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luhvBOOKS Fredrick walked through the woods, rotten branches crackling under his boot.

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! (NCanaday) Natalie followed silently.

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luhvBOOKS Fredrick looked behind him and so Natalie. "Hey."

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! (NCanaday) "Hey" she said to Fredrick. To Penelope she said, " Ha! I kinda do."

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luhvBOOKS "Oh, hey Penelope," Fredrick said, ignoring and sidestepping Natalie so he was in front of Penelope.

message 6: by luhvBOOKS (new)

luhvBOOKS "Why so sad?" He asked conversationally, furrowing his eyebrows.

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luhvBOOKS "Well, don't let me down," he warned playfully, touching her hand.

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luhvBOOKS "They have horns!" Fredrick said loudly and obnoxiously.

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luhvBOOKS "Ya think?" He said with amusement.

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! (NCanaday) " Well thanks for ignoring me!" Natalie yelled at him.

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luhvBOOKS Fredrick looked back at her and smirked.

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! (NCanaday) Fine., she thought. If he wants to be a jerk, so he can.
" Well, I can do better than him." she mumbled and left class because she was upset.

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luhvBOOKS "Natalie, wait! You wanna be my partner for training dragons?" He smiled with charm

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! (NCanaday) " Your not serious, you just wanna hurt my feelings again." But she stayed for a minute.

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luhvBOOKS "No, I don't. Just give me a chance. Please?" He held out his hand so they could walk together.

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! (NCanaday) Natalie looked at his hand suspiciously." Well, ok..." she walked with him." Why does Penelope look like that?"she wondered aloud." what did I do?"

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luhvBOOKS "She's got this thing for me," he said, oblivious to the situation. "I don't know what her problem is. I rejected her."

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Lunariette | 4 comments June walked in, taking a quill and notebook out of her bag. She began doodling an incredibly detailed and skillful picture of a unicorn as Hagrid continued to describe them.

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! (NCanaday) " Oh." she said." Ummm, what about me? Do you have a thing for me?" she asked, confused." If you turned her down, why didn't you turn down me?"

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luhvBOOKS "Um, we're just friends, I thought," he said, letting go of her hand. "Wait, what's going on? Do you like me?"

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! (NCanaday) " No! I thought you meant as her partner, but I guess I kinda do. Sorry if I recked this, but I think I do." she put her head down." You can not be my partner, or my friend..."

message 22: by luhvBOOKS (new)

luhvBOOKS "What? I'm so confused. So you like me, but you don't? Look, let's just be partners."

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! (NCanaday) " Yes, that sounds about right." Natalie glanced in his direction.

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luhvBOOKS Fredrick smiled back, holding out his hand for her.

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! (NCanaday) She smiled and grabbed his hand." So what are we doing for this class?" she asked stupidly.

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luhvBOOKS Fredrick furrowed his eyebrows and let go of her hand. "I wasn't offering you my hand. Jeez, Natalie, I don't like you. I only wanted a quill to write down notes."

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! (NCanaday) Natalie looked offended." Ok, jeez, get your own quill." she said snottily.

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! (NCanaday) ( Fine.... then Melissa is at the transfiguration.))

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luhvBOOKS "Wow. I just asked for a freaking quill. Jeez," he said, pushing past Natalie.

"Hey, Penelope, do you have a quill I could borrow?"

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! (NCanaday) " That wasn't nice, you know. There was a quill in my hand I was giving to you, and now your doing this?" Natalie said. " Not nice."

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luhvBOOKS Fredrick ignored her and turned back to penelope. "Please?"

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! (NCanaday) Natalie sighed." I'm sorry." she handed him a quill.

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! (NCanaday) Natalie glared at Penelope, she had already gave him a quill.

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luhvBOOKS Frederick took the quill and wrote his name on his piece of parchment. "Thanks," he said, looking up at her.

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! (NCanaday) ( Who did he say that too?)
Natalie did the same.

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luhvBOOKS ((Penelope))

message 37: by luhvBOOKS (new)

luhvBOOKS "What's up?"

message 38: by liTTleTalks (new)

liTTleTalks (liTTkeTalks) Natalie walked in "sorry im late, heres a note from Professor Dumbledore..." she gave it to Hagrid.

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! (NCanaday) Natalie frowned at sat down lonely. She sighed a looked at Fredrick.

message 40: by liTTleTalks (new)

liTTleTalks (liTTkeTalks) ((natalie loved orlando bloom... my charrie is named natalie.. r u rping my charrie?))

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! (NCanaday) ( No this is mine)

message 42: by liTTleTalks (new)

liTTleTalks (liTTkeTalks) ((ok well I have a Natalie too and she just walked in. Mine can be called by her nickname: Nat))

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! (NCanaday) ( OK!!!!!!!!)

message 44: by liTTleTalks (new)

liTTleTalks (liTTkeTalks) Nat sat next to Natalie "hey"

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! (NCanaday) " Hello." she said quietly.

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liTTleTalks (liTTkeTalks) "What did i miss?" She asked.

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! (NCanaday) " Nothing important. Just fighting, I guess."

message 48: by liTTleTalks (new)

liTTleTalks (liTTkeTalks) "What do you mean?" she asked confused.

Natalie loves Orlando Bloom! (NCanaday) " Well, me and Penelope and Fredrick kinda had a fight." Natalie explained.

message 50: by liTTleTalks (new)

liTTleTalks (liTTkeTalks) "oh, ok... but what happened with classwork?" Nat asked.

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