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Rikki "That's another thing... Why?" She said, looking up at him.

Dan  | 3732 comments "Your pretty and you seem nice."

Rikki "What if I'm not?"

Dan  | 3732 comments He shrugged, not having thought of that.

Rikki "A-and you thought I'd think the same thing?"

Dan  | 3732 comments "Yeah.' he said "That's stupid of me."

Rikki "I guess I just kinda ruined your day. Didn't I?" She remarked.

Dan  | 3732 comments "It's fine." he said.

Rikki "I find it hard to trust people." she took a breath. "That's what I was going to say."

Dan  | 3732 comments "How so?" he asked.

Rikki "I'm practically still and orphan." She whispered

Dan  | 3732 comments His mouth dropped open.

Rikki She looked away. "I should go."

Dan  | 3732 comments "It's okay." he said, and took her hand.

Rikki "I uh kinda have to carry this with both hands." She whispered, hiding the pink in her cheeks.

Dan  | 3732 comments "Okay." he said, confused.

Rikki "My tray.. umm I going to put it away."

Dan  | 3732 comments "Okay." he said.

Rikki "You're saying it again." She said as she got up.

Dan  | 3732 comments "Sorry. Again." he said.

Rikki "So?" she asked after she dropped off her tray.

Dan  | 3732 comments "So what?" he asked.

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Rikki "You know how this place works and everything?"

Dan  | 3732 comments "Not really." he said.

Rikki "I guess that's a good considering all the strange rooms."

Dan  | 3732 comments He looked at her with a quizzical look.

Rikki "Like there's this room.. It- It's filled with all these...." She got an idea and her eyes went wide "I'll show you, if you want."

Dan  | 3732 comments "Okay." he said.

Rikki "Then come on." She jumped up and headed opposite the the other halls.

Dan  | 3732 comments He followed her.

Rikki She looked at him with a finger to her lips before she pushed open the double doors.

Dan  | 3732 comments He went in after her.

Rikki The room was dim when Jacky pulled a chain above her head and a low buzz came from a vent in a corner. The walls were filled with shelves and drawers holding the oddest gadgets.

Dan  | 3732 comments He stared around in awe.

Rikki She open a metal box and reached in side. "This ones my favorite." she pulled out something that looked like a dead bug.

Dan  | 3732 comments "What is it?" he asked.

Rikki "Hold it. there's more to it." she said turning back to the drawers.

Dan  | 3732 comments He held the device, whatever it was.

Rikki "It's some sort of camera thing." She snapped the pieces into place,turned it over and turned it on. Almost instantly the insect like robot stood up. "that walks."

Dan  | 3732 comments "Wow." he said, as his eyes widened.

Rikki Jacky grinned. "put it down. See what it does."

Dan  | 3732 comments He put the robot down.

Rikki She moved a few controls and laughed as in screwed under the door. "And we can see what it sees out there."

Dan  | 3732 comments "Cool.' he said.

Rikki "I come here all the time." she said as she watched the small screen on the control. "Every so often something..." She stopped and looked closer.

Dan  | 3732 comments "What?' he asked, looking at the screen.

Rikki "At the top of the screen there. It's a person." Suddenly she gasped and shook her head. "Their coming closer." She looked up. "We're not suppose to be in here."

Dan  | 3732 comments 'Where do we hide?" he asked.

Rikki Quickly she moved the controls until the device crawled into her hand. "There's something I live by." She whispered grabbing his arm and pulling him deeper into the room. "Everywhere has to have a place to hide or the game has no purpose."

Dan  | 3732 comments "Okay." he said, blushing when she touched him.

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