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Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments Ian apparated in, making sure Jasper was not moved in the process, at least as much as possible. He placed Jasper upon the bed and immediatly went to check the books for possible diagnisises. So far, Ian had deduced that Jasper most likely had and open skull fractue, broken leg, broken wrist, likely a broken nose, and a lot of bruises. No doubt he also had a concussion, gauging by the impact the blow had caused.

Josie and her mother apparated in moments later. Josie ran to Jasper's side and her mother walked over to where Ian stood. "I'm going to go check us in downstairs. I'll see if they can send up another doctor just in case." She informed him before leaving the room.

♠~Dark Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments (( And because I need to role-play a conscious person... ^^' ))

A fat, white rat ran into the room, quiet and quick, despite his size. He crawled up onto the bed where the badly wounded Hufflepuff boy was, and sat on his chest, looking at him curiously. Then a familiar Gryffindor ran inside. It was Spencer.
"Babi! Where... Josie! Hi! How are you, what... Woah! What happened to Jasper?!" he ran to them. he was obviously high on sugar, because he carried a candy bar, he was talking way too fast, and moving fast too, not able to stand still, and his eyes were wide, even without the surprise to see a close friend of his on a hospital bed.

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Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments ((:D That works excelently as well!))
Josie looked up and wiped the tears from her face. "Quidditch... Accident... Bludger... Fall..." She replied, finding it hard to even put her words into a sentence. This time, the accident really was her fault, at leasr, in her mind it was. Then, taking a deep breath, Josie tried once again. "We were playing Quidditch out in the field near my house and Jasper took a bludger to the head. He fell from his broom to the ground and now it seems everything that could have gone wrong did." She answered quietly, not even looking up.

Ian returned to the bed and handed Josie a white cloth. "Hold this on his nose to stop the bleeding." He instructed. Then he saw the other boy in the room. "Hold this one to his head, but be extremely gentle. We don't want any pressure put directly onto an open injury like that." Ian ordered the boy, without even consiering whether te boy had come to help or not. But he needed people so anyone would do.

♠~Dark Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments (( ^^ Meh...
Could you tell me when you would need the second healer to come in? ))

Spencer didn't hesitate. He took the cloth and did as he was told, making sure to be gentle with his friend. He looked worried and frightened immediately, when he saw Jasper's brown hair wet with some blood. He bit his lip, and looked up at Josie. "When did this happen? How long has he been like this?" he asked her, his voice quiet for the first time in a while.

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Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments ((It doesn't matter, whenever you feel like it))

As the two others were stopping the bleeding, Ian bent over and checked his breathing, making sure it was regular. As long as that didn't change, Ian knew there was hope.
Turning his attention to Jasper's head, Ian desperatly tried to remember the potion he needed to put on the open wound to prevent infection and start the healing of damaged tissues. Ian frantically flipped through a textbook of potions before finding the right one.

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♠~Dark Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments (( Alright. ^^ ))

Spencer kept quiet for a while, watching Ian dart around, and glancing over at Josie some times, but more frequently looking down at poor Jasper. He wondered how fast that buldger must have been traveling... He himself was a beater and had sent bludgers at others, but had miraculously never hurt someone nearly as bad as Jasper was hurt. He just hoped he would get better, quickly, because Spencer was both of their friends and wanted to see them smiling again... Specially Josie, whom he had never seen cry...

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Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments Ian found the potion in less than a minute of flipping through the pages. "I will back in a minute. If anything bad happens, I will be down the hall a few roomsgetting supplies. Otherwise anyone around can help, I'm sure." He said, leaving the room.

Josie felt Jasper's warm blood seep through the white cloth she held up to his nose. She pressed her lips together, trying not to start crying again. She wanted to stay positive, but it was proving to be ,uch harder than she expected.

Down the hall, Ian collected ingrediants quickly and gathered everything in his arms. Once he had everything, he made his way back to the room.

♠~Dark Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments Even though lazy, Babi had scrambled away to get some more help, a more practiced hand, perhaps, to aid Ian. He came back with a girl a bit older than Josie and Jasper, who looked like she might still be in Hogwarts, or just graduated. She didn't seem bothered by the fact that an albino rat was leading her into a room. Her eyes widened when she saw the boy on the bed. She walked faster. "Goodness, what happened here?" she breathed once she reached them.

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Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments Josie sighed, knowing she probably should be the one to answer. "Major Quidditch accident. He got hit by a bludger and fell from his broom." She replied, keepin it fairly brief. "He's been unconcious for at least 15 minutes, if not more." Josie informed her.

Moments after Josie finished her sentence, Ian returned to the room with his hands full. "Please tell me you're here to help," Ian pleeded, knowing he was in way over his capability. There was no way he could tend to all of Jasper's injuries at once.

♠~Dark Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments The girl nodded. "Of course" she said. "Though could you fill me in on all of his injuries discovered, so far?" she asked him, moving over to Jasper's side and inspecting his unconscious body, biting her lip as her eyes seemed to scan around.

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Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments Ian looked up. "So far I have diagnosed him with an open head fracture, broken leg, broken wrist, broken nose, and a concussion caused by the fracture. The heady injuries are why he is still unconsious, not to mention all of the blood lost." He informed her. "Right now I'm having those two put pressure on the bleeding head and nose so it will hopefully clot soon. And I'm about to put together a potion to help with the fracture." Ian filled her in. "Could you start working on the broken bones?" He asked, starting to put ingrediants together in a cauldron.

♠~Dark Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments The girl nodded. "Of course" she said, walking to a nearby cabinet. She took a small vial from it and walked back to Jasper. She opened up his mouth, took the plug from the vial and let a few drops of the clear liquid fall into his mouth. She helped him swallow. That would help him with the pain and keep him asleep through the process.
She pulled a chair over and took Jasper's wrist, once she detected which was broken. She quickly and skillfully straightened it up and cast a spell to help the bones mend quickly. She then wrapped his wrist up in some sort of gauze that would help support it as it healed. She moved to his leg and began working on that.

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Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments When the potion was ready, Ian removed it from the heat. He took his wand out to chill the thick paste. Walking over to where Spencer was, Ian knelt next the bed. "Carefully take the cloth off so that the bleeding does not start again as bad as it was." Ian instructed. After the boy had done so, Ian scooped up some of the paste and spread it over the fracture. "Oh, please work," He whispered to himself, unaudible to anyone else. "Could I use that gauze?" He asked the girl.

♠~Dark Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments She nodded and handed it to him while casting the spell on Jasper's leg. She remained calm, like she had been trained to do. Though she was worried, even though she didn't know this boy at all, nor anyone there except for Spencer, and that was vaguely, because his mother used to work there at St. Mungo's and she had known her just barely...

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Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments "Thanks," Ian thanked her briefly. He wrapped the gauze around Jasper's head so that the fracture and paste were covered tightly, but not enoung to cut off circulation. With that under control Ian turned his attention to Jasper's nose which Josie still held the cloth to. "You can take that off," He informed Josie who did as she was told. Knowing noses were the one bone that spells worked almost perfectly for, Ian decided this would be the best route. "Episkey," He said, wand pointed at the nose. It snapped into place but was still bleeding. Retrieving another cloth he had Josie continue to try and clear the majority of the blood.

♠~Dark Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments The girl had taken Jasper's leg and gently placed it on a sling connected to a pipe on the bed she had put up quickly, already done with it. Then she sighed and looked up at Ian. "Is there anything else left?" she asked him.

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Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments Ian shook his head. "No, I think that is all we can get done before he is consious." Ian decided. "But once he is we should be able to diagnos how bad of a concussion he has. But based on how long Jasper has been out of it, chances are it is pretty bad."

♠~Dark Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments The girl nodded. "Then I suppose I better stay" she sighed, taking a seat by Jasper's bed once more. "I'm Hallie by the way" she offered a shy smile to Ian, and held out her hand to shake.

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Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments Ian reached out to shake the girl's hand. "Ian," He introduced.

Josie looked up at the girl nurse. "I'm Josie," She said, knowing she should at least be polite even though she wasn't in the greatest mood. "And this is Jasper," she added, feeling the need to not exclude him just because he wasn't able to speak.

♠~Dark Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments Hallie smiled at them both, a kind smile, not too cheery, because that seemed kind of like a sin in this situation, and not too small, because she didn't want them to get any more nervous because a professional appeared worried. Something like that, "Pleased to meet you all" she nodded.

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Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments "And you," Ian replied.

A thought popped into Josie's head and she looked up to Spencer. "How did you end up here? It's not like you could have known Jasper was here," She questioned, truly intrigued.

♠~Dark Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments Spencer sighed, looking away. "Well, my mum used to work here... And now my brother does instead... So when I'm outside of school, whenever I want to come home, I spend my days here, roaming the hospital while he works... That's why most of the time I stay in school. I don't want to be a bother to him. But this time he missed me, so I came over..." he shrugged, his voice quiet and melancholy.

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Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments "Well, I'm really glad you were here. The extra hands sure came in handy," she said, pausing for a moment. "And I want Jasper to have as much support as we can give him...once he's conscious again that is," She added, not realizing how hard it was. Once again she felt her eyes well up in tears. She felt them begin to roll down her cheeks and Josie tried to wipe them away but couldn't make it stop.

♠~Dark Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments Spencer moved over to her and placed his hand on her shoulder lightly, not saying anything, but letting her know that he was there. He would have hugged her, but wasn't sure if it would be awkward or not. He did reach into his pocket and brought out a handkerchief though, gently pressing it into her hand for her to use.

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Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments Josie took the kandkerchief thankfully and dried her eyes despite the fact that the tears would return soon enough. "I'm so scared. What if it's worse than we think?" She questioned, worry stongly apparent. "I was the one who suggested we play; it would be all my fault." She confessed.

♠~Dark Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments Spencer shook his head, Babi climbing up his arm and shoulder, and soon sitting on his head, making himself comfortable in his jet black hair. "Josie, you had no way of knowing this would happen. You have no control over stray bludgers. And Jasper? Jasper will be fine. I can at least promise you that. He's gotten over anything he has come across without too many tears. He'll be alright" he smiled kindly.

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Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments "You really think so?" Josie asked, sniffling a little.She knew Jasper had been through a lot of injuries, but none ever as bad as this. Or at least, as far as she knew. But it was still hard for her to keep all of the bad outcomes out of her mind.

♠~Dark Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments Spencer nodded confidently. "Of course. He'll be out of here in no time" he smiled slightly. He had faith in his friend. Funny, how a Hufflepuff was so liked around this particular bad of Gryffindors, now that he thought about it, when most Hufflepuffs were ignored by every other house and made fun of. And now that he realized this, he vowed to protect Jasper, even though he was older and taller than him, Spencer only being a third year student.

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Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments ((I somehow forgot he was younger rhan Jasper! For some reason I was imagining him older, sorry :P))

"I hope so..." Josie said. Then she turned to Jasper, taking his hand gently in her own. She knew how much he loved her holding his hand and she felt maybe, just maybe, Jasper would know she was there by his side, even if he wasn't conscious to show it.

♠~Dark Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments (( Oh no, it's fine. ^^ ))

Jasper was a confused fellow in his sleep. He was frightened, nervous, and he didn't even know why... He couldn't feel much of anything but that horrid headache and every other pain in his body. It was awful.... Like hell before death. Though there seemed to be a warmth, some relief coming from somewhere... and he didn't know it was someone who cared for him an awful lot holding his hand...

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Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments ((How long are we planning to keep Jasper unconcious? Overnight or for days? Sorry, just trying to get a view of the plan...))

Josie sat in silence for a while, keeping his hand within hers. She wondered if you could feel pain while unconcious. She had never really been hurt seriously, so she had no idea what it must feel like. Josie hoped he couldn't feel it, although she had a feeling it was worse than anything she could even come close to imagining.

♠~Dark Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments (( For two days is good... I mean, waking and going back to sleep is normal. Like, he opens his eyes, and then he goes back to sleep.

Sorry I took so long. I don't have wifi unless I'm near some land, and I'm on a cruise right now. So I might be on and off duri short time periods... Sorry. I miss you! *hugs* ))

Spender decided to take a break, and walked off with Babi, leaving Josie alone with Jasper for a bit. Hallie was still in the room, now messing around with some painkillers she hoped to give Jasper, all quiet...

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Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments ((Wow! That's so cool! I hope you are having lots of fun :) ))

Ian looked up from the book he was reading about how to heal and recover from serious head injuries as Spencer got up to leave. With all that sugar in him, Ian was kind of surprised he'd stayed as long as he had.
Ian got up and placed the open book on the desk. He walked over to where Hallie stood. "You don't have to stay either, unless you really want to. I'm sure you have other patients to attend to." He told her.

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Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments ((Sorry, I just realized that would again leave you with no one to roleplay... She can totally stay if you want her too, he was more just trying to make conversation))

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♠~Dark Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments (( Thank you! I wish you were here with me, though... DX

And, thanks for telling me. It's fine. ^^ ))

Hallie shook her head and gave him a smile. "No, it's fine. I had nothing to do before Spencer's pet came over to find me. I'll be staying in case you need anything else."

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Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments Ian almost smiled when she mentioned Spencer's pet had been the one to retrieve her, but knew it would be inappropriate for the circumstances. "Thank you... so much." He said gratefully. "Somethings just aren't meant as a solo effort."

((I honestly do not know what anyone should be doing right now...))

♠~Dark Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments (( Yeah... Why don't we skip some days? Until Jasper wakes up? ))

Hallie nodded, agreeing. "Your very welcome" she smiled gently. Then she took a seat by a desk and started to check some papers, which had written themselves, of Jasper's condition.

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Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments ((Ok, I'll try to do a wrap up sort of post and then transition to the day he wakes.up))

Josie stayed by Jasper's side through the night after convincing Ian to let her, since she wanted to be there the second he woke up. By the end of the next day, Josie had become overwhelmingly worried and increasingly tired, for she had not slept all night. Josie spent the entire day in the hospital room sitting, waiting. By around midnight, she began to nod off, and couldn't hold sleep back any longer.

*Two Mornings After Initial Accident*
Josie woke up from a very short, restless sleep early in the morning two days after Jasper had his accident. She immediatly looked up to Jasper, hoping by some miracle it had all been a dream. Regretably, no such dream had happened. It was all still real. Josie reached out to take Jasper's hand once again, after hers had fallen from his sometime during the night.

((Hope that was ok. I imagine that Ian and Hallie would have probably left during the night, keeping tabs on Jasper's condition during the night. But if you think differently, thats totally fine))

♠~Dark Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments (( No, it's all perfect! *tackle hugs*
I've missed you so much! I haven't had the opportunity to get on because we have no wifi out at sea, but right now I'm at Curaçao, and I finally found some! I've missed you so much! ))

It seemed as though the boy would not wake in a long while, to Hallie. He only woke once in a while, barely at all. But now, just as she poked her head in, she saw his eyes flash open, slowly though. He shifted a but, and Hallie walked away. Josie should have her time with him...

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Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments Josie could feel dry tears on her face as she watched Jasper. Her stomach rumbled but she disregarded it quickly, not wanting to step out for even a moment. Anyways, if Jasper hadn't eaten in days, Josie felt there was no reason she couldn't handle it as well.

Josie reached out slowly with her free hand. She lightly brushed a few strands of hair from his bruised, bandaged face. Josie knew that if he saw himself in this state, he would fret to no end that his hair wasn't right.

As Josie pulled her hand back from his face, she saw his eyelids flicker. First only slightly, but then his eyes began to open slowly. Her heart felt as if it jumped inside her chest. "Jasper!" Josie said, excitement in her tone. "Oh Jasper, please tell me you can hear me," She said, desperatly hoping this time was for real.

((I miss you too! How long are you out at sea?))

♠~Dark Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments (( Well, dear, I just came back! So we can role-play forevah! *hugs*
I was out there for a week... ))

Jasper blinked, slowly, as if getting used to using his eyes to see again. He took a deep, painful breath, and then his eyes fixed on Josie. He narrowed his eyes slowly. "I... beg your... pardon...?"

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Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments Josie looked lovingly into his beautiful eyes that she hadn't seen in what seemed like forever. But then when he began to speak her gaze changed from love to utter confusion. "It's Josie, your girlfriend?" She reminded Jasper, hoping he just wasn't seeing strait or something.

♠~Dark Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments Jasper blinked slowly. He frowned a little bit, looking only confused. "I have a girlfriend...?" he didn't look very comfortable or very thrilled. He just sounded surprised, reacted strangely surprised as well, once she said this.

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Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments "Of course you do, don't you remember?" Josie said, feeling tears begin to well up in her eyes but forced them back. "You came to meet my family over break and we played Qudditch." She said, desperatly trying to spark his memory even though she highly doubted it would help.

♠~Dark Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments The boy blinked slowly again, lifting his head a bit to get a closer look, glad that the pillows in his back had been there to help him sit. "I'm sorry... But... I don't..." he shook his head. "Please forgive me. I just... I don't know where I am... Or... um... you must know me, right? Then... could we start with... who exactly, I am...?" he looked blank, so painfully confused he was numb now.

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Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments ((Sorry for the late reply...))
Josie took a deep breath trying to keep herself calm. Jasper needed her right now. "Your name is Jasper Morris and when not at school you live with your grandfather and younger brother." Josie started. "But most of the time you live at Hogwarts surrounded by all of the other students there. You belong to Hufflepuff house, and even though you don't think that a good thing, I do." She continued. "You are the best student in our year in regards to transfiguration skills. And on top of all that you are a seeker for the Hufflepuff Quidditch team." Josie finished even though she knew shecould go on forever.

♠~Dark Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments (( It's okay~! ))

Jasper blinked, slowly, taking all of this in just as slow as his breathing and heat beat worked. "So, earlier, you were talking to me? Jasper...? And... what is transfiguration? And Hogwarts and Hufflepuff? And a seeker?" he was blushing a bit. He had so many question to ask. "Grandfather and brother? What about my mother? And my father?"
Unfortunately, though Jasper used to have his father home along with his grandfather and younger brother, his father had suffered a heart attack at the beginning of Jasper's fifth year at Hogwarts. Though he hadn't told Josie, because he was still in denial. An orphan now...
Spencer told her, because the reason he was so quiet and shy and so... sad all the time was because of this. Spencer knew because he was a neighbor. He felt Josie should know.

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Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments Josie's heart dropped. He didn't even remember Hogwarts, which had been their home for so long. "Transfiguration is a form of magic where you can change one thing into another. You see, you and I, we're wizards. That's why we go to Hogwarts. It's a special school for kids like us. At the school we are separated into four houses: Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. And these houses, they compete in a wizards game known as Quidditch. The seeker is the most important player in the game because they have the ability to make or break the game." Josie explained, feeling as if she were talking to a muggleborn first year. Then, after considering how to best say it, Josie continued. "Your father died earlier this year of a heart attack," She told Jasper quietly. "And your mom left you years ago. So now you live with your grandfather." She said.

♠~Dark Brigade~♠ (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments Jasper had been very confused about every single word she was telling him, but when she got to his parents... He frowned. "My father is... dead? And... my mom is..." he stopped talking. He looked away. It's a good thing he didn't remember them... If this was what his family life was like, he didn't really want to know about the rest of it... But he was curious, and he wanted to know more... So he was a wizard. Okay. That wasn't hard to believe, for some reason. Maybe he knew already, deeply, and so he felt it now. That part wasn't so hard to believe. The Quidditch thing... odd. More on that later, maybe. But...
Jasper was about to ask her about her, and the whole girlfriend thing, but he froze when he noticed the massive headache on him. And then he noticed where he was, what was wrapped around his wrist, how his leg was pulled up by a sling attached to the bed and... his head... wrapped up in bandages.
"What happened to me...?" he said quietly, looking up after a moment to meet her eyes with his confused blue-green ones.

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