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what is this book about, and what age group would you recommend it to

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message 1: by Annabel ♥ (last edited Jan 17, 2012 05:58PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Annabel ♥ Just wondering, out of curiosity,

Susan The book has a social message. Do you have a child to prevent your other child from dying of cancer? I think it would be ok for a teen age child to read, it bring up some social debate for the teen to think and discuss with her friends.

Kali The book is about a family, with a child dying of leukemia. They have a second daughter, Anna, who is engineered to be exactly right to donate stem cells, and, later, blood and other items, to her sister, Kate. When told she needs to donate her kidney, Anna sues her parents for medical emancipation. The book focuses on the issues that arise, as well as the topic of sisters in general.

I think a younger child would have a hard time dealing with the death and unhappy relationships in the book. If I recall correctly, there is no (or very little) bad language, explicit violence, or sexual content. I'd agree with Susan, it's more suited to teenage or up.

Louisa I read it a few years ago so i was maybe 15/16? i can't remeber but my mum also read it and loved it, so i'd say anyone so long as they aren't too young.

Lena I think some younger readers might not understand all the social implications, but they'll still enjoy the story. I'd say it's suitable for 12+, but people of different ages would get something different from it.

Chamera I'd agree I'd say around 12 or 13 and up depending on the kid. It's not inappropriate for the age group but the messages about societal values might be lost for the younger kids. Ideally, I think a perfect age to start reading this would be 14 or 15. It leads to a lot of curiosity, and would prompt someone to learn more about what is going on in the story. It did for me. I researched the debatable topics in the story and wrote an essay about how the book affected me, and why I loved it. It did that for me.

Allie I would recommend that teenage kids read it. I read it when I was 16 and could hardly put it down!

Cathi I would say 14 and olde...depending the person's reading ability...

Kitten I read it when I was 14.

Nerissa I read it a year ago, when I was 11, somehow I didn't find it too difficult to understand...:D

Cayra Depending on the maturity and reading level of the kid, I'd say 14 and up. I think the deeper issues of the story wouldn't be graspable by a younger child. There is some sex, not much bad language that I can remember.

Gemma I think with this book, it is so sad that at any age it is quite disturbing, and would have the same effect whether you are 14 or 44!
I cried my eyes out and had to call my Mum at the end as I was in a bit of a state, my Mum then read it and had the same reaction.

Kagama-the Literaturevixen Annie wrote: "Just wondering, out of curiosity"

Doesnt the book summary say what its about?

Annabel ♥ yeah but I was just sort of looking for people's opinions on it instead of a blurb...

Kagama-the Literaturevixen Annie wrote: "yeah but I was just sort of looking for people's opinions on it instead of a blurb..."

Ah I see. Well it is definetely not for anyone younger than 15. Its a bit complicated subject matter.

Annabel ♥ O.K., thank you!

Kagama-the Literaturevixen Annie wrote: "O.K., thank you!"

But its all different from person to person. I guess if you discussed it afterwards it could be easier.

Jessica This is a GREAT book for a 16+ year old. The plot is strong and emotional, morality comes into question often.

Hold_My_Heart (Rachel) A family's struggle through a young teen girl's cancer...

Ages 11-young adult

message 20: by Clo (new) - rated it 5 stars

Clo I read it when I was 15, and as much as I rarely do this, I'd like to revisit as a 20 year old, because perhaps now my thoughts might be different. I don't think that a teenager SHOULDN'T read it but I just think it's important to take into account that, it isn't all black and white.

Amanda My 14 year old sister loved the film but I'm not sure if the book would appeal to her. Jodi Picoult writes for adults but I'm guessing teens from about 16 would maybe enjoy her writing. I think you would probably get more out of it as an adult though. She is a great writer though, one of my favourites, and if you are any bit interested in reading it I would highly suggest you go for it!

Krista I don't think anyone should read this book. Its trash at any age.

Joziat I think this book is good for anyone depending on the person's reading ability. But i would recommend it for a teenager.

Joann(san diego shutterbug) defiantly 14& up.

Jenny I personally would say someone aged 15 and up could read this book, but I would also say that it really depends on the maturity level of the child. The book deals wit subject matters of illness, death and dying and that can be hard even for an adult to deal with. It is an excellent book tho and I highly recommend it!

Patti I also think 13+ is suitable. As a reference for you, our high school (14 and up) has it on their approved summer reading list. They had to submit a project with it which means they had to THINK about what they read and provide songs, new book cover, add another chapter, etc....


Patti Krista wrote: "I don't think anyone should read this book. Its trash at any age."

Krista....not to start an online war (lol)...but why would you call it trash? If I don't like a book, I don't finish it. I don't think I ever call it trash.
Just curious.....Thanks!

message 28: by Sue (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sue My son had this on his summer reading program when he was a sophmore in HS. I think the age is perfect, makes you think... definitely a social commentary but with so many conflicting emotions. This is a book you read once and remember forever.

message 29: by Deon (new) - rated it 4 stars

Deon My 15 year old daughter recommended this book to me. It was required reading for her. She is in the 9th grade. It was a good book. It broke my heart

message 30: by Yasmeen (last edited Oct 29, 2012 08:23AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Yasmeen yes, i agree with patti. i think it's for everyone +13. an amazing book for any character though, unless you're not looking for drama..

message 31: by Hoda (new) - rated it 5 stars

Hoda Marmar With age, one would see things discussed in the book differently, I think. yes, it is for 13+, in my opinion. But at 30, you would view the book differently than at 13 or 20.

Darcey 14+

message 33: by Isabelle (new) - added it

Isabelle 12+

message 34: by Isabelle (new) - added it

Isabelle As an 8th grader, I am 13 and I can so handle the book. Its not a hard read. The concept is understandable.

Maggie Krista wrote: "I don't think anyone should read this book. Its trash at any age."

oh my goodness, i just cracked up. I so agree. hated it!!! I was mad at the author, big time. this book was an emotional manipulation with a cheap trick at the end. will never read another of her books.

Amelia I think it depends on the person. I read it when I was fourteen and, although the issues of morality were quite interesting I remember there was a lot of swearing, which I found quite hard to deal with.

message 37: by Mary (new) - rated it 3 stars

Mary The book is about morality and modern medicine is used as the vehicle. I thought it was a very good book, and would recommend it for older teenagers - I think the major issues would not be understandable to someone younger. I felt that the author did a cop out at the end by having the daughter killed in an accident. I thought the ending of the movie was much better. Also, the second daughter's motivation, to save the older daughter the suffering, could have been made more strongly.

message 38: by Dawn (last edited Oct 14, 2012 12:22AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dawn I, too, think it can be read in the mid teens, but it is a book that can be a good second read later in life. Different points wiil stand out.
I am doing that now with the book, "Hobbit".

Shelly Itkin This is not a book for kids but maybe teenagers. It is a very emotional story about two sisters and it left me thinking about it for days and it was very emotional maybe someone who is in their 20's but not much younger

Arini This book is really suitable for teenagers, maybe about 16+? The story will tell them a lot about family and sacrifices (:

Saumya Raizada 14+

message 42: by Jo (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jo Elliott I read it when I was 13, so anything from there upwards. Remains one of my favourite books!

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