)

Connor Rushen (TheLoreteller) | 290 comments Daniel raised his eyebrows in surprise. He'd never thought of River to do something like that. No matter. "Okay, so you got angry? Right? Well, of course you did. Who wouldn't. Listen, Haden, you had every right to be mad. Any sane person would have been. I was mad when my boyfriend cheated on me. But you didn't cause this. I promise. This is what she wanted. Mate, it isn't your fault. It may seem hard to believe but it isn't. I know." He said, trying to lay off the forcefulness of his words.

message 10: by Abigail, Former Head Mod, super cool nerd (last edited Aug 11, 2012 11:37AM) (new)

Abigail (ImTheKidWithTheBulletSoul) | 2315 comments Mod
Not bothering to argue with the boy, he sat silently, but silent was anythin but what he was on the inside.
On the inside he was screaming at Daniel and at River, and at this James guy, and at everyone else at the same time. On the inside he was yelling at himself, trying to reason things out. Trying to know why she left him. She couldn't had done it over James... Not truly. There had to be underlying reasons if she really hadn't been persuaded by the voices she often heard...
What did it matter! She was dead, and there was nothing he could do about it. And instead of blaming himself directly, he blamed James, now.
James did this. he thought, even though he knew it wasn't true.
He could kill him... As soon as he found out who it was.

Haden tried his best to calm down, because he was scaring himself now, with the thoughts of homicide, so he shut his eyes and slowed his breathing, only locking himslf inside his own head further.
It would be easy you know? You wait until next week when you graduate, and then sneak into his room and pull out you wand... With one flick.... No, that would be too easy.... Crucio....
A different train of thought interupted. 'And we can run away together when I graduate. We can run our whole lives.' He said. 'As long as I'm running with you, I'll be just fine.'

Haden forced his eyes open, and looked at Daniel. "When can I leave?"

message 11: by Connor (new)

Connor Rushen (TheLoreteller) | 290 comments Daniel was loosing his calm. Haden wasn't even talking. He was going to do something stupid. He saw it in Hadens eyes. He'd seen that look. He's had that look.
"Haden, don't you dare do what I'm thinking your thinking right now. You have to talk to me. You can't keep this bottled up! Talk to me, please? I don't want you doing something you'll regret. Haden, please." He pleaded, hoping to make a crack in the wall he was putting up.
"She was my friend. And I'm not letting you leave until you tell me, and I'm sure your mental health is fine." He said, crossing his arms.

message 12: by Abigail, Former Head Mod, super cool nerd (new)

Abigail (ImTheKidWithTheBulletSoul) | 2315 comments Mod
"My mental health? If you wouldn't have let her out as soon as you did she'd still be here!" Haden yelled, standing up and walking to the wall, leaning against it for support. He was shaking now with anger that was long pent up. "She was your friend? I loved her. I loved her so much!"
His fist hit the wall, but it didn't break. Stupid wall.

message 13: by Connor (new)

Connor Rushen (TheLoreteller) | 290 comments "Haden, you don't think I loved her to? She was my only friend!" He said, now yelling back at him.
"But blaming it on James, or yourself isn't how to deal with this! It was nobody's fault." He said, trying to calm himself down again. Haden didn't need Daniel yelling back at him.
"I just don't want you doing something stupid! Your my friend, and I don't want to see you get hurt."

message 14: by Abigail, Former Head Mod, super cool nerd (new)

Abigail (ImTheKidWithTheBulletSoul) | 2315 comments Mod
Hadens breath huffed as he composed himself barely, shaking against the white wall that wouldn't break. No ones fault! No ones fault.
He'd go to Hades before he believed that.
"She is dead because I didn't say sorry. Maybe it's her fault! Maybe it's the voices fault. She's tried this before you know, she's tried drowning herself... BUT I SAVED HER BEFORE! I didn't save her this time, and don't you dare try to compare yourself to me. You don't know me. You've never known me!" He yelled, anger welling up inside him.

message 15: by Connor (new)

Connor Rushen (TheLoreteller) | 290 comments There went all of Daniels calmness.
"She's dead because its what she wanted, Haden! She felt she'd be better off. And you don't think I understand what your going through? My boyfriend killed himself. Hanged himself, right in front of me! I hoped nobody would have to go through that pain! I couldn't have saved him! At least you did save her once. I never had my chance! I watched him die, and there was nothing I could do about it." Daniel screamed at Haden, grabbing him by the collar he finished, "So don't you dare tell me I don't know you. I know you, and I know exactly what your going through." He said in a quite angry voice, gritting his teeth.

message 16: by Abigail, Former Head Mod, super cool nerd (last edited Aug 11, 2012 10:43PM) (new)

Abigail (ImTheKidWithTheBulletSoul) | 2315 comments Mod
"You're exactly like me, eh? I'm not queer. I'm normal. What in Hades do you know about that, Daniel?! What in Hades do you know about me? Other than River was my girlfriend?" He yelled, Rivers name painful for him to speak. He shook, shoving Daniel away from him with two hands braced on his chest. He wasn't done there. He drove Daniel back to the far wall, slamming him into it with a satisfying bang. "I am NOT your charity act. I am not a sick patient that you can feed and coddle. You want things to be better? Save her! Save her like you did before! I know she was dead. I know you have more power than you let on! SAVE HER YOU BUM!" He screamed, a vain in his neck popping out against his skin. He hated this! Daniel could save her, and he was wasting time! He felt his eyes gain moisture, but he wasn't about to cry.

message 17: by Connor (last edited Aug 11, 2012 11:04PM) (new)

Connor Rushen (TheLoreteller) | 290 comments Daniel hit the far wall. Hard. He stepped forward and reached Haden, putting his hand on Haden's shoulder. "I'm your friend, you ass. I did this because we are friends. I couldn't have saved her, and you know it. I got lucky last time. She was at the bottom of that lake by the time I got there. I wanted to save her, oh believe me I did. But I couldn't have Haden. I couldn't have." He said in a quite voice, full of anger.
He grabbed Hadens shirt, and with surprising ease he flung him into the wall he'd been thrown into earlier.
"But we are no different. Just because I'm gay Haden, doesn't mean that what I went through was any different than what you are going through now. Damn it, Haden, I'm just trying to help you. Not for you, not for me. But for River. Because if she knew I let you do something as stupid as I tried to do, then she'd be disappointed, and angry at me." He said, tears welling up in his eyes at the mention of her name, and what he tried long ago.

message 18: by Abigail, Former Head Mod, super cool nerd (new)

Abigail (ImTheKidWithTheBulletSoul) | 2315 comments Mod
That's right! He should be hurting just as much as Haden was right now, they way he figured it. He could have saved her, instead of hauling Haden off to this hospital, like a baby he needed to coddle and make feel all better. There was no feeling better. Not for River. Not for him.
He could've saved his other boyfriend, Haden thought. But he didn't, and now he should suffer for that.
Haden leaned down in front of him. "You did fail. All of us." Was all he said before he stood straight up and turned, opening the door and walking out quickly, slamming the door behind him in his anger.

message 19: by Connor (new)

Connor Rushen (TheLoreteller) | 290 comments Daniel knew what he meant. He'd failed River. He'd failed Haden. He'd failed Zachariah. Daniel was a failure. He slid down the the floor. Tears falling from his eyes. "I'm...I'm sorry." He said silently. Not knowing who exactly he was apologizing to.

Athena came into the hospital and walked up to meet Haden and Daniel. She saw Haden storm out of his room. She placed both hands on his chest when he reached her and pushed him to the ground. She smiled, "Where you going, big guy? Shouldn't you be in bed? Come on, lets go." She said, hooking her arm on his and started dragging him back to his room.

message 20: by Abigail, Former Head Mod, super cool nerd (new)

Abigail (ImTheKidWithTheBulletSoul) | 2315 comments Mod
"I really do not have time for you." Haden argued, standing up and twisting her arm of off him. Standing there in the hall, Haden realized it was Athena. "I'm sorry... I have to go, okay?" He said, his voice barely audible, but softer than before. He hated treating her wrong, but he couldn't help himself from breaking free and scrambling up to stand. She was too pushy sometimes. Too mad and agressive. Just dangerous enough! He looked to the ceiling, not caring anymore.
He let her drag him back to their room, and when he swung the door open, Daniel was sitting in the floor crying like a school girl. Haden rolled his eyes. He couldn't treat Athena bad, but he sure as Hades could treat Daniel as he pleased.

message 21: by Connor (new)

Connor Rushen (TheLoreteller) | 290 comments Daniel didn't notice Athena and Haden come back. He was to lost. "I-I'm sorry. I couldn't save you. Please Zachariah, please forgive me." He murmured.

Athena saw Daniel collapsed on the floor crying. Uh-Oh. Someone mentioned Zacky.
"Oh Merlin, did you say something about his dead boyfriend, Haden. Gosh, He'll be gone for an hour or so. Go, out in the hall. Now. We need to talk." She said, grabbing Hadens arm and pushing him out the hall. She left a note for Daniel when he came to, telling him they where in the hall.
"Okay, spill. What did you do?" She said, folding her arms, demanding an answer.

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Abigail (ImTheKidWithTheBulletSoul) | 2315 comments Mod
"What did I do? Look. I do not need your mouth right now. He brought up the dead boyfriend." Haden said, corssing his arms over his chest.

message 23: by Connor (new)

Connor Rushen (TheLoreteller) | 290 comments Athena sighed. She knew she should have went with him. "Oh. What did you say, Haden. I need to know. If you tell me, I can fix this mess. Come on, please. Your friend is broken and crying in there. Don't you want to help him? That's all he was trying to do for you, you know? We talked yesterday. Haden he's worried about you. He's been through this exact same situation. Please, help me, help him." He said in her most caring voice. Daniel was her friend, her best friend, and he needed help. If Haden wouldn't give information up willingly, she'd guilt it out of him.

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Abigail (ImTheKidWithTheBulletSoul) | 2315 comments Mod
Haden heard her urgent tone as he shifted his eyes to the floor. "I asked him to save her, like he did last time. She's done this before, nd he saved her. He could save her now if he could pick himself up off the floor. You know, I didn't sign up for this! My love died yesterday and I'm not a blubbering mess... I don't need some pity party, okay? From you, or from him." He said, looking anywhere but into her eyes.

message 25: by Connor (new)

Connor Rushen (TheLoreteller) | 290 comments Athena made a pff noise. "I'm not going to pity you. He wasn't either. He truthfully just wanted to help you, you ass. Haden, she couldn't be saved. They brought her out of the lake. She made sure she couldn't be brought back. Now, I need to know what you said about Zack. Everytime someone brings up how he didn't-" She cut off, knowing exactly what he said.
"Oh. My. Merlin. You told Daniel he failed. You told him he failed because he couldn't save River, or Zack. God, Haden! Why would you say that to your friend, who just admitted he watched his boyfriend die? I know your hurting, but don't take it out on Daniel. He was trying to show you he knew how you felt by telling you that. He obviously trusts you." She said, keeping her voice down.
"You, stay put. I'm going to go help him. Your lucky, you didn't have to watch her die." She murmured as she walked back into the room and closed to door.

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Abigail (ImTheKidWithTheBulletSoul) | 2315 comments Mod
Haden wasn't about to listen to her. He shook his head, and crossed his arms again, realizing his chest was still bare, and he was still in his dark jeans that he'd run out of the hospital wing in yesterday morning. it seamed like years ago.
Athena could go coddle Daniel all she wanted, and she could yell at him all she wanted. Haden was done! He didn't need someone shoving him around and yelling at it. He didn't have to take it either.
He did wait for a moment, but he opened the door an inch and peeked in... Nothing caught his interest, and nothing was going to get him to stay here and take the abuse. He turned and calmed himself enough to do different than what he was told.
He aparated away.

message 27: by Connor (new)

Connor Rushen (TheLoreteller) | 290 comments Daniel and Athena came out of the room and saw Haden gone. At the same time they both said, "Ah, damn it!"

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